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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to the Upcoming Black Friday Event

Every year, fans of FIFA Ultimate Team look forward to Black Friday, which ushers in the Christmas shopping season, with great anticipation. This exclusive promotion, which debuts every year on the final Friday of November, is distinguished from other FUT events by a special set of features. In this guide we will delve into what you can expect from the EA Sports FC 24 Black Friday event, including pack sales, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), objectives, & special player items.

Black Friday Event Overview

The Black Friday promotion is known for its shorter duration along with exclusive deals & an array of exciting offers. Unlike other events that may span over a week or more. Black Friday typically packs a lot of action into a shorter timeframe, creating a sense of urgency & excitement among players. Here are some of the highlights you can expect during this year's Black Friday event.

Hourly FUT Pack Offers

One of the main attractions of the Black-Friday event is the hourly release of promotional packs & lightning rounds. These packs are released at specific times & each one offers a different level of reward, catering to a wide range of FUT players. This year's offers include packs ranging from 10k to 150k allowing you to choose the pack that suits your preferences & budget.

Puzzle Squad-Building Challenges

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are a staple of FUT, and Black Friday is no exception. During the event, you can complete Puzzle SBCs, which reward you with premium up to 25k Gold-Players Packs. These challenges often require you to meet specific squad-building criteria, adding an extra layer of strategy to the event.

Flash Themed SBCs

In addition to the Puzzle SBCs, Black Friday introduces Flash Themed SBCs. These challenges are time-limited and offer rewards in the form of packs valued up to 50k coins. Flash SBCs are known for their unique requirements and quick turnaround, so be prepared to act swiftly if you want to complete them and reap the rewards. The other way to get FC 24 Coins is by purchasing them from the reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel. So if you are falling short, purchase them for real money. 

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Upgrade SBCs

Upgrade SBCs are a favorite among FUT players, and Black Friday doesn't disappoint in this regard. The event includes several Upgrade SBCs with varying requirements and rewards. Whether you're looking to upgrade specific player items or add valuable items to your collection, there will be SBCs catering to your needs. Some of the Upgrade SBCs available during Black Friday include Mixed Campaign, 75+ PP, 75+, 78+ PP, 81+ Double, 80+, 83+ PP, 85+ Double, 84+, 87+ Icon, 86+ Hero and OOP upgrades.

EA Sports FC 24 SBCs

Additional Special Items SBCs

Black Friday also brings a selection of other special items SBCs. These include Flashback Untradeable objects for players like Ashley Young and Messi, Showdown Untradeable object featuring William Carvalho and Giménez, a Road to the World Cup (RTTWC) Untradeable- Item for Eriksen, and a World Cup Icon Item for van Persie. These SBCs allow you to add unique and valuable players to your squad.

Dynamic Objectives

Special objective groups are available during Black Friday, rewarding you with one RTTWC player, Neymar and various FUT packs. Completing objectives is a great way to test your skills and earn valuable rewards.

Re-Release TOTW

Black Friday brings back some of the best Team of the Week (TOTW) items from previous weeks. This "Best of TOTW" selection includes 14 highly rated TOTW items featuring players like Neymar, Haaland, Kevin de Bruyne, & Dembélé. If you missed out on these players during their original TOTW appearances, this is your chance to add them to your squad.

Themed Player Items

The Black Friday event introduces a set of seventeen Road to the World Cup (RTTWC) items, obtainable through FUT packs. These products are divided into one mini-release and one team, and they include top-tier players like Heung Son, Modric and Mbappé. Additionally, 2 other players are obtainable via SBCs & objectives, offering even more ways to upgrade your squad.

Icon Items

For fans of legendary players, Black Friday features thirty two World Cup Icon objects, available via FUT packs. These Icon items are split into two teams and one mini-release and include iconic names like Ronaldo, Cruyff, Pelé and Eusébio. One more Icon player is available through a special SBC. This is a fantastic opportunity to add some of the greatest football legends to your team.

FC 24 Icons

Event Dates

The Black Friday event in FC UT 24 is packed with excitement and content. The special team items are available in packs from November 24th to December 1st. Best of Team of the Week items will be available from November 23rd to November 28th. The event starts on November 26, 2021, and runs throughout the weekend, offering a wealth of opportunities to upgrade your club and collect valuable player items.

Signature Signings

One of the most exciting features of this year's Black Friday event is the introduction of Signature-Signings player objects. A few of the greatest successful moves of modern football history are honoured with these goods. Players that are Signature Signings are given lifetime upgrades in recognition of their outstanding rookie year at their present team. This addition adds a layer of excitement to the event, as you can acquire players who have made a significant impact at their new clubs.

Daily Engagement Rewards

For those who engage with FUT 22 consistently, there are additional rewards to be earned during the Black Friday event. Daily SBCs will be out on Friday, Sat, Sun, and Mon at 6 PM each day. If you complete these SBCs for four consecutive days, you'll earn a group award for the Black Friday Objective. This is a fantastic method to make the most of the occasion and optimise your benefits.


Unquestionably one of the most eagerly awaited occasions in FIFA Ultimate Team is FC 24 Black Friday, and this year's edition looks to be larger and better than ever. With a wide range of pack offers, Squad Building Challenges, objectives, and special player items, there's something for every type of FUT player.

Whether you're looking to bolster your squad with Signature Signings, secure top-tier TOTW players, or acquire legendary Icons, Black Friday is the perfect time to make upgrades and enhance your FUT experience. So set a reminder for November 26th on your calendar and get ready for an exciting weekend filled with nonstop FUT action. Don't pass up the Black Friday event; it's your chance to advance your team and have a blast celebrating the holidays in FIFA Ultimate Team.

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