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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Understanding Game Modes: Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and More

Game modes are critical in any game because they add a whole new experience to the gameplay and let players experiment and adapt new playstyles and strategies. Game modes are a better way to challenge the skills and playing tactics of the players.

EA Sports FC 24 is a new soccer game from the developers at EA Sports. This time around, EA Sports made a lot of changes and introduced new technologies to improve the overall gameplay for players. HyperMotion V technology transforms and improves players’ gameplay and overall gameplay experience.

There are many exciting modes available in FC 24 that are designed to test your skills, strategy, and planning. Each mode is exciting and worth stepping your steps in. Well, whether you’re a complete beginner here or have some knowledge already about the game, you’ve landed in the right place.

This guide will cover all the game modes you will get to see in EA Sports FC 24 in detail so that you can have a basic clear understanding of how to play and accordingly plan your moves maximizing the chances of your winning. 

Career Mode

This special game mode is based on a single-player experience where you can move ahead either with a manager or career player mode. Both will give you unique experiences and are worth trying. You can lead to your dream of becoming a professional soccer star.

Player career mode lets you create a customizable soccer player guiding them through their professional journey from choosing the position and style of play that influences their performance in the matches. This gives you the ability to control the player individually or you can also control the entire squad and it all depends on your preferences. In this mode, you also get to choose personality traits that come with different playstyle options adding depth to your character’s development in the game.

On the other hand, Manager Career Mode lets you take on the role of a soccer team manager giving you control over different aspects of the team management. Here you get all the options that are required to help you play and perform well in the manager career mode. From Tactical philosophy to customization, coaching, and payer development, it has all.

Tactical philosophy gives you a distinct approach to the game for different game strategies. There are around seven tactical philosophies that influence the style of play of your team. In player development, you can hire or fire coaches who create plans for the development of the players. In short, you get a variety of options as a Manager.

EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode

Ultimate Team

This unique game mode lets you build a squad using a deck-building mechanic. Here you also manage your team but quite differently than you manage in the career mode. Here, you can acquire players easily by opening packs with the in-game currency, trading your cards globally with other players, and assembling your team with the highest EA FC ratings. 

Now, when you have your team ready and fully organized, then you can compete with your team against other players. You can compete either in one-off matches or multiplayer leagues accordingly. Women’s Football is also added which allows both male and female players to be part of the same team. This special feature introduces new female superstars to the game. In short, this mode revolves around squad building, team management, competition, and evolution.

EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode


Pro Clubs has now become clubs. It is a unique mode in FC 24 that revolves around creating a virtual pro player where you can create and play on the field with your friends. By playing this mode and levelling up yourself you earn skill points to improve your attributes and playstyles. It is an 11 vs. 11 match and in simple words, the only way to level up your virtual player is by levelling up and gaining XP from your matches. You will get to see the new feature called “Cross-Play” this time.


This game mode is quite unique because it is not a traditional soccer match. It revolves around emphasizing more on street-style football matches. The only way you can improve your football character is by playing more matches that can be played both in single-player and multiplayer modes. You can earn XP to unlock skill points and avatar customizations. You can expect to have similar game modes that we had in FIFA 23 such as 3v3 rush, 4v4 rush, etc.

Practice Arena

As the name suggests, this game mode is designed to give you a dedicated space so that you can refine and work on your skills improving various aspects of your gameplay and mechanics including strategies, plans, and management. It is a virtual training ground for you where you can easily improve your skills and abilities.

By playing this mode you can focus and improve your dribbling, passing, shooting, and goalkeeping skills without feeling any pressure of a real match. With this mode, you don’t have to worry about your level. Anyone can use and play this mode with any skill level. This mode is a blessing for you if you’ve just taken a plunge into the game which will allow you to practice with relaxation and easily improve your playing tactics.

EA Sports FC 24 Practice Arena

Training Centre

This feature was first released in FIFA 23 which also allows you to improve your skills and abilities in the game by playing matches but with a chapter progression. You will complete chapters in a progressive manner here that tells you what exactly you have to do. There are training activities in each chapter that you must finish in order to advance to the subsequent chapter. You can hone your fundamentals as well as all the other abilities and skills necessary to dominate the pitch.

Kick Off

With the help of this mode, you can create quick matches that you can either play against the CPU or your friends that add more excitement to the game allowing you to experience a totally different experience of football. All the teams and clubs are available to play and you can use the kickoff mode to play. Please keep in mind that women’s teams cannot be played against men’s teams in this mode which adds a little limitation to this game mode.

Tournament Mode

Like Career mode, you can participate in single-player leagues and cups and you can also create your own custom tournaments. The choice is yours, either indulge in existing tournaments or create your own custom tournament. To create your custom tournament, simply navigate to ‘Tournaments’ from the FC menu and then click on the ‘Custom Tournament’ option. You also have the authorization to further customize the various aspects of the tournament.

EA Sports FC 24 Tournament Mode

Online Friendlies

As the name suggests, this is all about playing with your friends and showing your skills. This special mode is designed to help you play against your friends in friendly matches providing you a casual gaming experience with your friends.

Here, you can create custom matches and invite your friends to play with you. The thing that is unique about this mode is you get the flexibility for the selection of teams and stadiums including some game settings to personalize your matches.

It gives you both a fun and competitive gaming experience with a friendly environment. When you and your friends are online, you can invite each other and play matches whenever you want with your settings and customizations.

Online Seasons

This is an online multiplayer mode where you have to compete against other well-skilled players winning a series of matches to finally climb up the ladder and win exciting prizes and rewards. This game mode is divided between divisions and you will see around 10 matches in each season. You’ll also see the tournament mode as well. You’ll also get to see cup matches in the season competing against online players and getting a tournament title.

EA Sports FC 24 Online Seasons

Co-Op Season Mode

It is comparable to the Online Season mode, however, the game mode has been somewhat altered. You must play both with and against your pals here. In a fun setting, you may test and demonstrate your talents to your friends in a 2v2 match. Here, gaining points is your major goal. You will have won if you receive three points. However, if you only receive one point, both teams will share the victory. It is fun to play and filled with excitement, togetherness, and lots of learning.

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The guide ends here by discussing all the game modes that you will get to see and experience in EA Sports FC 24. Whether you’re a complete beginner or not, this guide is for you and has covered all the aspects of each mode. Each game mode is unique and it is not always about competition, winning, or losing because the only thing that matters is how you enjoy and play the game. It’s more about the learnings and experiences that you get apart from winning or losing a match. Happy Gaming.

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