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EA Sports FC 24 Player Ratings and Attributes Explained

Player ratings in EA Sports FIFA games typically refer to the numerical values assigned to virtual representations of real-world football players. These ratings reflect various attributes and skills of the players, such as their speed, shooting accuracy, passing ability, dribbling skills, defending capabilities, and more. Now we will be discussing player ratings and some attributes of players.

Importance of Player Ratings

In FIFA games, player ratings are super important. Let's break it down why they're a big deal:

Make-believe Real Players

Player ratings show how good players are in the game. It's like having real players on your screen. When ratings match reality, it makes FIFA feel like you're right there on the field.

Playing Better or Worse

Ratings decide how players perform. High-rated players are better; low-rated players struggle. Speed, shooting, dribbling, defending - it's all in the ratings. They tell you what a player can do.

Choosing Your Dream Team

Ratings help you pick your squad. You want the best players, right? They keep the game fair. No one wants a team of superheroes to beat everyone.

Different Ways to Play

Ratings give you choices. High-rated strikers for goals or strong defenders to protect your goal. You can play your style, whether it's attacking or defending, thanks to ratings.

Players Grow and Age

Ratings change as players get better or older. Young talents can become stars. It's important for Career Mode - nurturing talent and managing your team.

EA Sports FC 24 Player Ratings

So this is the latest player ratings released by EA Sports:

  1. Kylian Mbappé(PSG, ST, 91): Mbappé, the PSG sensation, leads the pack with a rating of 91. His intense pace and amazing finishing make him an absolute great player on the field.
  2. Alexia Puttellas (Barcelona, CM, 91): Puttellas, the midfield maestro, shares the top spot with Mbappé at 91. A true orchestrator in the heart of the pitch.
  3. Erling Haaland (Manchester City, ST, 91): Haaland, the goal-scoring phenomenon, joins the elite club with a blazing 91 rating. He's a nightmare for defenders.
  4. Kevin De Bruyne: De Bruyne, the midfield genius, maintains his excellence with a 91 rating. His vision and passing are second to none.
  5. Aitana Bonmati (Barcelona, CM, 90): Bonmati, the Barcelona gem, shines with a solid 90 rating. A midfield stalwart.
  6. Lionel Messi (Inter Miami, CF, 90): Messi, the legendary Argentine, graces Inter Miami with his presence, maintaining his genius with a 90 rating.
  7. Sam Kerr (Chelsea, ST, 90): Kerr, the Australian goal machine, is a force to be reckoned with at 90. A goal-scoring sensation.
  8. Karim Benzema (Al-Ittihad, CF, 90): Benzema, the elegant forward, holds his ground with a 90 rating. A true artist with the ball.
  9. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid, GK, 90): Courtois, the towering Belgian keeper, keeps the net safe with a dependable 90 rating. A guardian in the goal.
  10. Harry Kane (Bayern Munich, ST, 90): Kane, the English marksman, climbs to a stellar 90 rating. A clinical finisher.
  11. Caroline Graham Hansen (Barcelona, RW, 90): Hansen, the Danish winger, dazzles with her skills, maintaining a solid 90 rating.
  12. Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona, ST, 90): Lewandowski, the Polish goal-scoring sensation, shares the 90 club. Deadly in front of goal.
  13. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool, RW, 89): Salah, the Egyptian speedster, maintains his electrifying form with an 89 rating. Blazing down the wings.
  14. Kadidiatou Diani (Lyon, RW, 89): Diani, the lightning-fast French winger, showcases her talents with an 89 rating. Speed and skill combined.
  15. Mapi Leon (Barcelona, CB, 89): Leon, the versatile defender, shines with her 89 ratings. A rock in defense.
  16. Ruben Dias (Manchester City, CB, 89): Dias, the Portuguese defensive wall, gains a point to reach 89. A stalwart in defense.
  17. Vinicius Jr. (Real Madrid, LW, 89): Vinicius Jr., the Brazilian sensation, leaps with a +3 increase to 89. A rising star on the left flank.
  18. Rodri (Manchester City, CDM, 89): Rodri, the Spanish midfield controller, climbs to 89 with a +2 increase. A master of the midfield.
  19. Neymar Jr (Al-Hilal, LW, 89): Neymar Jr., the Brazilian showman, maintains his status with an 89 rating. Dribbling wizardry on display.
  20. Alex Morgan (San Diego Wave, ST, 89): Morgan, the American goal-scoring sensation, shines with her 89 rating. A prolific striker.
  21. Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona, GK, 89): Ter Stegen, Germany, has an 89 rating. A reliable presence in goal.
  22. Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool, CB, 89): Van Dijk, the Dutch defensive colossus, anchors the defense with his 89 rating. Unbreakable.
  23. Alisson Becker (Liverpool, GK, 89): Alisson Becker, the Brazilian goalkeeper, keeps his team safe with an 89 rating. 
  24. Ada Hegerberg (Lyon, ST, 89): Hegerberg, the Norwegian goal-scoring sensation, joins the elite club with her 89 rating. A true icon in women's football.
  25. Casemiro (Manchester United, CDM, 89): Casemiro, the Brazilian midfield enforcer, commands the midfield with an 89 rating. A true rock.
  26. Irene Paredes (Barcelona, CB, 88): Paredes, the Spanish defender, holds her ground with an 88 rating. A reliable presence at the back.
  27. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United, CAM, 88): Fernandes, the Portuguese midfield dynamo, shines with his 88 rating. A creative spark.
  28. Wendie Renard (Lyon, CB, 88): Renard, the French defensive stalwart, maintains her excellence with an 88 rating. A true leader in defense.
  29. Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid, ST, 88): Griezmann, the French forward, climbs with a +5 increase to 88. A versatile and clinical attacker.
  30. Victor Osimhen (Napoli, ST, 88): Osimhen, the Nigerian sensation, also gains +5 to reach 88. A rising star in world football.
  31. Alexandra Popp (Wolfsburg, ST, 88): Popp, the German women's football sensation, shines with her 88 rating. 
  32. Debinha (Kansas City Current, CAM, 88): Debinha, the Brazilian star of women's football, joins the 88 club. Her skills are a delight to watch.
  33. Bernardo Silva (Manchester City, CM, 88): Silva, the Portuguese playmaker, matches the 88 rating. A magician on the ball.
  34. Federico Valverde (Real Madrid, CM, 88): Valverde, the Uruguayan midfielder, gains +4 to reach 88. A dynamic presence in midfield.
  35. Sophia Smith (Portland Thorns, ST, 88): Smith, the rising star in women's football, joins the elite group with her 88 rating. A talent to watch.
  36. Ederson (Manchester City, GK, 88): Ederson, the Brazilian goalkeeper, keeps the net safe with an 88 rating. Known for his distribution skills.
  37. Guro Reiten (Chelsea, LW, 88): Reiten, the Norwegian dynamo, stands tall with her 88 rating. A versatile midfielder with flair.
  38. Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich, CDM, 88): Kimmich, the German utility player, joins the elite group with his 88 rating. A versatile and valuable asset.
  39. Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid, GK, 88): Oblak, Slovenia maintains a 88 rating.
  40. Christiane Endler (Lyon, GK, 88): Endler, the Chilean goalkeeper, keeps her net safe with an 88 rating. A dependable last line of defense.
  41. Marie Katoto (PSG, ST, 88): Katoto, the French goal-scoring sensation, matches the 88 rating. A true threat in front of the goal.
  42. Patri Guijarro (Barcelona, CM, 88): Guijarro, the Spanish midfield talent, showcases her skills with an 88 rating. A promising prospect.
  43. Fridolina Rolfö (Barcelona, LB, 87): Rolfö, the versatile Swedish player, holds her ground with an 87 rating. A solid presence on the field.
  44. Luka Modric (Real Madrid, CM, 87): Modric, the Croatian midfield maestro, maintains his brilliance with an 87 rating. A true midfield artist.
  45. Lucy Bronze (Barcelona, RB, 87): Bronze, the English full-back, shines with her 87 rating. A dependable presence in defense.
  46. Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona, CM, 87): De Jong, the Dutch midfield talent, equals Bronze with his 87 rating. A key presence in midfield.
  47. Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan, ST, 87): Martinez, the Argentine forward, climbs +1 to reach 87. A promising talent up front.
  48. Beth Mead (Arsenal, RW, 87): Mead, the Arsenal winger, holds her ground with an 87 rating. A versatile and skillful attacker.
  49. Ewa Pajor (Wolfsburg, ST, 87): Pajor, the Wolfsburg striker, showcases her skills with an 87 rating. A goal-scoring threat.
  50. Martin Odegaard (Arsenal, CAM, 87): Odegaard, the Norwegian playmaker, climbs +3 to reach 87. A rising star in midfield.

Understanding Player Attributes in EA Sports FC 24

In EA Sports FC 24, player attributes are like the DNA of virtual footballers, defining their skills and abilities. They're the secret sauce that makes each player unique and impacts how they perform on the digital pitch. If you wish to purchase your favourite player with decent attributes, you will have to spend FC 24 coins, the game's in-game currency. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get these coins is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Why do Player Attributes Matter?

  • Player attributes are the building blocks of a player's virtual identity. They represent their real-world abilities, translating them into the game.

  • These attributes influence how players perform in various aspects of the game, from scoring goals to defending against the opposition.

  • Attributes are crucial for team selection and strategy. They help you create your dream team and decide how to play the game.

EA Sports FC24 Player Attributes

 List of All the PlayStyles in EA Sports FC 24

  • Passing PlayStyle Attributes include Incisive Passes, Long Ball Pass, Whipped Pass, and Pinged Passes.

  • Scoring PlayStyle Attributes include Power Shot, Power Header, Chip Shot, Finesse Shot, and Dead Ball.

  • Ball Control PlayStyle Attributes include Press Proven, First Touch, Rapid, Trickster, Flair, and Technical.

  • Defending PlayStyle Attributes include Intercept, Block, Bruiser, Jockey, Anticipate, and Slide Tackle.

  • Goalkeeping PlayStyle Attributes include Far Throw, Footwork, Cross Claimer, Rush Out, Quick Reflexes, and Far Reach.


So this was all about EA Sports FC 24 player ratings and attributes. We can conclude from all the information that ratings and attributes are very important for determining and choosing the right player.

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