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Everything About World of Warcraft: The War Within - Release Date, Gameplay, Features and More

World of Warcraft's eleventh expansion, World of Warcraft: The War Within, will usher in a brand-new epic narrative. It’s a rewarding addition to this long-running franchise that is expected to introduce favourable changes in the game including the introduction of a ton of new content and completely rework the World of Warcraft: The War Within gameplay for casual and expert players. It’s part one of the WorldSoul Saga Trilogy, the other two parts are Midnight and The Last Titan. In this one, players will travel under Azeroth's surface to Khaz Algar, where they will encounter the Nerubians and other darker forces in addition to the Earthen, a race of dwarves. 

With the addition of various new features and improvements, players may anticipate exploring uncharted territory in the game. The expansion also consists of a variety of raids and dungeons as well as the fascinating dynamic flying system that will undoubtedly alter how players navigate around the game. In this guide, we will tell you all about the WoW: The War Within release date, features, gameplay and much more. 

World of Warcraft: The War Within Release Date

The World of Warcraft: The War Within release date is expected to occur in the second quarter of 2024. Although a late summer or early autumn release is planned, the precise date has not yet been announced. Nonetheless, the game may be pre-ordered via the battle.net platform. 


A synopsis of the story is shown in the trailer that was released, Thrall and Anduin Wrynn cooperating to stave off an approaching threat. Unmasked as Xal'atath, the enigmatic Harbinger seeks to unite the Nerubians in order to carry out the Void's schemes. There are some well-known figures in the story, including Anduin, Thrall, Magni, and Alleria Windrunner, who will be crucial.

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WoW: The War Within New Features & Gameplay

The World of Warcraft: The War Within Gameplay will have a collection of exciting new features that will improve the player's Azeroth experience. The features include:

  • Dynamic Flying, an advancement of the flight mechanics first seen in Dragonflight, brings Azeroth to life in The War Within. Thanks to this feature, players can engage and have more control over the skies of Azeroth than ever before.

  • Players can form an alliance with the underground Dornogal, a new Allied Race.

  • A new subterranean world full of challenges and mythology awaits adventurers in four new zones: Azj-Kahet, The Ringing Deeps, Hallowfall, and the Isle of Dorn. 

  • The War Within have a range of collectables ranging from transmog sets to mounts such as the Stormrider Mount. Unique toys are also available for players, such as the Sandbox Storm Gryphon Toy. 

  • The level cap is increased to Level 80

  • Players will have new Hero Talents for each class specialisation. Hero Talent Trees is a more sophisticated method of character development that allows for more flexibility to suit different playstyles. 

  • A new element called the Warbands system lets smaller groups work together to solve problems and navigate Quests. 

  • A reputation Progress system will be introduced in multiplayer challenges.

World of Warcraft The War Within Gameplay and Storyline

New Dungeons 

Eight dungeons in total, divided between levelling and maximum-level dungeons, are included in the expansion:

Level up Dungeons: 

  • The Rookery

  • The Stonevault

  • Priory of the Sacred Flame

  • City of Threads

Maximum Level Dungeons

  • Cinderbrew Meadery

  • Darkflame Cleft

  • The Dawnbreaker

  • Old City

New Raid 

Once Season 1 of The War Within airs, players will be able to take part in The Nerub'ar Palace Raid Dungeon. As the first chapter of the expansion culminates, players will band together to vanquish Xal'atath and the Nerubians of Azj-Kahet.

The Delves

The Delves is a new system that will be introduced in World of Warcraft: The War Within. Twelve different Delves dungeons with varying degrees of difficulty will be available to explore at the start of this activity. These include:

  • Earthcrawl Mines

  • Skittering Breach 

  • The Waterworks 

  • The Spiral Weave 

  • Kriegval’s Rest 

  • Nightfall Sanctum 

  • The Dread Pit 

  • Rak-Rethan Abyss 

  • Fungak Folly 

  • The Sinkhole 

  • Deepwalker Hold 

  • Mycomancer Cavern

You can play these alone or with a group of up to five people. Players will be able to acquire rides, titles, awards, and gear by completing tasks for the Dragonscale Expedition which is a part of the Delves system. At the conclusion of each Delve, you'll need to beat a boss or solve a puzzle to access the vault's treasure and finish the quest. 

World of Warcraft: The War Within New Zones


This region, which is home to forgotten scavengers, is the centre of the Nerubian Empire and is located in the furthest depths of Azeroth. It has the Nerubian City of Threads, a city with a sophisticated political structure and rich cultural heritage that has been repeatedly rebuilt on the ruins of itself. 


Hallowfall is a massive void surrounded by an apparently limitless subterranean sea. Here, a human tribe known as the Arathi defends their dwellings from the Nerubians in a never-ending conflict.

Isle of Dorn

The Isle of Dorn is a stunning location with abundant plant life and good soil. This is where you'll find a mesmerizing blend of storm-kissed peaks, gorgeous meadows, and fierce bees. In the centre of Isle of Dorn, there is a thriving city which will serve as the capital. 

The Ringing Deeps

Beneath Khaz'algar's beautiful exterior is the bustling industrial area known as the Ringing Deeps. It's heated by lava and run by the Machine Speakers, the Earthen. They formerly called this huge underground realm home. But the Kobolds, led by the imposing Candle King, took control, and have long claimed numerous mines and established their own city in the Ringing Deeps. 

World of Warcraft: The War Within Ringing Deeps Zone

New Allied Race: The Earthen

The Earthen will be a new Allied Race that players of both the Alliance and the Horde can unlock and take control of. The Earthen are an ancient race of Dwarves, formed of stone and gems. They were assigned a set of tasks and directives to fulfil after being formed by the Titans to aid in the formation of Azeroth's underground tunnels during its early years. Nevertheless, the gem-entrusted Dwarves lost their cohesiveness and split into three groups when the Titans abandoned Azeroth and left the Earthen to fend for themselves. Players must complete the expansion's main campaign and endgame questline in order to access the Earthen.


In conclusion, The War Within seems to be a thrilling and revolutionary expansion of WoW. It aims to keep gamers interested and entertained with new features, content, and adjustments to fundamental systems. So set the dates on your calendars and get ready to explore the always-changing world of Azeroth on a new journey.

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