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FIFA 23 Beginner's Guide for Getting Started

FIFA 23 has finally released. The much awaited game has, as expected, a plethora of content to dive into. This will be EA's final game in the FIFA game series. Although, with EA Sports FC, things will start once again. In this article, we will be discussing a slew of tips for FIFA 23 game contents. This will be the ultimate guide for FIFA 23 Beginners, so make sure you read everything in this article.

Given the amount of content packed into the game, FIFA 23 should keep players interested until the next instalment, which will be the first to be sold under the new EA Sports FC label. There will also be several updates before then, including a special World Cup game mode that will be available as free DLC. This guide will cover every aspect of the game, from the best players to the formations as well as specific game modes.

For the experienced campaigners, players who have experience with the previous versions of the game modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team, you might have to start all over again. Although, given that you are somewhat familiar with the gameplay, you will have the chance to do better than most of the new players and try not to repeat the mistakes which you made when you were just a beginner.

With the knowledge that experienced players posses, it would be easy for them to start well and win matches, also level up faster and achieve success for a much greater time as compared to the beginners. Keep reading to know what this game offers and whether you know it all that well or not.

Enough about the experienced players, now let's talk about what to do if you are a beginner. The answer is simple, follow our FIFA 23 Beginner's Guide for Getting Started and other article in FIFA 23 series. This article will help you understand the gameplay and prepare you for the ultimate test that you will face in the game. Your club, your team, the tactics you use, how you use them, the combination you play with, everything matters and you will be incharge of these things. So, we advise that you scroll down and read complete article, so that you won't miss anything.

FIFA 23 Guide

Getting Started with FIFA 23

When you launch the game, you will be asked to sign-up/sign in in order to save the FIFA 23 game progress on the cloud server. So, it is mandatory to have an internet connection while login into the game. Only after you have sign-in you can play the game. There is no requirement to stay connected to the internet while playing the game.

Selecting the Language 

When you start with the game, a screen will appear asking you to select a language out of several options. This language will decide the language of the in-game content. It will be based on the region in which you have purchased the game. There is a timer on the screen. After 10 seconds, if you have not chosen a language till now, the default language would be selected as your game language. Our advise would be to select your favourite language as this might affect the language of game's commentary. Although it can be changed later in game settings as well.

Opening Trainings and Matches

You will be offered with a narrative mode just before entering the FIFA 23 title screen. This is a narrative option within the game that includes training drills, a match, and a fresh new Training Centre. Following that, you will be offered the option of playing as either a male or female character. You can simply skip the scenes and leave the Training Centre. However, we urge that you do not skip it. Knowing the tale, playing matches, and conducting exercises will only help you comprehend the gameplay a little more. You will have a better understanding of the controls.

Following the training and tutorials, you will be prompted to choose the difficulty level. The difficulty level will be determined by default depending on your experience, however it may be modified afterwards via game settings.

Selecting your favourite team or club

Before the game, you must choose a club or team to represent as your favourite. Your selection will be displayed on your EA Sports Football Club profile. You will also be asked if you want to receive emails from EA and whether you want to share your account information.

You can agree to EA sending an email with information about your account, including your email address, country, age, and EASFC activity, to clubs, leagues, and organisations such as FIFA, UEFA, the league organisation of your choice (for example, The FA for the Premier League), and the club of your choice (for example, Manchester United). You can opt out of sharing by clicking "No." By checking the box, you agree that EA and the aforementioned organisations may receive information about your account. You will also be emailed to confirm the sharing.

When you're finished, a welcome window displays, displaying the incentives you've earned for joining up. The welcome page may offer you a variety of bonuses and awards. These awards might be depending on your past XP level from earlier versions of the game. You must use the same account you used for the previous editions of the game to do so. FUT packs and EA FCC might be among the prizes. You may obtain them later in the game or via the game's menu.

After the initial rewards comes the Title screen with various tabs. Title screen indicates that you have entered the main menu of the game. There will be tabs and several options available from which you can choose the different game modes that the game provides.

FIFA 23 Beginner's Guide


There are four choices you can make:

  • Volta - the Volta game mode.

  • Last Played Mode - The most recent game mode you have played is called Last Played Mode.

  • More Useful/Promotional Option - A small tab that displays a few promotional alternatives or gaming supports.

  • Promo Tab - An option that displays a promotional event or products.


All of the game modes in FIFA 23 — Practice Arena, Skill Games, Tournaments, Kick off, UEFA Champions League, Career Mode, FUT, and Volta — are accessible through this menu.


The FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT, is a game mode in FIFA that lets you construct and manage your own club to play online and offline matches and win rewards using any FIFA 23 players and managers, as well as a collection of other types of cards including club objects, staff, and consumables. You may gain better players and things by participating in matches and games in the Ultimate Team mode, which will increase the budget and strength of your club.

How to get items for FUT?

In FUT, cards are available for all players, managers, staff, club products, and consumables. These card objects can be obtained as prizes by playing FUT games, unlocked by opening FUT packs, and purchased and sold in the Transfer Market, a section of the FUT online market. You must use FIFA Coins or FIFA Points to purchase packs. You must use Coins to purchase players or any other cards from the Transfer Market. Playing FUT games and completing challenges will earn you coins. Selling your cards to other users in the Market is another way for you to make coins.

FIFA 23 Guide

FUT is one of the most exciting modes of FIFA 23 and you would want to perform well in it. As mentioned you have to get cards by using FIFA Coins and it might take a while to collect enough coins and make a better team. But with our website you can do it very quickly. You can buy FIFA Coins directly from our website.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchase FIFA Coins. We offer the cheapest rate and best service on the web.

If you are a beginner, then FUT could prove to be challenging for you. It is surely the most challenging game mode in FIFA 23. Our adivse would be to start off slowly and learn as much as you can through team vs AI games. Diving directly into the tough Competition of online matches wouldn't be easier. You need to have experience before going into the online multiplayer mode. Though the challenge is tough but FUT is quite generous when it comes to rewards. All you need is right guidance and tactics to assemble the Ultimate Team.    

Apart from the exciting FUT mode there are various other game modes available in FIFA 23. There is a Career mode where you will be incharge of management side of the game, World Cup mode, and Online Season matches along with Volta modes and others which were discussed already in this article.


This will be all from us in this article. FIFA 23 has been released recently and there are many more aspects of the game which would be revealed later. We will make sure to keep you updated with our articles. FIFA 23 is an exhilarating game with breathtaking graphics. Football lovers are surely going to enjoy it a lot. We will make sure to help you as much as we can. Stay tuned with us and make sure you don't miss anything.

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