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FIFA 23 Best Hidden Gems For Career Mode

The career mode in FIFA 23 is excellent. The new additions, which enhance the gameplay and enable players to live out their aspirations of becoming actual football managers, include interactive highlights and a sleek new menu design. Managing a powerful European powerhouse like Real Madrid or leading League Two's Barrow AFC all the way toward the Premier League are both possible. The options for creating a squad to battle for the honor are limitless. There are several interesting "Hidden Gems" in this year's FIFA, which are a terrific way to construct your squad and find a fresh young talent to develop into a superstar.

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Luke Harris

Luke Harris of Fulham has one of the finest growth figures; he starts at 61 and can reach 84, but with his explosive potential, he can obviously go even farther. Although Harris plays as a CAM by default, his stats also show that he performs well on the wing, and his remarkable 65 percent shooting rate suggests that he could potentially fill in the upfront. His most important statistics, though, are his 74 agility and 75 balance. He is obtainable for just £1 million, and if you spend that money, his worth will more than quadruple within the first season.

FIFA 23 Luke Harris

Serge Ngoma

Ngoma is quick with 90 in pace, and 90 in acceleration, along with 87 agility, entering at 58 graded with a potential of 82. The American, who costs about £650k and earns £500 per week, will be the ideal winger for a low-profile team. He is an absolute must-pick-up for any team, and he has the potential to develop into one of the top wingers in the league while playing for the New York Red Bulls in the MLS with such a High/Medium working rate. His final product will require some work, but if he is trained as an inverted winger, his finishing will quickly improve.

Jobe Bellingham

Jobe Bellingham, like his elder brother Jude, has a promising future, which is represented in the current career mode. Bellingham, who competes for Birmingham City in the Championship, is currently rated at 58 and has the potential to reach 81. Currently listed at £625k, this center midfielder (who is able to play CAM) has excellent passing, dribbling, and speed numbers. With his dynamic potential, he could undoubtedly be worth ten times that amount after the first season. Can he equal the reputation of his brothers?

Laurin Ulrich

Laurin Ulrich from Germany seems like a terrific addition to any career-mode squad. The VFB Stuttgart player has the ability to increase his rating from 60 to an extremely remarkable 83. Although acceleration is his top number, he also possesses superb dribbling and unexpectedly strong defensive metrics. He is a CM who is available for £775k, but what's fascinating is that changing him to a CAM, LW, or RW would increase his ratings by three. It will increase his pricing and enable him to expand even faster. At just 17, he will undoubtedly be a major star in just about any career mode once he reaches the peak of his abilities in a few seasons.

FIFA 23 Laurin Ulrich

Guillaume Restes

The finest "hidden treasure" at his position is this French goalie. He can grow up to 83 and starts off at 60 overall, making him a good starting option for many lower-league teams. As the number one goalie at age 17, he will reach that potential very quickly and only become better. His strongest stat is 63 reflexes, which is excellent considering his age. Playing Restes in every game would only help his numbers rise. Given that he is only worth £700k, it would be simple to secure a loan to acquire him, making him readily accessible for the first year. With regular playing time, he will develop, and in the second season, he will be available for that cheaper amount for an unbeatable deal.

Ashley Phillips

Ashley Phillips, a center-back who stands 6 feet 2 inches tall, is a 17-year-old with the promise to be among the finest at his position. He is the finest "hidden gem" pick-up because he plays for Blackburn Rovers in the Championship. Phillips, which is available for £675k, has the possibility of increasing in rating from 59 to 82. His main attributes are strength (70) and leaping (74), making him an absolute menace to opposing strikers in your career mode saves and a threat in the air. Will Phillips be talented enough to play for England? He will undoubtedly receive the call-up given his extensive career mode playing experience.

Yoni Gomes

Gomes, another CB, is the player in the game with the greatest growth stat right now. Gomes begins life aged 53 and has a potential growth rate of 26 to reach the age of 79. For under £350k, a right-footed 16-year-old French defender from Le Havre AC in Ligue 2 will be on the market. With more playing time, he will undoubtedly go well beyond this potential and emerge as one of the top defenders in the game, making him an excellent steal for a team with a lower ranking. However, due to his short stature (5'9"), players may choose to change him into something of a right-back or central defensive midfielder to try and compensate for it.

Nelson Weiper

A strong striker standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall who competes for FSV Mainz in the German Bundesliga, a top-tier competition. Weiper starts out with a 60 rating and has the capacity to increase to an 81. He will undoubtedly realize that potential over a few campaigns and then go much farther beyond that with regular playing time and lots of goals. His asking price of £775k is a steal given his potential. Or he might be accessible for a loan; at £900 per week, he costs practically nothing. His 70 in strength, 68 in jumping, and 65 in finishing are his greatest numbers. He's the ideal striker.

FIFA 23 Nelson Weiper

Mathys Tel

Without a doubt, Mathys Tel is one of the finest hidden treasures to find in this career mode. The FC Bayern Munich striker, who is just 17 years old, begins at an incredible 64 overall while also having the potential to reach an 84. He costs £1.6 million, which is on the expensive side, but the German giants might simply provide a loan. Tel has 77 speed and can be made into a winger, which raises his rating. Tel is a must-pickup during this year's career mode and will develop into one of the top attackers in the game wherever he plays.

Christian Riquelme

One of the top young fullbacks in the league to pick up. Chilean left-back Riquelme, 18, competes for CD Everton de Via del Mar in the Primera Division of Chile. Riquelme is a terrific attacking left defender with the highest attributes of 77 for balance, 74 for sprint speed, and 73 for acceleration. At under £750k, he will be an absurd acquisition for a lower-league team. He starts off with a 60 overall rating and has a maximum potential of 83; but, with the correct coaching and playing time, he will be able to go much farther than this and surpass all other fullbacks in career mode saves.


There's something for everyone, from conquering every game with Barcelona and otherwise Real Madrid to rising through the lower levels to the top. In terms of the hidden jewels, you want to keep an eye out for those that, in this instance, are frequently with the latter. When your team's budget is tight, you may add these players for cheap and they will help you get through several seasons while also getting better. We hope this list of the top FIFA 23 Hidden Gems proves useful and you can find success in the Career Mode EA has to offer!

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