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FIFA 23 Career Mode Best Player Scouting and Mastering Transfers Guide

After a few challenging seasons, FIFA 23's career mode has continued to thrive. Playing as a real-life boss in FIFA 23 is one of the game's coolest new features. More recommendations are provided below, along with a lot more, such as scouting techniques, and transfer rules. Save our FIFA 23 career mode Best Player Scouting and Mastering guide to get a deep idea of these features inside the Career Mode.

FIFA 23 Scouting

Your starting lineup might not be adequate. If so, it's time to scour the globe for fresh talent and wonderkids. To make player scouting more effective, we'll walk you through the Global Transfer Network in the sections below. We'll also offer advice on which scouts you ought to employ, the most effective method for scouting wonderkids, and how to interpret those confusing scouting reports.

FIFA 23 Global Transfer Network Explained

The Global Transfer Network appears difficult, but once you understand how to utilize it, it's simple. It's advisable to start this right away after loading a new save, just like with everything else scouting-related in Career Mode. Since it's the preseason, you can buy players, and since it will take a few weeks for the changes to take effect in the game. Go to the Transfers page, choose the Scouts grid, and click Scout Instructions to access the Global Transfer Network.

These scouts will already be assigned pre-defined missions, which you can modify to meet the demands of your team. First, instruct your scouts on whom players to look for using Instructions. By searching for players based on their positions, qualities (qualities like "Free Kick Specialist"), contract expiration dates, ages, and other factors, you can reduce the field. You can then dispatch your scouts all across the world once that is finished. Each scout gets a star rating out of 5 for 2 categories: experience, and judgment, and you can recruit up to six of them.

Essentially, number prevails over quality. The ideal candidate will be proficient in all areas, but a scout with more experience will provide you with more players in each report. Players of better caliber will be found by individuals who have a high Judgment grade. However, be aware that scouting expenses are deducted from your transfer budget. Once you've acquired all the scouts you require or can afford, you can dispatch them to various parts of the globe. We suggest the nations of Central and Southern Europe as a good place to start. All ages and skill levels can be found in great numbers in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Belgium. Your scouts should return with a wide range of players within a few days or weeks. These can be seen by choosing Scout Report after navigating through each category with the right stick on the main Transfers menu. You will then be given a quick summary of each player, but you must click on the player's report to learn more about them. Additionally, we advise adding them to a shortlist on the Transfer Hub so you don't lose track of players who attract your attention. After a short while, you will be able to view the complete scout report, which includes the overall rating, market value, and anticipated transfer cost.

FIFA 23 Global Transfer Network

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Scouting Youth Players

Finding young talent for your academy works quite similarly to finding seasoned professionals. The location has changed slightly in FIFA 23; it is now listed under Youth Staff on the Transfers tab. There, you can locate players that possess particular qualities like Playmaker or Technically Gifted and send spies on missions lasting up to nine months. However, avoid being overly specific with the attributes as this may severely reduce the number of guys your scouts could find.

Go to the Youth Staff menu when they come back to see the scouting reports for the young players. You may get a general idea of both their potential and present overall grade there. The ranking is more accurate the better the scout's judgment is. Players can be signed here to your Youth Academy, where you can train them to become senior pros.

Whom should you sign?

Once you've heeded all the above-mentioned guidelines, this is pleasant and easy. Concentrate on candidates that have the potential to receive ratings of 80–85, 86–90, or 91+ and are described as “Showing Great Potential,” “An Exciting Prospect,” or “Potential to Be Something Special.”

Wonderkids in FIFA 23

When setting up scouting guidelines, select an age parameter of 16 to 20 and check the "Promising" Attribute" box in the options to help find some real wonderkids for your senior squad. 

FIFA 23 Wonderkids

FIFA 23 Transfers

While there are a few small adjustments that increase the tension in agreements and clarify whether your flashy new acquisition is a suitable match for your squad, transfers have mainly remained the same in FIFA 23's career mode. What you need to know about purchasing, selling, and loaning players is provided here.

Buying and Loaning

Make careful you scout the player you would really like to buy so you have a general idea of how much the player will cost before you place a hasty bid. Without that available to you, the upcoming discussion with the player's club might not last very long. You can engage a cutscene with the player's manager by selecting "Approach to buy" on the transfer screen for the player. You can make an offer right here (including player swaps and sell-on clauses). If you want to save time, you can also assign tasks to the AI, but there's no assurance that you'll be successful or get a decent deal. If you're in charge, the offer might be accepted right away, but if the club isn't pleased, they'll make a counteroffer that is more appropriate. The stress meter, this game’s new feature, will soon start to increase. The discussions will come to an end if it is totally full.

You can either give in to their demands or make your own in response. Transfer failures actually don't happen very often. It should be sufficient to offer a substantial sell-on clause or just a few million pounds close to the club's asking price. The contract for the plater must then be negotiated on their player page. Although there isn't a tension meter, it is very similar to a transfer negotiation. They will join your team if you offer them a competitive wage, a reasonable length of the contract, and a bonus. Once you've finished transfers for the year, there's a new screen. The Transfer Analyst page will inform you of how your new acquisition will fit into the team's current lineup, grade him, and offer financial guidance regarding whether you could have acquired him for a lower price.


Selling your player is very similar to purchasing one. But this time, the game is in your hands. To begin receiving offers for a player, go to the Squad Hub and add them to the Transfer List. Regardless of whether a player isn't listed for transfer, you could still receive bids out of the blue. The Received Offers tab inside the Transfer Hub should be inundated with offers during the next few days. Here, you have the option to accept or decline an offer or to haggle for a better price.

If you decide to bargain, you'll be taken into a cutscene where you can suggest a new price, include player swaps in the agreement, or add a sell-on fee. However, if you press a manager too far with an outrageous sum, he'll call off the agreement. Unless you are in urgent need to get rid of them, try to aim for not more than 20% of their current transfer offer. You will need to wait sometime after a bid is approved for the opposite club to negotiate a contract. You'll then see a (quite funny) cutscene of the player leaving, and the transfer analyst will break down whether or not it was a decent trade and whether you have enough depth in your squad to replace him.

FIFA 23 Transfers


As you advance in the FIFA 23 Career Mode, you could amass a sizable player pool through scouting, making it simpler to locate good bargains. However, it's vital to maintain your scouts active throughout the entire season and to occasionally switch up the areas they scout. This will maintain the reports' freshness and broaden your scouting network's general understanding. With this, we conclude this guide and hope Scouting and Transfers are made much easier for you now!

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