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FIFA 23 Squad Battle Rewards Guide for FIFA Ultimate Team

In FIFA 23Squad Battles is indeed a deluxe PvE experience. It is perfect for gamers who like to play in the Ultimate Team game mode without directly competing against other teams. In contrast to Division Rivals, squads of players are controlled by AI in Squad Battles. A maximum of 40 matches, each week can be played by players to gain completion points (also known as battle points), then advance on leaderboards. They may get several card packs by doing this. Coins, which are another perk of higher rankings, are highly beneficial when building an Ultimate Team.

The fact that FIFA 23 players may choose the level of difficulty of the opponent team is the largest benefit of Squad Battles. Players can advance faster on the leaderboard and earn more points at a higher level of difficulty. Beginners do, however, have the freedom of playing in a simpler setting to get some quick prizes.

FIFA 23 Squad Battles


All FIFA 23 Squad Battles Rewards are listed below by rank:

Bronze III

  • Premium Loan Player Reward Pack

Bronze II

  • Gold Pack

Bronze I 

  • 500 Coins

  • 2x Gold Pack

Silver III 

  • Premium Gold Pack

  • 1000 coins

  • Gold Pack

Silver II

  • Gold Pack

  • 2x Premium Gold Pack

  • 2000 coins

Silver I

  • 2x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

  • 4000 coins

Gold III

  • Prime Mixed Players Pack

  • Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

  • 5000 coins

Gold II

  • Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

  • Prime Mixed Players Pack

  • 6,000 coins

Gold I

  • Prime Electrum Players Pack

  • Prime Mixed Players Pack

  • 8000 coins

  • Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Elite III

  • 2x Rare Electrum Players Pack

  • 8,000 coins

  • Prime Mixed Players Pack

Elite II

  • Premium Gold Players Pack

  • Rare Electrum Players Pack (x2)

  • 14000 coins

Elite I

  • 2x Rare Players Pack.

  • 26000 coins

Top 200

  • 2x Mega Pack

  • 65,000 coins

  • Rare Players Pack

FIFA 23 Squad Battle Rewards

There is a vast selection of in-game purchases accessible in the most recent FIFA game from EA. These may be bought using coins, a type of digital money. You may buy additional coins from MMOPixel to increase your coin total.

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Reward Times

Any player who can enter the Elite category will benefit from the higher-end Squad Battles awards. It is unknown if these awards will undergo any changes in the days ahead. In addition to regular matches, the game allows players to participate in Featured Squad Battles. Players can compete in these games against teams built by other football fans and FIFA members. Real-world footballers, FIFA pro athletes, and famous people are some of these.

Players may also compete against Team of the Week Squads & win to get Battle Points. Each Sunday around 8:00 UK time, prizes for Squad Battles are released. Since the release of FIFA 23, the timetable has not changed.

  • North America: 12:05 a.m. MST, 1:05 a.m. CST, and 2:05 a.m. EST

  • UK/Ireland: 7:05 a.m.

  • Europe: 8:05 a.m. CET / 9:05 a.m. EET

  • Asia/Oceania: 3:05 p.m. AWST, 6:05 p.m. AEDT, 4:05 p.m. JST

How to earn better rewards?

It's crucial to be aware of all the FIFA 23 strategies and techniques to win more games online as the other Ultimate Team players compete against one another. However, in Squad Battles, the opponent is an AI program, and the goal is to accumulate as many points as you can for a weekly leaderboard. The difficulty of the game, the outcome, and in-game statistics like the number of goals scored as well as allowed all have an impact on how many points are awarded.

Players in Squad Battles are allowed to play a limit of 42 games throughout each week, which runs from Sunday to Sunday. For players aiming to assemble the finest Ultimate Team, the benefits may still be valuable even though they are lower than that in FIFA 22 and far lower compared to when the mode first debuted. Cards from promotions, such as any of the top FUT Heroes stars, may still be included in the packs.

Although players are likely to choose Ultimate TeamRivals, as well as Champions, which provide larger prizes, it may make a significant difference for those who have the time to play a big number of the 42 games. Every match has the potential to affect rewards, provided players can consistently outperform the AI. Above everything things, loudness is essential for maximizing Squad Battles. Even if players can only fit in 10 games per week, they can still earn gold-level awards.

The second most crucial aspect of the mode would be to win games while playing at the highest degrees of difficulty and competing as much as you can. When playing FIFA 23's Ultimate Team mode versus the AI, having the best Premier League players available might be a huge advantage. Whereas winning on Legendary and otherwise Ultimate difficulty will earn players the most points, if a player is unable to win a significant portion of these games, it may be worthwhile to play on a lower difficulty setting, such as World Class, where regular players are almost certain to win and earn more overall points. Even on World Class difficulty, beating each of the 42 games will be sufficient for players to receive elite-level awards that may significantly impact most Ultimate Team teams.

Even if the benefits aren't as excellent as they are somewhere else in Ultimate Team, players may still benefit from Squad battles at the beginning of the FIFA cycle. It's difficult to win games consistently on a high difficulty, but doing so will earn players some essential additional tradable packets each week. The most crucial factor in ensuring the highest rewards in Squad Battles is playing a lot of games, but in FIFA 23, being patient while playing against the AI is also crucial.

FIFA 23 Squad Battle Guide

Squad Battle Objectives

The objectives which have a time limitation are found in the main 'Objectives' menu and a variety are hidden away in 'Milestones' are the most important ones for Squad Battles out of all the different types of objectives to complete in FIFA 23.

  • It is a good idea to check out the objectives portion once you start playing Squad Battles because new objectives are frequently added. The weekly GoldSilver, and Bronze objective tiers typically have gameplay challenges to complete that add to your Season Progress and give players access to battle pass-style bonuses.

  • The Milestones section of the game is one of the finest places to find extra packs early on. The majority of these goals are intended to be accomplished over the course of the FUT phase, but a number of them can be accomplished much more quickly.

  • The Bronze Squad as well as Silver Squad objective groups, for instance, allowed players to earn some additional packs by having completed gameplay objectives with the silver and bronze teams from the previous year. It was possible to earn rewards quickly and add a few points towards the weekly Squad Battles cumulative by competing on less difficulty in Squad Battles and scoring a very large number of goals in the span of two or fewer matches.

Squad Battle Strategies

While the gameplay may change from year to year, there are predictable patterns for defeating AI opponents in Squad Battles. In other words, they are susceptible to breakaways, and somehow if you can score a few goals early on in the game, they won't likely mount a comeback.

  • Kickoff can also be used to catch the AI off guard. You can frequently get past the majority of the opposition's team by running diagonally through their midfield before they react. You can, at the very least, create a chance that will force a save and give you a corner.

  • Corners close to your end of the field can also present a fantastic opportunity for you to score goals. Similar to previous seasons, passing the ball to a quick winger or attacker will open up a lot of space for you to run into, and the opposing defense will find it difficult to close the distance in time to stop a shot.

  • The best advice we can give is to find a co-op partner to play with. With a human teammate, it is much simpler to breach defenses and take advantage of open spaces in Squad Battles. You will both earn reward points and move closer to any objectives. Additionally, having a conversation partner is nice when you're trying to finish a 5-0 thrashing.

  • If you aren't progressing in games, it can also be a good idea to stop playing them. On Legendary, winning each match will net you more points than grinding out every Semi-Pro match will.

  • If you want to finish all 40 matches, this is a bad strategy because quitting takes up one of the 40 matches. But if you don't have the time to do them all regardless, it's something to think about.


That’s it for the FIFA 23 Squad Battle Rewards Guide, we have covered all the rewards as well as many other tips and tricks you must bear in mind to help ensure you emerge victorious.

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