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FIFA 23 Trophy and Achievements Guide

Argentina may have won the major title at the 2022 World Cup, but FIFA 23 players can still claim a ton of game trophies. Long-term FIFA enthusiasts will be accustomed to the standard collection of trophies and achievements that require players to participate in - and mainly complete - all of the various game modes, with such a scattering of random trophies which may be earned in every mode. Obtaining the complete collection shouldn't be too challenging if you're a frequent FIFA player. Make sure to divide your time across VOLTA Football, FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, and Career Mode - here is the complete list of trophies and milestones in FIFA 23.

Trophies and Achivements

Best of Volta

Using your avatar, reach a score of 90 total in VOLTA mode.

  • Enter the match by selecting Battles in VOLTA mode using your VOLTA avatar. You will receive skill points for winning the match.

  • Invest in the skill points and complete the skill tree to improve your overall rating. Repeat this method over and over until you get 90 overall.

Teamwork Works

Team up with three pals to compete in and conquer a VOLTA SQUADS game.

  • You must defeat a team commanded by three other people in one of Volta Squads' modes.

  • This denotes a party managed by a number of four people, including you, hosting the game. The four participants must have internet access.

Fresh Fit

Choose between different items in the "Outfits" tab in VOLTA mode.

  • Switch to any acquired costume in the "Outfits" category with the VOLTA avatar you have in FIFA 23's VOLTA FOOTBALL mode.

Full Wardrobe

Purchase and open 50 exclusive vanity items.

  • You must purchase 50 different vanity pieces, such as outfits, shoes, tattoos, and hairstyles. You might begin with inexpensive products from the store, but be careful not to keep purchasing the same thing.

  • Volta Football vanity items can be unlocked by:

    Finishing objectives

    purchasing things in-store.

    Seasonal advancement.

Shop Till You Drop

Buy something from the VOLTA Store.

  • Volta games must first be played in order to acquire Volta Coins (VC). After that, visit the VOLTA Store and make any purchases there.

On The Way Up

Achieve Level 7 in Pro Clubs or Volta Football in a season.

  • To reach level 7 Pro Clubs or VOLTA FOOTBALL, you must constantly fulfill missions and acquire 20,400 XP.

Sharing Is Caring

Purchase something sharing at VOLTA Store.

  • To unlock this achievement, spend one shared item - such as a headpiece or facial accessory - at the VOLTA Store.

Dead-Ball Specialist

Get a goal with a free kick.

  • In a game against AI, online opponents, or anyone else, strike a goal with a free kick.

FIFA 23 Guide

Intuition And Execution

Accomplish a shootout using penalties without missing a shot.

  • Play a typical game, and the score stays 0-0. Participate in the subsequent penalty shootout, and ensure to convert all of the penalty kicks.

Training Addict

Complete every Skill Game on the main menu.

  • You must finish every category in the Skill Games, which are accessible through the FIFA Main Menu. Only grades A-D in every Skill Game will count for achieving this goal.

Power Shot

Convert a Power shot.

  • Use a power shot to defeat your opponent during a game.

Bring It On

Win a game in the offline mode using Competitive Master conditions.

  • Navigate to the Main Menu's Settings tab. Choose Controller Settings under Customize Settings. On this tab, toggle on Competitive Master. Start playing a game offline, now that the updated configuration has been saved.

Squad Building Connoisseur

Complete ten Squad Building tasks in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

  • Perform Squad Building Tasks at least 10 times on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team with a roster of up to 11 members.

The Winning Formula.

On FIFA Ultimate Team, create a team by using 33 Chemistry Points.

  • In FUT, pick a league and add 11 members from the league to your team. To get minimum chemistry of 33, make sure that all players properly fit into the eleven spots in your formation.

Tactical Tinkerer

Create a unique strategy for FIFA Ultimate Team.

  • Activate the FIFA Ultimate Team menu. To display your current squad, hit L2. In order to access the Custom Tactics option, press L2 once again. All changes to the formation should be saved.

Safe House

FUT Friendly matches can be played with just about any House Rule. 

  • At the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team menu, choose Online. Select FUT Friendlies next. Start any kind of game with any online rival. Whatever the outcome of the game, you will obtain the prize.

Parking The Bus

Attain ten FUT Squad Warfare clean sheets.

  • In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you must play Squad Battles on a novice difficulty setting and win the game without giving up any goals. Play games until you achieve this kind of outcome ten times.

In Cahoots

Participate and conquer 10 Co-Op games with your online opponents in FUT Division Rivals or FUT Squad Battles.

  • Choose Squad Battles in the Co-op lobby after starting it with a buddy. Play ten games and win them.

A Moment Of Your Time       

Complete one FUT Moment.

  • Choose Moments from the FUT menu. Choose any matching task and satisfy all of its requirements.

Momentous Achievement

100 Stars in FUT Moments to acquire.

  • Perform FUT Memories match tasks until you have 100 stars.

I Played Them All

In the FUT Division Rivals Season, reach Milestone 3.

  • To get milestone 3, you must play 90 games in a given FUT Division Rivals season.

FIFA 23 Trophy Guide

Let The Games Begin.

To enter the FUT Champions Play-Offs, you must earn the necessary FUT Champions Qualification Points.

  • To be eligible for the FUT Champions Play-Offs, you must obtain the necessary 1,250 Champions Qualification Points from FUT. By taking part in matches against division competitors, you can earn these in-game currencies.

You can perform better in the games if your team has a number of good players which you can attain using FIFA cards, that are bought using FIFA coins. If you are falling short of these coins, the best way to get them is for real money.

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase FIFA 23 FUT Coins. We offer the best service on the web.

Tune Your Club

Take part in a minimum of one FIFA 23 Ultimate Team match with three distinct goal songs.

  • Play a game in which the goal celebrations take place at a stadium with at least three distinct goal songs.

The Chosen One

Get 200 club matches with a player in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

  • Play with a player on the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team in 200 or more games, ideally a goalkeeper.

Becoming Unplayable

Unlock every attribute contained in the skill tree in Pro Clubs.

  • In order to acquire skill points, you must first play games, VOLTA mode matches, and skill games.

  • Buy every trait on the My Pro Skill Tree in Pro Clubs once you have racked up 29 skill points.

First Of Many

During a Pro Club season, triumph in your initial league game. 

  • Compete in a league game in a Pro Club Season using your new Pro Clubs squad, and then win it.


Complete a Pro Clubs Cup House Rules Match.

  • You should first become the captain of the team. You can accomplish this by either waiting for the prevailing captain of the team to step down so you can take over or by allowing for the succession of captains to reach you.

  • Select Match Type under the Pro Clubs Settings tab if you are the captain. Make it Cup Match instead. Visit the Pro Clubs menu once more. Choose the Play tab. Then select Play Match.

  • In order to take part in a Cup Match, you must wait for the next Pro Club player. If you do not find it on your first attempt, you must keep looking. You can obtain the trophy by locating the Cup Match and taking part in it.


Activate a Pro Clubs Archetype. 

  • For your Pro Clubs, you must purchase an Archetype using skill points. The easiest and simplest way to accomplish this is to invest four skill points on any teammate on the My Pro page to access the initial skill tree underneath the defensive tab.

Make The Grade

Get a perfect score in a Pro Clubs Skill Game.

  • Choose and finish a Pro Clubs Skill Game with an "A" grade.

Dazzling Personality

Create a personality feature that is more dominating than 75%.

  • Establish a Player Career & engage in some matches first. One of your three personality qualities (Heartbeat, Maverick, and Virtuosos) will rise significantly more quickly as you go in this mode compared to the other two. Your dominating characteristic is the one that develops the fastest.

Balanced Path

Have 40 percent of the total Personality Points inside any two identities.

  • To increase two personality qualities by more than 40% at once, you must make positive growth in both on-pitch and off-pitch activities.

  • You may purchase the High-End Hybrid Mattress to give to a teammate like Donnarumma to quickly complete this prize. You will receive +25 Maverick & +25 Virtuoso points as a result. Both result in a 40% rise in personality.

Girl Power

Play and triumph in a competition using a Women's League squad.

  • Choose one of the Quickplay Modes to start a new tournament. Click Custom Tournament after choosing a Tournament. Take part and lead a female squad to victory in the competition.


Ten tasks must be completed in a season.

  • In Career Mode, you must take part in 10 off-field tasks, for example, visiting a hurt teammate or purchasing new apparel.


Get a genuine manager with his actual team, and finish a season.

  • Career mode can be accessed through the Main Menu. Choose a career as a manager, then select a real-life coach and his real-life squad, such as Manchester City and Pep Guardiola.

  • Start the mode, then finish the season. A season-long simulation is available. You will still receive the trophy.

High Grades       

Get an "A" grade when negotiating a move in a Manager Career.

  • Engage in a player's and his agents' transfer negotiations as a Manager Career. To receive an "A" grade, choose options that satisfy both the agent and the athlete in the negotiation.

Aiming High

Complete 10 Enhanced Objectives in all games. 

  • Start looking for the Enhanced Objectives, the challenging objectives that offer significant experience rewards, as soon as the match starts.

  • In any match, you must accomplish ten of these goals.

European Legend

Conquer the UEFA Champions League title.

  • Activate the Main Menu. Choose Kick-Off. Select the UEFA Champions League final as your cup final. You must compete in and prevail in any length or level of competition.

Best Of Five

Play five head-to-head games in Kick Off with a buddy.

  • Participate and finish five games using SharePlay, controlling two teams each time from two separate controllers or players.

Football Is Everything

Begin and finish a match of women's football with an international team.

  • Using Kick Off from the Main Menu, choose any 2 women's international teams to play in a Classic Match. Take part in the international game. No matter what happens, you will receive the trophy for finishing the game.


Players that complete particular in-game objectives are given trophies known as FIFA 23 Achievements. Trophies in the gold, silver, and bronze categories are awarded for achieving certain milestones. In total, FIFA 23 has 39 trophies. Pro Clubs/VOLTA has 15 trophies, Ultimate Team has 12, Gameplay & Skill Moves has 5, Kick-off & Tournaments has 4, and Career Mode has 3. All FIFA 23 achievements and instructions for obtaining them have been discussed in the article.

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