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FIFA 23 Wonderkids - Best Young Players in Career Mode

There is no better joy than seeing your FIFA 23 Wonderkids squad achieve greatness and reach their full potential over several fruitful Career Mode seasons. But many of the top young players in the world are undergoing a change right now. While Kylian Mbappe seems to be no longer considered a "wonderkid" according to most standards at the ripe old age of 23, he is still tied for the overall highest player in the game with 91 points.

We'll showcase to you the young talent in FIFA 23 that has been given the highest overall scores. Even though they will be extremely pricey, these players should be able to hold a place on even the most powerful teams as soon as Career Mode begins. There is a vast selection of in-game shopping available in the most recent FIFA 23 from EA. These may be bought using coins, a type of digital money. You may buy more coins from MMOPixel to increase your coin total.

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Best Goalkeepers

Illan Meslier

Illan Meslier is the Premier League's youngest starting goalkeeper. He is tall, has excellent reflexes, and has a lot of promise. Additionally, he possesses the highly coveted "Saves with Feet" skill that professional players value.

Giorgi Mamardashvili

Giorgi Mamardashvili, a goalkeeper for Valencia, is a reliable choice with the opportunity to develop. He is pricey because of his pretty high overall rating, but he can immediately fit into even top-tier sides because of it.

Maarten Vandevoordt

For a while now, this player has served as the go-to Road to Glory Career Mode goalkeeper, and even if he may have received a nerf since the last FIFA, his low cost and rapid growth remain incredibly formidable.

Charles Chevalier

Although his starting goalie at Lille is just six ratings higher and seven years older than him, Lucas Chevalier is even more affordable and still has a tonne of potential. However, you may still entice him to your squad by offering him a starting position.

FIFA 23 Wonderkids

Best Strikers

Jorgen Strand Larsen

Everyone is looking to be the next Erling Haaland, for it, Jorgen Larsen is the best candidate. He is Norwegian, over 6 feet tall, with boundless speed, strength, and stamina as well as good technical skill and a highly promising ceiling.

Youssoufa Moukoko

Youssoufa Moukoko, who is destined to become a Career Mode icon, is still just 17 years old although being one of the most outstanding players in international football for years. Moukoko is the ideal Road to Glory player since he has tremendous pace, dribbling, and finishing ability from the start of your game yet is still only available for a low basic cost.

Daryl Dike

Daryl Dike has 96 in strength, which makes him quite hench. Even though he has really good finishing and heading, you really want that overpowering physical strength. His movement can be improved, making him virtually unstoppable.

Brian Brobbey

Speaking of invincible, Brian Brobbey has now been bouncing between RB Leipzig and Ajax for some time, but he is unbeatable in games. He is just a lethal, deadly player that is a credit to any team, including over 80 in pace, 90 in strength, 90 in leaping, and finishing approaching 80.

Noah Okafor

Consider Noah Okafor throughout the Austrian Bundesliga if you want a quicker alternative who is still a complete tank. With about 95 in pace and nearly 85 in strength, he will have an absurd number of opportunities to improve his mid-70s dribbling & finishing. Highly suggested.

Goncalo Ramos

Goncalo Ramos can fast develop to achieve all of his important metrics above 80 because of his really impressive numbers for the price. He is a usable big guy from the start of a save because of his 80-ish pace, strength, finishing, and mid-70s dribbling.

Elye Wahi

Some people like signing players with realistic expectations, and France is a terrific area to seek solid, physically, and technically skilled athletes who are prepared to advance. With an 80 in speed and mid-70s dribbling and finishing, Elye Wahi matches that description.

Joe Gelhardt

Joe Gelhardt, known as "Joffy" to his buddies, has been compared to Wayne Rooney as a scruffy yet classy attacker. Numerous players are intrigued by Gelhardt in their Career Modes thanks to a significant boost to his potential, and his solid overall numbers, including an 80 dribbling rating, make him immediately useful.

Facundo Farias

Farias, another tremendously promising talent from Argentina, is extremely quick and an excellent dribbler. Although he doesn't finish well for a striker, he will undoubtedly generate a lot of opportunities even if he can't take them all.

Datro Fofana

Even smaller clubs require strong players, and Datro Fofana's numbers are incredible given his cost. On a 66 overall, we're talking 90 in pace & 80 for strength right away, but almost 70 for dribbling with 65 for finishing are not to be taken lightly. a need in the lower divisions.

FIFA 23 Guide

Best Midfielders

Andreas Schjelderup

Andreas Schjelderup has immediately transformed into a highly useful CAM in FIFA 23 thanks to improvements to his pace and endurance. However, a beginning dribbling number of 77 is nothing to sneeze at this affordable price, even though many rough edges require some precautions when it comes to training. With a respectable finishing stat of 69, he could potentially play farther forward for a side in a lesser division.

Jobe Bellingham

Although he may not be as widely regarded as England's newest midfield master yet, the younger sibling is nonetheless a wonderful player to pick up in the lower league. Here, the dynamic potential would be your ally, but 81 continues to be a highly respectable place to start.

Yunus Musah

Yunus Musah, who is listed as an RM in-game but plays at the USMNT's base of the midfield, is speedy and technical with balanced numbers for both offense and defense. Considering that his numbers are only going up, he is also reasonably priced.

Alan Varela

Alan Varela, a defensive midfielder who has always had excellent passing, seemed destined to follow in the footsteps of the many fantastic players who have transferred from Boca to Europe throughout the years. He will look the part even on a Premier League squad because the Argentinia league is said to be obtaining facial scans shortly.

Manuel Ugarte

Where does Uruguay get these people from? Manuel Ugarte is a fantastic all-around player who already stands out in the Portuguese league and would do well in your squad as well. Benfica's Enzo Fernandez is one of FIFA 23's more costly young players, but you should nevertheless be aware of him. As the season progresses, he gets closer and closer to the coveted 80+ ratings in all important categories.

Having game time in the career mode and his enormous potential, that goal should really not be too far off.

FIFA 23 Wonderkids

Best Defenders

Mohamed Simakan

Another outstanding defender is emerging from the Red Bull community of teams. Simakan can easily fit onto a top squad despite lacking the sheer physical strength of Gvardiol and Solet due to his already exceptional defense numbers.

Josko Gvardiol

Very pricey, but for a good cause. Josko Gvardiol has consistently ranked among the top defenders in FIFA's Career Mode over the past few years, and FIFA 23 is no exception. He would be a fantastic addition to any top club with a little more than 80 in pace, strength, and defense from the outset of your save.

Ibrahim Bamba

Bamba is excellent for lower league teams or your reserves because it is affordable and accessible and has respectable mobility numbers, stamina, and tackling.

Marton Dardai

Marton Dardai is somewhat more costly, but classier has a better starting position overall and has more potential. If you're picky about that kind of thing, it also includes an actual facial scan. His most notable figures are his 76 long passes, which distinguish him as a left-footed, ball-playing CB, as well as his respectable tackling in the mid-70s.

Destiny Udogie

The Spurs have a real find on their hands. Even if Udogie is out on loan for the first season, you should still pay heed to the great potential boost he recently earned. He has excellent physical attributes and is a skilled passer and dribbler. With enough instruction, he'll be an important addition to just about any squad because his defense isn't even that poor.

Milos Kerkez

Wow. Thanks to a significant boost overall Milos Kerkez has developed into an absolutely amazing young left-back with tremendous speed, endurance, and technical skills that can be completed by his enhanced potential.


Although Balde's salary is exorbitant because he is from Barcelona, his improvements in pace, dribbling and passing have established him as a highly intriguing option for many teams. His offensive potential might use some defensive work, but he is more than capable of fitting in with even the best league teams.


Building a team that can compete, both today and as the game moves forward is the struggle. You must explore the transfer market to do this, and typically, the scouts will be constantly on the search for wonder kids. Hence they form an integral part of your team! With this we end this guide regarding the best young players in FIFA 23, you can now go out there and try any of these young prospects.

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