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Fractured Online Money Making Guide

Many MMOs that promised vast open worlds with innumerable players have come our way. Although these worlds may indeed be vibrant and alive, they nonetheless fall victim to the same trap as the others: being "too generic." Many of them use tried-and-true mechanics, which nearly always results in a good experience but something you've had before. But, hey, we've all had to put up with countless hours of toil and the same tired plots, right?

By providing a dynamic sandbox world and a diverse experience depending on your selected race, Fractured Online tries and promises to set itself apart. However, no one sets sail in the same boat or follows the same path.

The typical RPG cliches, such as discovering plate armor on a gigantic rat or a rare weapon on a skeleton, are eliminated in Fractured Online. Instead, the players handcrafted all the equipment - including their weapons and armor. You can thus portray a carpenter, a blacksmith, and an armorer. 

You can even lay a claim to a piece of land in the interim, plant a crop, and rear livestock. You may even create your own mining and lumber company or go out and hunt monsters and wild creatures in Tartaros to get rare resources.

Fractured Online


In Fractured Online, the battle has a variety of benefits. For instance, defeated foes will drop valuables like industrial ideas, food to prepare, or even Gold. The latter is essential and is employed in trading with other players, purchasing homes, and upgrading specific equipment. The game's adversaries will also provide many knowledge points: completing the tutorial in its entirety awards 450 points while taking on each sort of monster in the opening region nets you 3000 points.

The battle in Fractured Online is quite action-packed, and you can take advantage of the surroundings. Like Hades and Diablo, the game's isometric point-of-view gives you access to a wide range of powers that provide you with many options for punishing your enemies. In addition, you can burn grass, freeze and melt bodies of water, and erect a rock pillar as a shield. Of course, you can always battle with a sword and shield or any other weapon you choose if you don't wish to control the weather. You can now enter the real world much more prepared thanks to this.

Fractured Online Gameplay

Join a Guild

Another well-known adage is that power comes from unity. Nothing could be more accurate in Fractured Online, where you'll need assistance to accomplish the most incredible feats. Open the "Social" tab immediately to gather players and make it easier to achieve your current goals. It is also possible to join an existing guild or start one in your name. It's a fantastic approach to work together with dependable friends throughout the short, medium, and long terms and have memorable adventures. So, by joining a guild, you can construct an actual city, engage in commerce with nearby cities, or even besiege them.

You may make it a gathering place where people can socialize or a trading settlement where people can visit and trade goods while you make money from customs. Finally, make it an exclusive stronghold where you and your guild may hang out if you're the warring kind. Make sure everything is well-protected, as other players might notice and target your town. All these jobs will enable you to regain points, which will help your gang advance in the rankings and unlock rewards.


The crafting panel is accessible to every player right away. They can make arrows and bandages in it, among other things. You can also make various weapons at this level, from swords to bows. Unfortunately, you can only make crude, low-quality weapons using this panel for crafting.

Although contrary to what is stated in the Book of Knowledge, it is theoretically feasible to update simple tools, doing so does not affect how well our crafts turn out. The actual crafting interface is quite easy to use. A list of the available blueprints from which you can make products can be found on the left.

Fractured Online Crafting

Advanced Crafting

Player crafting is a big part of Fractured. There is no random item drop from mobs; instead, the new equipment must be made or traded with other players. You can discover a variety of specialized crafting stations in settlements, such as a forge where you can build stronger weapons and armor. They will trigger a panel that resembles the basic crafting if you walk up to them and interact with them. There is, however, a significant distinction. The icons for the required ingredients can be clicked. The raw material used to manufacture an item can then be changed in a separate tab that will appear.

You still need to locate the proper blueprint to build a certain object. Defeated adversaries left them behind. This is primarily dependent on luck. Additionally, there will be a cost associated with making an item.

How do I access the stations for crafting?

Once the required technologies are unlocked, a city will probably begin developing crafting facilities within the city. Any crafting stations may be used, depending on the governor's decisions, available solely to citizens, accessible to all, and open to both residents and visitors.

The governor may also decide on a different tax rate for these categories. A player is referred to as a citizen if they have applied to join the city and have been approved by the governor (or vice governor). Although they have access to all amenities, they are usually required to provide something more for the city. Instead, a player can enroll as a resident to gain access to a station for crafting without the governor's approval. In addition, if the player buys a private plot in a specific region, he will have access to all of the city's technological resources.


Click on the environment once you've entered the Fractured Online realm to collect all there is! We can specifically find flax, raspberries, ceps, branches, and tiny stones. Make the most of what nature has to give and live as if everything in the world matters. You gain 250 knowledge points each time you find and use a new resource. With these points, you'll be able to buy abilities from a selection of more than 400 and increase your qualities. Naturally, the harvest is also utilized in crafting. Turn your treasures into tools for your trip by opening the specific menu. You can manufacture a crude weapon out of a stick and a carved stone, shield yourself from the elements by dressing in linen, make a herbal treatment, or even put together stones to form a fire. Stay there and camp. You must grasp this fundamental mechanic in Fractured Online.

Fractured Online Loot


Governors can trade heavy materials with other player cities through the city trading post. As opposed to what you may have seen in other games or through the use of NPC caravans and the like, the commerce is not carried out by magically "teleporting" the materials. Instead, the people who should perform the work are the gamers and their carts/wagons!

We think the Trading Post gives players fantastic opportunities to live their lives as merchants in the world of Fractured. Of course, there will also be a Player Marketplace added later on! Drag any item from your inventory onto the player you wish to trade with to complete the transaction. The window will appear, and you can then begin trading.

A trade window has few empty spaces:

  • Your stock (left box)

  • column of products you're offering (middle column)

  • Items that someone is presenting to you in a column (right column)

  • To offer anything to another player, draught items from your inventory into the middle column.


Anyone who wants to become the Champion of a God must accomplish Divine Quests, which can be found at shrines and temples. By completing them, you adjust your Karma and move it closer to the God in question's Alignment.

Divine blessings

You are given a special blessing in the form of a permanent status effect and the opportunity to employ one or more Divine Abilities that don't require memorization when you become the Champion of a God. The quantity and strength of your divine powers are determined by the favor the deity has shown you and how closely your current Karma matches that of the deity.

One can also complete other quests to gain Gold, the in-game currency. If you need quick Gold to make some purchases to boost your gameplay, you can get it by making a purchase using real money.

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With its strong community focus, Fractured Online has stood out from the wide variety of other MMOs. With the developer's resources, it is feasible to create a dynamic and constantly changing universe where players may have a tangible impact. Although it appears that how the game will turn out will depend on whether the players engage and whether their interactions can make things more interesting, it is still a commendable idea. You can find yourself in a barren or uninhabitable environment if they can't. If they can, it might be a game you could play for a long time. Time will only tell.

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