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Great news for New World players
Gaming News

Great news for New World players

While it certainly looked like Amazon Game Studios' MMORPG New World was in trouble for a few weeks, things have started to turn around. Maybe 2022 will be the year that the MMO turns things around and finally makes the community happy with the state of the game. It seems that the developers have started off the year on a great note as they've planned to extend the game's Winter Convergence event thanks to an overwhelming turnout.

The Winter event has now been extended two weeks to January 25, so players have until the end of the month to get those presents. As Amazon reminds players, this isn't just a general extension, but it's also a chance for players to grab all the various event-only rewards. "You might not see them again," the developer warns. Any unopened presents or unused event tokens will be removed after January 25, so make sure to make the most out of the Winter Convergence and get all the rewards before it concludes.

Some of the activities that players can enjoy during this event include:

The Convergence Spirit

The Convergence Spirit is a special Town Project where players need to complete special Town Project Quests to upgrade each Settlements Tree of Light and get improved daily rewards.

Each day, the first three interactions with the Tree of Light in settlements grant presents that also grant a lockbox with a gift of appreciation for participating in the festivities.

Level 60 players can also get Diamond Gypsum from their first three interactions with the Tree of Light in settlements which is enough to form a Gypsum Orb and can be used to increase a specific item's Expertise.

Lost Present Recovery

Located throughout the world are Lost Presents to be recovered and turned in for Winter Tokens at the Winter Village Holiday Huts.

​Winter Convergence Quests

Seven new quests round out the story for the Winter Convergence event.

The Questline begins at level 15 and concludes at level 60.

Gleamite Collecting

Gleamite Showers are a random and dynamic event that occurs at night throughout Aeternum.

Keep your eyes and ears open as you search for locations where the showers are most prevalent.

Exchange the harvested crystals for Winter tokens at the Winter Village Holiday Huts.

It's good to hear that New World will give players a chance to slow down rather than rush, especially as game director Scot Lane admitted to us that the studio "made mistakes by moving too fast" with the MMO. And finally, welcome to Mmopixel .com. Here you can get Cheap New World Coins. Hope you can get more rewards, have fun!

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