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How to quickly level up your armoring profession in New World
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How to quickly level up your armoring profession in New World

New World Armoring Leveling is among the many tiny components that come together to offer an experience that is intended to be unique to each player and for Players that wish to focus on crafting various types of armor and storage increment utilities.

Armoring allows you to craft different pieces of armor, whether they are light, medium, or heavy. Another major advantage of Armoring is the ability to craft and sell Storage Bags or use them yourself to increase inventory capacity. But the trick to making some of the best armor in New World is to level up your character.

There are 200 levels you need to work your way through in the armoring profession. Therefore, we highly recommend leveling up your Leatherworking at the same time while completing this grind.

For the first 50 levels of armoring, we recommend focusing on the Linen Shirt. You can craft this at the Outfitting Station in any settlement. These are the resources you're going to need to craft this item. You want to craft these until you reach level 50.

22 Linen

12 Coarse Leather

1 Iron Ingots

It's important to note that many of the starting crafting items have close to the same experience, but you'll be able to use the least amount of resources when it comes to the Linen Shirt. You're better off using this until you hit level 50.

After hitting 50, the next item you want to focus on crafting until you hit level 100 is the Rugged Leather Gloves. These are all of the resources you need to craft a single glove. Again, you'll want to make these until you reach level 100.

4 Rugged Leather

4 Linen

1 Steel Ingot

The significant resources you need to swap out from your previous grind are Steel Ingots and Rugged Leather, but they're more advanced versions of what you've already been hunting down. If they were no trouble for you for the Linen Shirt, you shouldn't have too much trouble progressing through levels 50 to 100 with the Rugged Leather Gloves.

Next, you'll be working your way through levels 100 to 150. You'll want to focus on crafting the Layered Leather Gloves, and these are the resources you'll need to craft a single glove. You'll want to do this until you reach level 150.

4 Layered Leather

4 Linen

1 Iron Ingot

Like the previous recipes, the Layered Leather is an advanced ingredient of the Rugged Leather, but you don't have to worry about swapping out any of your iron ore for your ingots or your fiber for your linen for this series of recipes. The only major difference is the Layered Leather, which you can create at a Tannery using thick hide, rugged leather, and tanin.

The Infused Leather Gloves are the final item you'll want to make from level 150 to 200. These are the ingredients you'll need to make a single glove. You'll want to repeat this process until you reach level 200, and complete the grind.

4 Infused Leather

4 Linen

1 Iron Ingot

The last two ingredients are the same as the previous recipes, and the major change will be the Infused Leather. To create it, you'll need to head to a Tannery to use three iron hides, one layered leather, and one tanin to make one.

After you reach level 200 in Armoring, you'll have completed this lengthy grind, and you can begin working on some of your custom projects for you or your Company companions. Of course, any of the better items you create during this grind are consistently decent items to place on the open market to see if anyone wants to buy them. If you are during this grind need COINS to buy raw materials, you can contact us anytime, we will provide you with fast and safe New world COINS.

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