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New World Winter Wanderer Guide
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New World Winter Wanderer Guide


By Anna|December 21, 2021 7:07 AM|237 Views

With the coming of the New World Winter Converge Festival, covering the lands of Aeturnum with presents and snow. This is the game's first major seasonal event, bringing with it festive new activities and content for players to partake in over the holiday season. As players participate in these new activities, they can increase their event reputation and gain access to unique winter-themed armor and weapons.

Helming the festival is the Winter Wanderer, a friendly Yeti who has set up four winter villages for players to visit. The villages are located in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Brightwood, and Weaver's Fen, and they can be located on a player's map commonly near one of the territory's fast travel shrines.

The new New World Winter Wanderer has lots to offer including, reputation, goodies, Christmas presents and more awards for those who interact with him for the length of the event. So, it is essential to get more reputation for players. Meanwhile, you can also buy New World Gold to collect more festival presents for your friends in the game, they will be happy about these presents.

How To Gain More Winter Wanderer Reputation In New World

There are multiple ways to gain reputation with the Winter Wanderer, the first is by collecting Lost Presents scattered throughout the world. Most Lost Presents are found on the ground, but some are floating in the air and require players to hit them with a ranged attack to collect them. Each present rewards 5 event XP for collecting, and players can then exchange them for event tokens at a Winter Village. The second method for gaining reputation is by collecting Gleamite, which falls randomly from the sky in a meteor shower at night. Gathering Gleamite rewards players with 5 XP and mining the larger Gleamite Chunks gives 25 XP. Like the Lost Presents, Gleamite may also be traded for event tokens at a Winter Village.

The final and best way for players to increase their reputation with the Winter Wanderer in New World is to visit Trees of Light. Trees of Light are located in the town square of each settlement and reward players with event reputation, as well as a present from the Gift Pile containing a metal ingot and gold coins. Players can visit each settlement's Trees of Light once per day to claim its rewards. The amount of reputation rewarded from the Tree of Light increases as players complete Town Project quests to increase the tier level of the Tree, similar to the way other Town Projects are upgraded. Players may also travel to each of the four Winter Villages and loot the Bountiful Gift Sack next to the Winter Wanderer, each rewarding 125 event XP and a present.

As players continue to increase their reputation rank, they gain access to unique frost-coated weapons and armor. Similar to the New World Faction Representatives, the more a player increases their reputation rank, the better rewards they'll gain access to from the Winter Wanderer's Convergence Shop.

Here are the Winter Convergence Festival Reputation Ranks in New World:

Rank 1 - Reveler - 0 reputation (starting rank)

Rank 2 - Celebrant - 1,000 reputation

Rank 3 - Merrymaker - 3,000 reputation

Rank 4 - Joybringer - 6,000 reputation

Rank 5 - Holiday Regent - 10,000 reputation

As players travel the world to complete quests, they can collect Lost Presents and mine Gleamite to increase their reputation along the way. Provided a player has enough Azoth to fast travel, they may also visit each settlement's Tree of Light and loot the Bountiful Gift Sack at each Winter Village once per day further increasing their reputation rank with the Winter Wanderer.

Players are willing to take part in different activities in the Winter festival in order to get more specific presents. If you expect to get more items for your character, you can Buy New World Coins to purchase some special items in the game. Mmopixel is a good place to buy fast and cheap New World Coins!

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