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New World :Winter Convergence Festival Event
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New World :Winter Convergence Festival Event

New World devs have been hard at work cooking up a massive update for December and, after a small delay, it's finally here for players to enjoy.

Winter Convergence comes alongside a massive set of patch notes to the game that overhauls much of its late-game content, as well as adds a winter flair to the forsaken island.

The Winter Convergence Festival runs from today through January 11th in Aeternum and features holiday villages, ice caves, new quests, presents, and more. And we can't forget the giant yeti in the room, the Winter Wanderer, who thrives on the tokens everyone will be able to collect from festival activities. Those tokens will also be tradable for some of the new items in the festival holiday shop. That yeti wants the winter to be forever, so the ice caves are part of his plan. These ice caves will remain after the event comes to an end if the yeti is defeated or not.

Combat gets some fixes with an update to the PvP damage formula that was making lower-tier gear better at damage mitigation. They've also added a series of new perks, including ones that boost resource gathering, like Harvesting Efficiency speed 5-25% as well as damage increase and reduction bonuses and status effect on hit. Weapons themselves also got tons of updates, including the Void Gauntlet, which the team still seems to be finding the sweet spot on.

Winter tokens: " The player takes on the cause of the Winter Wanderer to collect Winter Tokens from repeatable events across the island and is able to turn them into a Holiday Shop containing rare and cosmetic items. The Winter Wanderer's positive aspect grows in power with each Token collected and turned in."

Holiday villages: " The Winter Wanderer has set up four villages to facilitate the joy and cheer of Winter Convergence. Visit these villages in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Weaver's Fen, and Brightwood to meet the Winter Wanderer and carry out his holiday quests!"

Ice caves: " Ice Caves are appearing all over Aeternum because of the Winter Warrior's desire for a Forever Winter. They are snowy and icy caves that the yeti use their powers to freeze up and make snowfall. The rest of Aeternum will look like these Ice Caves if the onslaught of the Warrior is not stopped!"

In addition to these, beautiful Tree's of Light and Gleamite crystals will be popping up around much of Aeternum, giving players all-new quests to complete and lost presents to track down.

Considering the scope of the update, it touches everything in the game and includes some new additions as well as changes. There have been changes made to the main story quest to improve the experience. The team has also added something new called Housing Quests which are unlocked as you progress in territory standing. These find you able to assist an architect as he's making new houses. If you help him you'll earn new rewards like furniture and decor.

Being a four-and-a-half-week event makes it one of the longest so far in New World, which gives you plenty of time to earn the Winter Tokens needed to get the most from the event. And is set to be one of the most involved and rewarding events so far in New World.

Hope you join in on this New World Winter Convergence Festival because it's going to be a blast of fun. We have a large amount of New World Coins in stock,buying coins here can make your festival even happier!

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