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New World: Winter is a great time for festivals
November 26, 2021
Gaming News

New World: Winter is a great time for festivals

In-game seasonal festivals are great, aren't they? Final Fantasy XIV has its Halloween and Christmas-style All Saints' Wake and Starlight Celebration bashes, for example. Up to this moment, New World hasn't lived up to holiday expectations. The holidays are coming up, New World appears to have grander ambitions for the winter season. we might see a winter-themed New World Winter Festival coming very soon.

During an interview with PCGamesN, New World Game Director Scot Lane shared some information regarding seasonal plans for New World. Lane confirmed that New World will be adapting to real-world seasonal changes to keep the game fresh. When asked if the developers are moving through with their plans, Sadly, Lane tells us that he "can't get into specifics" right now. but he does add, "I can say that winter is a great time for festivals!" With that being said, Amazon seems to have big plans for New World's Winter Festival.

Lanes tease should really come with an asterisk, even if he doesn't say so explicitly. This is because of the fact that New World is currently dealing with a number of key problems. These include impending and critical server merges, New World gold duplication exploits that have paralyzed the MMOs economy, and other important issues. That means Amazon has a lot on its plate, which could cause plans to change.

During the earlier years of the MMORPG genre, winter-themed events were already a tradition and are somewhat mandatory these days. New World – being an MMO – needs to regularly offer new materials to keep people involved, even if they don't have membership. With December just around the corner, it can't be long until we find out why " winter is a great time for festivals!" in New World.

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