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Guide to Classes and Specializations in Guild Wars 2

Before getting started with the game itself, many people like to know about the Classes and their Specializations because it can pave the way for further on in the game. Being a versatile game with a lot of choices to choose from, things get pretty much complex for Guild Wars 2 players, and therefore, we have here a detailed Guide on Classes and Specialization in Guild Wars 2. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the point of this guide.

What are Classes and Specializations?


These are the characters you choose at the start of the game to play with. Each of the classes comes with a unique set of abilities, stats, and characteristics that further define your role in the game, along with play style. There are a total of 9 Classes in the game as of now.


This is an optional set of skills in the game that each class has various to choose from. They work to change the class after you acquire level 80 in the game. Each Class has various Specializations, making it around 

Guide to Classes and Specializations

Below, we will mention every Class and then their main Specializations in detail to help you understand them with ease. 

Guardian Class

Guardians are much like the Paladin, but here in Guild Wars 2. Just as the name suggests, the purpose of this class is to defend and protect, but using mostly magic. They consist of passive buffs, referred to as the Virtue, to help in certain moments. 

The special thing about Guardian is that you can either go with the support role or you can go with the damage role, depending on the equipment you are choosing. For beginners, this is one of the best Classes to choose from as you don’t have to deal with complex mechanisms. 

Simply, you will be durable enough to tank the most hits yourself in the game. Keep in mind that with time, as you begin to enter higher levels, the paladin becomes complex, providing exceptionally useful in the team fight. Still, for beginner content, it is one of the best classes.

Guardians are best known for their Support and Power Damage Per Second

Their Armor Class is considered Heavy

The Weapons you can use with the Guardians are Shield, Mace, Sword, Staff, Axe, Hammer, Great sword, Longbow, Focus, Trident, Spear, Torch, and Scepter. 

Dragon Hunter Specialization

Being a Specialization of Guardian, the Dragon Hunter can utilize Longbows and give ranger skills related to traps. Dragon Hunters are also the most useful choice for DPS and you can use the Traps for PvP content. 

Firebrand Specialization

The most popular specialization for Guardian is none other than Firebrand, as you get to enjoy various Mantra Skills. These skills do take quite a lot of time to activate but provide exceptional team buffs to friends and de-buffs to foes. 

With Firebrand Specialization, the Virtues are converted to the Three Tomes. Same as Virtues, each Tome gives you passive buffs, unlocking new skill sets. You can utilize this specialization for de-buffing, supporting, and even DPS roles, along with more capabilities.

Willbender Specialization

The latest entry in the specialization segment of Guild Wars 2, the Willbenders allow this class to equip off-hand swords, making them more mobile. Virtues in this case are focused more on movement and fire. 

Warrior Class

This image is an artwork of Warrior in Guild Wars 2

Warriors are more like soldiers in Guild Wars 2, focusing more on defending and attacking alongside each other. The special thing about Warrior is that you gain Adrenaline as you start attacking. When a specific amount of Adrenaline is gained, you can do an extremely powerful burst attack on enemies. 

The more you gain this, the most powerful your burst attack will be. Alongside this amazing ability, you also get to enjoy a versatile selection of weaponry. Finally, you can provide incredible buffs to the whole team in a specific area after placing Banners on the battlefield.

For beginners, Warriors are also a great choice, because there isn’t something that can’t be explained to a new player. Besides this, you might find it difficult to play after a while, and in the late game, you only get to play as support with an offensive role.

The Warrior Class is best known for Spellbreakers or as Bannerslaves

Their Armor Class is Heavy

You can equip various weapons with Warriors like; Mace, Hammer, Great sword, Rifle, Longbow, Dagger, Axe, Shield, Torch, Spear, Warhorn, and Harpoon Gun.

Berserker Specialization

This specification is all about the Adrenaline for Warrior Class, buffing it up even more. As a Berserker, you can also focus on the Bannerslave, meaning you aim for team support, buffing them up with your banners. 

From the definition itself, you will find Berserkers to only aim for team support, but they are also famous for their damage, along with their buffs for the team.

Spellbreaker Specialization

This Specialization will pave the way for Warrior Class to become more focused on Meditation, also allowing a dagger to be equipped in one hand. The special thing about Spellbreaker is its Full Counter that counterattacks after absorbing the enemy attacks. Especially, for this reason, they are termed as the best choice for World vs World or Player vs Player combat.

Bladesworn Specialization

For Warriors, this specialization is a rather new entry, focusing on the Gunsaber for players to attack with. Like its name, Gunsaber allows you to have a gun or pistol in your other hand (offhand). They are great for DPS because of what the latest updates brought to us.

Revenant Class

This image is an artwork of Revenant in Guild Wars 2

It is an expansion class that you can get after the Heart of Thorns in Guild Wars 2. This class is more spiritual, allowing you to channel spirits in different ways. In the case of this class, you have Stances that call upon a unique figure that fights with different styles. Some of the famous examples are Demon Stance and also the Assassin Stance.

The coolest Physical aspect of this class is the Blindfold which allows the character to connect with the spiritual world. Being something in an expansion, you can’t consider it to be great for beginners. 

It is more complex and comes with various mechanisms, making it a bad pick for new players, who are just getting started with the game.

The Revenant Class is best known for its role in buffing the team, Player vs Player combat, Strikes, Dungeons, Fractals, and also as DPS in the Raids.

Here, you have the Heavy Armor Class

On the weaponry side, you can use Short bows, Axe, maces, Shields, Hammers, tridents, Staff, Spear, and Sword.

Herald Specialization

Easy to bet on, this specialization gives your Bladesworn Class a new type of Stance, referred to as the Legendary Dragon Stance. The name might give it an offensive theme, but it is more like a team buff stance.

There is an extra effect along with this stance, called Facet of Nature that always supports the team, irrespective of stance. Furthermore, the Heralds aim at various buffs, making them great for Strikes, World vs Worlds, Raids, and other Front Line combat.

Renegade Specialization

This specialization also adds another completely new stance to the Class, referred to as the Legendary Renegade Stance. This stance is combat based, calling upon foes to help you fight the battle. You can either take the path of support, or you can go for DPS with this specialization.

The best thing here is that you can go for a short bow to attack enemies, while the team will lure enemies away from you. This makes them very dangerous as combat specialization.

Vindicator Specialization

You get the Legendary Alliance Stand with the Vindicator Specialization. It is the latest entry in the game, making it somewhat unexplored. Still, the one thing sure about it is its use of the Great sword in combat and the stance between Archemorus and Saint Viktor Zu Heltzer; these two are the Canthan Champions.

Engineer Class

This image is an artwork of Engineer in Guild Wars 2

If you are looking for an Adventure in the game, then surely your best bet is none other than Engineer. The Engineer Class relies upon machines and potions to fight the enemies on the battlefield. 

The special thing with engineers is their Tool Belt and every skill has its own tool best skill, giving you various ways to use it. It would be better to understand the concept with an example. The healing skill called elixir for drinking comes with Engineer Class as a tool belt that can be used as a buff for teammates after throwing the elixir at them.

From the concept itself, you might have understood that this Class isn’t made for beginners. There are various mechanisms here you need to understand including the de-buffs, skills, and buffs to excel at. In case you are just starting with Guild Wars 2, Engineer Class isn’t the one to pick. But, to truly enjoy the challenges of the game at its peak, we recommend experiencing this class.

The Engineer Class is best known for the Support in Player vs Player or World vs World, Raid DPS, Fractals, Dungeons, and Strikes.

Their Armor Class is Medium

With this Class you can use weapons like; Pistol, Hammer, Sword, Shield, Harpoon Gun, and Rifle.

Scrapper Specialization

This specialization turns the scrap metal into Gyros. These Gyros are small robots that can fly and aid you in combat. With Scrapper you gain the ability to use Hammers (weapons). Being an independent specialization, you can turn out to be exceptional support for the whole group.

Holosmith Specialization

On the pinnacle of talent, the Holosmith Specialization in Engineer Class allows you to craft weapons using Sun. There is a Photon Forge skill that allows you to use weaponry that is made from the sun or specifically sunlight. Being a deadly force to reckon with, the Holosmith are competitive DPS

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Merchanist Specialization

Merchanists can control Jade Meck CJ-1 Robot, also referred to as Jade Robot in short. There is still no information on Merchanist in the game as of now because they are yet to be revealed in the game.

Ranger Class

This image is an artwork of Ranger in Guild Wars 2

Just like Engineer, the Ranger Class is an adventurous class to enjoy, coming with the use of various mechanisms to trick the enemies. Rangers have various distractions, traps, and much more with them to make the combat favorable to them.

The best thing about Rangers is their Pets that can help you out, using their set of abilities and stats. You can travel the world and find interesting creatures to tame and make your friends. If you are looking for a class that doesn’t roam solo, Ranger is your best bet.

Unlike Engineers, the Rangers are a great choice for beginners and are usually recommended for new players as well. Since they are easy to understand with skills and mechanics, while also being fun to play, beginners get along with them easily.

Rangers are also a great choice for the team because of their healing abilities and also come with quite good stats for DPS.

Rangers are best known for their role as healers in raids/strikes, and circumstantial high DPS.

Their Armor Class is Medium

The weapons that Rangers use are Daggers, Long Bow, Staff, short bow, Sword, Torch, Axe, and Great sword.

Druid Specialization

Druids can heal the team around while using a Staff in hand. Because of how useful they can be, they are referred to as the most essential class specialization in the late-game team fight.

A new ability by the name of Astral Force provides two-way use; either dealing damage or healing the allies. Through the Astral Force, the Ranger Class gets an AoE Massive Healing Spell.

Soulbeast Specialization

Soulbeasts focus more on the DPS side of Rangers. The main ability here is the merging of Ranger with Pets, referred to as the Beast Mode. In this way, you get enhanced Ferocity and Power, along with a new skill depending on the merged pet. 

Keep in mind that the new ability you gain is typically a stance; being a buff that improves the stats.

Untamed Specialization

This specialization is a new entry, making it a bit hard to understand. The main concept here is the power switch, which changes the power between pets and the Ranger. The Unleashed Skill allows you to have enhanced damage at the cost of vulnerability. The Untamed Skill, on the other hand, gives you Cantrips ability to survive better in combat.

Thief Class

This image is an artwork of Thief in Guild Wars 2

This class focuses mainly on mobility and also stealth. Being a literal Thief, you revolve around the Steal Mechanism, taking the abilities from enemies. The best thing here is having no timer on skills they use, changing them to initiatives. 

Initiatives require you to utilize the skills as quickly as possible without waiting for the timer. When considering beginners, Thief isn’t great or worst. It is an in-between choice for players because not everyone likes the concept here. For the late game, the Thieves are only good for certain activities, not all of them.

This Class is best known for its Strikes, Mobility, Raid DPS, Stealth, and Player vs Player.

Their Armor Class is Medium

The weaponry Thieves can use are Pistols, Short bows, Rifles, Swords, Spear, Harpoon guns, and Dagger.

Daredevil Specialization

Making Thief get a Staff to focus on melee combat, the Daredevil starts bouncing from one target to another. On the melee side, the Thief stops this bounce and focuses on blocking or dodging the attacks. 

Deadeye Specialization

These are the snipers of the game, having a sniper rifle in hand and utilizing the ability named Mark. You lock onto a target and attack, giving them Malice. With each malice, the attacks of Deadeye become more deadly for Target. 

Specter Specialization

Specters gain access to the shadow magic through their new weapon named Scepters. Their main is the AoE effect that comes from the Well Utility Skills after dropping them in the field.

Elementalist Class

This image is an artwork of Elementalist in Guild Wars 2

Elementalists utilize various natural elements on the battlefield like Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. You will have different color schemes for each element in the game, while you can only choose one at a time for your journey. 

Yes, you can switch between them when you require another, but at a time you can only choose one. Fire deals with damage and DPS, Water focuses on healing and buffs, Earth focuses on blocking, DPS and Defense, and finally, Air deals with exceptional damage and mobility enhancement.

It is one of the most versatile classes in Guild Wars 2 and if you are a beginner, this will probably be the best start for your journey or understanding of game mechanics.

Elementalists are Best known for their Fractals, Raid DPS, and Strikes

Their Armor Class is Light

The weaponry they can utilize is Warhorn, Trident, Dagger, Scepter, Focus, Sword, and Staff

Tempest Specialization

Tempest aims at the chaotic part of every element. Their main skill is Overload which massively enhances the attack strength of the elements. Furthermore, the Tempest Specialization in Elementalist Class can also utilize Shout Skills and Warhorns. Therefore, it is the best choice for Solo Players, while you can also use it in a group.

Weaver Specialization

You can pick two elements at once with Weaver Specialization, making a singular new one. The first Element will be on your right-hand weapon, while the second one will be on your left hand. Weavers also have access to powerful swords and utilize their Dual Attack ability, making a singular stronger weapon with dual elements fusion.

Catalyst Specialization

This Specialization will allow the Elementalist to have a Hammer in hand and utilize the skill named Jade Spheres which uses elements on the weapon.

Necromancer Class

This image is an artwork of Necromancer in Guild Wars 2

Necromancers are somewhat an evil version of Mages that only specialize in making the enemies suffer. They are equipped with various de-buffs and draining spells to make the combat favorable for the foes. 

Using the ability referred to as Death Shroud, the more damage they will do, the more life force they will ultimately gain. This means that the life force is converted to health, which can heal the Necromancers, making them hard to kill.

Being amongst the most taunting Classes in Guild Wars 2, the Necromancers are not that hard to play. You just have to memorize various de-buffs, spells, and buffs in the game that can turn the table around for you.

Necromancers are best known for their use in World vs World Curses, and the Support role in the Player vs Player

They use the Light Armor Class

The weaponry they can utilize is Dagger, Staff, Great sword, Scepter, Torch, Focus, Trident, Spear, Warhorn, and Axe.

Reaper Specialization

Reaper is the Specialization for Necromancer that allows this Class to use Great swords. The new set of skills with Reaper are all related to Conditions and Shouts. While the best thing about Reaper is that it had slow, but hard-hitting DPS. With Reaper Shroud Form, you gain extra AoE DPS with Necromancer

Scourge Specialization

The Death Should is removed with Scourge Specialization and then a new skill by the name of Shades is introduced. With Shades, you create sand creatures that aid you in combat. 

With Scourge, you get the ultimate balance between the buffs and de-buffs, making them versatile. You can take the path of a healer, support, or a condition-based DPS damage build

Harbinger Specialization

With Harbinger, you get a Pistol in your hand, while it altogether rotates around Blight. This skill comes slowly, taking the health of Necromancer with time, but the life force from enemies is used here to heal you. Here, you only have to deal with Blight and Damage output balance.

Mesmer Class

This image is an artwork of Mesmer in Guild Wars 2

Mesmers are illusionists that create illusions in the field to make confusion among enemies. There is nothing hard to grasp here, but the one thing to note about Mesmer Class is that it is the hardest class in Guild Wars 2 to play with.

Because of multiple illusions, you have to control them all together, requiring a lot of micromanagement. You can also break them once to create a chain effect. Mesmers are the best end-content Class because of their Quickness buff, reducing the time of the attack for allies.

In this way, the group of damage dealers will deal more damage to enemies in a shorter time span, proving to be exceptionally dangerous. A piece of advice is that, don’t go for Mesmer if you are new to Guild Wars 2.

Mesmers are best known for their Chronomancer Quickness

They have Light Armor Class

The weaponry Mesmer Class can use is Sword, Trident, Dagger, Focus, Shield, Spear, Torch, Pistol, Scepter, Staff, Great sword, and Axe

Chronomancer Specialization

This specialization is all about the Quickness Skill of Mesmer Class. They use the AoE Spells to aid the team in combat through their Buffs, while also expanding the buffs to own illusions. You can equip Shields with Chronomancer for better defense build.

Mirage Specialization

Mirage is more mobile, allowing the use of Axes and new skills. These Skills allow the Mesmers to quickly travel in the field of battle, without getting damage from enemies. You can also give de-buffs to enemies with Chronomancer in the field.

Virtuoso Specialization

This is the new Specialization in Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Class, allowing you to have the ability to create illusion blades and equip daggers in the field. 

Final Verdict

Guild Wars 2 comes with a lot of Classes and Specialization to understand. For a beginner, these things are extensive and require a proper guide to understand completely. Therefore, we tried our best to provide you with this Guide to Classes and Specializations in Guild Wars 2. Some are good choices for beginners, while others are great for end-game content. We have all of it figured out for you in detail here.

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