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Guide to Killing Diablo IV story Bosses Again

Diablo IV has a great number of bosses you can fight, so many players want to revisit the bosses and kill them again for fun. In this guide, we will discuss a few methods you can employ to revisit these campaign or story bosses and enjoy defeating them once again. You can use the Skip Campaign feature for alts once you've battled through all six Acts of the lengthy Diablo 4-story campaign. Some Diablo 4 gamers do, however, ponder whether they can defeat the tale bosses once more. 

Let us first get familiar with the bosses in Diablo IV and then we can move forward to exploring the methods you can use to retake the Diablo 4 tale bosses and the restrictions Blizzard has set up.


Bosses are a collection of all the different unique adversaries a player might encounter in this game. Bosses possess extra health than regular enemies and are actually different from one another with a unique arsenal of moves. Some Bosses must be defeated to unlock new quests and locations that advance the plot. Completing the bar in yellow beneath the boss's health will confuse the boss. Staggering mechanisms like freeze, stun, and other similar abilities can be used to fill this meter. Players will have the probability to strike freely after the boss is staggered when the bar fills. Furthermore, numerous bosses have planned elements that cause them to give away certain powers or limbs after getting stunned, which makes the fight less difficult.

In this game, there are 4 distinct types of bosses: world bosses, stronghold bosses, also dungeon bosses, & main story bosses. 

Main Story Bosses

Main story Bosses in this game comprise Bosses that players must beat to move forward in the game's narrative, making their defeat crucial to completing the Endgame. General Campaign The core lore and plot of the game are intimately related to the bosses. With a few variations, they are often found after an Act. The majority of the time, killing them will lead to the collection of a thing or element that's necessary for the main mission they appear in. Since they are essential to the plot, they frequently begin or end with a cutscene.

Since these boss encounters are necessary hurdles to clear before any players can fully appreciate the game's narrative, they are pretty simple and offer an appropriate degree of simplicity. It is difficult to beat these Bosses multiple times using the same player because they depend on their story. Like the other Bosses, they possess extra health than the average rival, and their energy bars are divided into many phases, each of which is indicated by a red arrow. With a couple of exceptions, the majority of these will consist of 3 phases to complete instead of two or five. The game's main story Bosses are all listed below:

Andariel Maiden of Anguish

This campaign boss is situated in Blasted Scarp. This boss is a large humanoid figure, is chained to the wooden structure, and in constant anguish. Bosses are distinct foes that should be defeated in order to move forward in the game, complete objectives, and acquire specialized gear. However, there are Bosses who are unconnected to the primary objectives and may be found by completing side missions or even exploring the realm.

Diablo 4 Andariel Maiden of Anguish


Astaroth is located in Scosglen's Cerrigar. This boss is set free when the Soulstone subdues Yorin's will. Bosses are distinct foes that should be defeated in order to progress throughout the game, complete objectives, and acquire specialized gear.

Duriel Lord of Pain

The Caldeum’s area is where Duriel, resides. This boss represents a massive demon that resembles a giant maggot and possesses two slicing claws for hands.

Brol The Tyrant King

The location where this boss can be located is the Temple of the Primes. With a weapon in both hands, the menacing Brol advances in combat. There are, however, Bosses that are unrelated to the main tasks and can be encountered while doing side quests or simply just wandering the realm. 


Elias can be found in the Elias' Chambers building. Among the game's super important bosses is Elias. Elias was once Lorath's trainee who is really cunning and cunning. Bosses are different foes that should be eliminated to advance through the game, finish quests, and get special equipment. 

Mohlon Snake Queen

At Mohlon's Nest, you can locate Mohlon, the Snake Queen. The demon Mohlon, Snake Queen, resembles a serpent. You might require upgraded gear to have a good experience and you can buy it through gold. If you are falling short of the Gold, get it from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Uznu the Annihilator

The Caldeum Residential District is where The Annihilator, Uznu, can be found. Uznu, the Annihilator, a giant demon, spits fire and carries a massive sword. He is in charge of the Demon forces on Caldeum.

Amalgam of Rage Gestation

Scosglen is home to the Amalgam of Rage Gestation. Massive Cerberus-like beast, Amalgam of Rage in Gestation. 

Ninsa Blight of Hatred

Burning Hells in the game is where you can locate Ninsa. This demon possesses wings, so make sure you avoid the attacks swiftly.

Karum Hound of Hatred

Burning Hells in the game is the place where you can locate Karum. A massive enemy that holds a huge claymore, you need to be agile to defeat this monster and steer away from the claymore attack.


The prowess Lilith offers Neyrelle makes her mother, Vhenard, become hostile. Bosses are different foes that should be eliminated to advance through the game, finish quests, and obtain specialized equipment. 

Diablo 4 Vhenard

Is It Possible to re-kill the Diablo 4 Story Bosses?

The story bosses can be defeated once more. Two strategies exist for doing this. You have to start with a fresh character and complete the story quests from scratch, this time without selecting the "skip campaign" selection while creating your character. That is most certainly not ideal.

The alternative is to get into a friend's game that hasn't yet defeated a certain tale boss you would like to encounter again and assist them in doing so. The world has been adapted to the character tier of your friend, so keep that in mind. 

Using Alt characters

Currently, if you created an alt using the "Skip Campaign" feature, there is no way to defeat the bosses in this game. The quickest way to gain experience on an alt is, of course, to bypass the entire campaign. You don't need to complete time-consuming story missions because you have access to Grim Favours for the Tree of Whispers right away.

The finest idea so far is "Uber Portals," wherein gamers can refight enemies like Duriel, Astaroth, Andariel, & others. Some gamers want the ability to defeat the tale villains once more. However, as of this writing, there is no method to kill campaign-skipping tale bosses on the alts. 

Bosses in Diablo 4: General advice

There are some fundamental tactics you must remember as you prepare for more boss fights.

Preparation for elixir

One of Ashava's main means of devastation is her enormous clouds of poison. It is practically hard to avoid it when attacking because there's a lot of it. However, a Poison Resistance Elixir can be made, which greatly reduces the struggle. Having the right elixir on board might mean all the distinction in the struggle against future world bosses who may specialize in specific types of damage!

Be ready with the "Escape Button"

Ensure that you possess a skill on the hot bar, and in the event of an emergency, can be used as an escape card. Having these skills, whether they give you superhuman mobility or make you immune to harm, may be crucial for survival. The World Bosses might cover significant ground quickly, so have the flee button ready to be used!

Relax and don't worry about anything to miss

Certain buildings & classes are far more movable than others. Your build probably won't be capable of entirely shielding you from damage, despite your best attempts. Recognize your limits. You'll usually withstand one or a couple of skills, but if taking the hits now would help you later, then do it.

If you learn of the boss's much more dangerous talent, ignore the minor details and make use of your assets to prevent it. In so far that you can survive and cause harm in the future, it's acceptable to take some penalty. Far worse is rushing about trying to avoid things and squander your attempts to attack.


That is all there is to be aware of about defeating bosses in Diablo 4 after the campaign is finished. We will try to update this post if anything changes or if Blizzard chooses to provide a feature allowing simpler solutions.

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