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Guide to Managing Player Fatigue in FIFA 23

The game mechanics and realism in the FIFA series have improved with each successive release, making it more realistic than ever. The addition of player tiredness is among the major changes made to the game. The game's most important variable, fatigue affects players' performance, & efficiency and strains the squad as a whole. In light of this, managing player fatigue & weariness is a crucial component of the game that may either make or break your team's chances of winning. We will go through some advice on how to handle player weariness in FIFA 23 in this article.

Understanding Player Fatigue

It's important to comprehend what player fatigue is and how it impacts the players in the game before we go into the tactics for managing it. The term "fatigue" describes the decline in a player's physical and mental capacities brought on by repeated activity. On the team selection screen of FIFA 23, a yellow or red bar appears beneath each player's name to indicate their level of exhaustion. The red bar shows the player is severely weary and unable to function at all, while the yellow bar shows the player is slightly fatigued and unable to perform at their best.

The performance of a player is impacted by a variety of factors, including fatigue, stamina, speed, agility, and general decision-making skills. A player that is worn out is more likely to make errors, lose control of the ball, and miss shots. Also, they could respond to the ball more slowly, making it more challenging to position themselves on the field. Consequently, controlling player weariness is essential to preserving team effectiveness on the field and boosting winning chances.

FIFA 23 Player Fatigue

Managing Player Fatigue

Rotation is key

Rotating your team on a regular basis is the best method to combat player tiredness. Take advantage of the 23 players you can select for your squad in FIFA 23. Players must take regular breaks to minimise overexertion and lower their chance of injury. You can achieve this by switching players between games, giving them a break to rest, or using substitutes while playing.

Consider a player's location on the field, the general level of fitness, and most recent performance when determining which players to rotate. Consider giving a striker a break and starting another player in their place if they have played two complete matches in a row, for instance. Similarly, if a defender on your team is battling exhaustion, think about replacing them during a game to allow them to relax.

Utilize your Bench

For each game in FIFA 23, you have access to up to seven substitutions. Make use of them to your benefit. For managing player fatigue and preserving your team's performance throughout the game, having a strong bench is crucial. Make sure you have guys on the bench who can impact the game and relieve worn-out starters.

Take into account the positions that are most prone to experience fatigue when choosing substitutes, such as midfielders and strikers. Having a mix of offensive and defensive players on the bench will also allow you to change your strategy as necessary. Use your substitutes carefully to replace tired players and maintain your team's performance throughout the match.

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FIFA 23 Squad

Manage Plaer Fitness

In FIFA 23, player weariness is significantly managed through fitness. Each player has a fitness rating, which goes down as they participate in more matches. A player may become fatigued and perform worse in following games if their fitness rating falls too low.

Consider giving players time off between games to rest and recover in order to regulate player fitness, especially if they have played a lot of games in a short period of time. The FIFA 23 fitness tool also allows you to keep an eye on your players' fitness levels and make substitutes as necessary. Watch your players' fitness levels and offer them a break between games so they can rest.

Adjust Your Tactics

By maximizing the effort of your players throughout matches, you may manage player weariness in FIFA 23 by adjusting your tactics. You might need to change your formation if you see that your players are tiring out rapidly. Think about employing a less strenuous running formation, like a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3.

Your players will naturally become more exhausted if you play a high-pressing, quick-paced style of football as opposed to one that emphasizes possession above other tactics. Adapt your playing strategy to the degree of fitness of your players. You may give your players precise tactical instructions in FIFA 23. Depending on the circumstance, you can use these instructions to tell your players to conserve energy or to press hard.

Train your Players

In the FIFA 23 game, training your players can be a useful strategy for managing player weariness. You may raise your athletes' overall fitness levels by consistently training them. They will be able to play for longer stretches of time without feeling tired as a result of it. A player's stamina, which governs how long they can run and perform at a high level, is a crucial factor in FIFA 23. Consistent training can increase a player's endurance, allowing them to play for longer stretches of time.

You may help keep your players from getting tired by properly controlling their effort throughout practise. As a result, you can lessen the likelihood of injury or burnout and prevent overworking your players. Your players' specialized abilities, like dribbling, shooting, and passing, can all be improved through training. This can make your players more productive and efficient, which will lighten the pressure on the team as a whole. You can build a stronger, more adaptable team by training every one of your players. This allows for more effective player rotation, which can help keep your squad fresh throughout the season and reduce tiredness.

FIFA 23 Training Center

Avoid Overusing Sprinting

Avoiding excessive usage of the sprint button in FIFA 23 can assist in managing player fatigue in a variety of ways. Although sprinting is a crucial aspect of the game, excessive usage of it can cause weariness, which can impair a player's ability to give their best effort. First off, running consumes a lot of energy, and players that sprint too frequently can easily become exhausted. This may lead to a decrease in acceleration, speed, and stamina, making it more challenging to react quickly to the game's shifting circumstances.

Second, overusing sprint can also make injuries more likely. Players' muscles are more vulnerable to strains and other injuries when they are worn out. Players can lower their chance of injury and maintain better health during the game by refraining from excessive sprinting. Players should utilise the sprint button sparingly and only when necessary to control player tiredness properly. Instead, they ought to concentrate on retaining advantageous positions, making accurate passes, and using other strategies to exert influence over the game. Players should also be aware of their teammates' fitness levels and substitute when necessary. By doing so, you can keep players from becoming fatigued and guarantee their constant peak performance.

Use the Right Player Roles

Using the appropriate player roles is one method for managing player weariness. First of all, it's critical to realise that some player roles call for greater effort than others. A player in the forward position, for instance, is more likely to sprint than a player in the defensive position. To prevent overworking your players, it is imperative to rotate players and deploy substitutes.

Second, you may prevent your players from undertaking duties that wear them out by giving them the appropriate player positions in your squad. To guarantee a player in a central midfield position concentrates on their defensive responsibilities and stays in the game longer, you may, for example, give them the directive to "remain back while attacking."

Thirdly, you can modify your playing strategy and player assignments as the game goes along by using FIFA 23's dynamic tactics feature. By doing this, you may adjust your team's approach based on how worn out your players are, giving you the flexibility to make changes and realign personnel as needed.

Finally, if your players' stamina is running low, you can utilise the fitness cards in FIFA 23 to replenish their energy. Instead of relying too much on these cards, you should manage your players' energy levels by assigning them strategic player roles and making timely player substitutions.


Managing player fatigue is one of the important aspects of FIFA 23, if you want to gain mastery of the game you should know how to manage your players, improve their physical fitness & manage their fatigue. This can be done by regular training, using substitutions effectively, and many other ways that are mentioned above. Managing player fatigue can help you utilize players to their extent and can take your team a long way in the game. Overall the game has tried its best to replicate the real factors of the game which is making it more and more interesting and engaging.

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