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Guide to New Salvaging Missions in Star Citizen 3.19

We will be discussing Star Citizen and the guide for the new Salvage missions which have been introduced in the latest version that is 3.19. Many players might be thinking what are the changes in this version, from version 3.19 the changes we can see are that it is now possible to use ships, weapons, and missiles. This offers many new and above all and lucrative possibilities, weapons and missiles can be removed from the ships with a conventional multi-tool with a tractor beam and ultimately be sold also. 

To store large weapons or missiles with the tractor beam in your Cargo storage you have to hold down the key and rotate them so that they can be stored in a space-saving manner. It gets us a great deal of profit when we consider combining new salvaging missions with the salvaging contracts which are related to the sale of components used in ships and the same components are used for mining work and making weapons.

Legal Salvaging Missions

For the first type of mission, we have legal salvaging missions. For these types of missions, the players are required to advance a fee of 100 UEC which secures the location and legal mining rights. Legal salvage rights are very helpful as they help us to determine and give us an indication of how much material we require for completing a particular type of mission.

Legal missions take place in the monitored area. Security forces patrol the site which provides a certain level of security. Especially since the jump point is only known to the mission owner, we don't get paid directly but we can sell the material we have salvaged and the optional components we have taken with us which alone brings in a good 50,000 Alpha UEC.

The mission is completed as soon we have salvaged enough material, although it is not necessary to get this material into our cargo. So we can also complete the mission by simply leaving the output station blocked but that only becomes important with another type of Missions.

Star Citizen Salvaging Missions 3.19

Illegal Salvaging Missions

Now at number second, we have the illegal salvaging missions. These help in producing a large amount of profit, here we have to pay 10,000 Alpha UEC and the start fees also but the catch is in illegal salvaging missions’ players are required to complete the mission in a given time limit.

However, we do not run the direct risk of being charged a crime set for this. As these risky Salvage missions are not direct illegal acts, however, we should hurry because after the timer expires some competition appears very quickly and immediately reacts in a hostile manner.

But the risk can pay off very quickly as you can take a significantly higher amount of Salvage material already with a constellation. Weapons and competence worth a good 50000 Alpha UEC as a bonus. This means that we very quickly reach a profit of around 100000 Alpha UEC for a short salvaging Mission and depending on how close the timer is to the end we can also do without one or two crates of Salvage material to be able to complete the mission before the timer runs out.

Because especially the larger and riskier Salvage missions usually offer larger ships as targets which in addition to a piece of more extensive equipment in the area of weapons also offer a larger Hull area. If you are falling short of the UEC, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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What if Ilegal Mission Type Fails

Let's take a look at what happens in the illegal Mission type if you fail to complete the mission within the time limit or leave the mission area early. Regarding the detachable components and weapons, you cannot only sell them but also use them yourself or give them to other players, However, these components disappear if your ship is destroyed. Especially second-hand mining equipment obtained in this way can pay off very quickly as you will pay extremely high sums at the dealer depending on the mining laser.

If you do not manage to complete the mission within the time limit you will immediately receive a visit from competitors in their escorts which will end in invertible combat. However, you will not receive a crime stat directly. However, you will automatically receive additional Salvage material and components you can use on your own. 

But the fights with only one voucher are sometimes a strong challenge, so it is worth bringing an escort. If you leave the mission area before completing the mission the materials you have salvaged and the competence you have collected so far can be sold but the mission itself is considered a failure and that comes with a loss of reputation.

Open Salvage mission

Finally, there is the option of taking a completely open Salvage Mission. Salvage the battlefield where you can explore the battlefield with countless ships to your heart's content. But the catch is that this battle is still in progress and new enemies appear all the time. So if possible you should not travel alone but bring friends to watch your back while you do your work. 

This offers the perfect combination of different gameplay areas such as combat combined with industrial gameplay. The income possibilities are enormous whereby team play is required or you have to bring along a good portion of luck because as soon as you leave your ship to collect lucrative weapons and components, you are completely defenseless and unprotected. 

So, you can very quickly become a victim yourself here. It is a good idea not to travel alone but to load the trophies you have won and the Salvage material you have in mind so as not to lose everything.

Star Citizen Salvaging Missions 3.19 Guide

Direct component and weapon Exchange

Here we come to another Innovation from version 3.19 the direct component and weapon Exchange. As soon as a player has released his hard points, we can remove the components with the tractor beam and exchange them for others.

This finally makes it possible to change weapons in space or to carry out a quick repair during a pause in the fight. Here too it is necessary to hold down the R button and rotate the weapons so that they fit on the hardpoints. However, there is still a catch when changing weapons because ballistic weapons first require ammunition that is not yet physicalized.


With new updates and possibilities in the game, we can witness many new dangers and opportunities which depend on if you are a right citizen or not. It now becomes important to lock all the ramps and the entrances of your ship whenever you leave the ship, it is also beneficial to activate the shiels on your ship so that the uninvited visitors stay away and the ship remains protected.

In principle it is not possible to remove weapons or components from intact ships that are not in a self-dead status, to do so manual clearance must first be given, and this release is only possible via the ship's cockpit which makes excess necessary either through a ramp left open or even by Force of Arms. 

You can unlock these ports with a key combination of the right order control key and K or you can hold down the F key and go to the ship's systems menu with the right Mouse click to unlock the ports here. Then, however nothing stands in the way of robbing other players whereby you can directly remove and sell the attachments in the area of weapons and missiles right up to individual gimbals. 

It is also possible to incapacitate the ship so to put it into a sub-that mode which is reached as soon as the hit points drop below zero but beware if you do further damage the ship is destroyed and most of the components and the cargo are lost. This quickly led to unpleasant surprises if you were careless and left your ship open however the direct sale of player components is not yet reliably possible this will only change in the next batches.


So this was all about Guide to New Salvaging Missions in Star Citizen 3.19, we can conclude from the following information that the new version of Star Citizen offers us many new opportunities and it is now possible to perform both Legal and Illegal both types of salvaging missions.

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