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Guide to Star Citizen 3.19 New Location Lorville Skyline 2.0

Star Citizen’s latest patch update 3.19 is out now and has updated a lot of features. These updates also include the Locations update and one of those locations is the Lorville Skyline 2.0. Lorville was always the main highlight of the Star Citizen game, being the first major city and all. With the latest update developers have only added more features to the otherwise beautiful city of the game. The expanded city, latest hangar areas to land ships, roads, highways, trenches and a lot of massive buildings are all part of the New Location Lorville Skyline 2.0.

To understand more about all these features and new updates we have prepared this “Guide to Star Citizen 3.19 New Location Lorville Skyline 2.0” article. In this article, we will be covering all the details about the Lorville Skyline 2.0 or just Lorville 2.0. Fret not, all your questions would be answered by the end of this article. So, read along the complete article so that you won’t miss anything. Before that let us tell you that while exploring the city, there would be various instances where you will be required to pay UEC, the in-game currency of Star Citize. So make sure you already have a good stock of it.

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Highlights of Lorville Skyline 2.0 in Star Citizen

The increase in the area and verticality of the buildings are what makes the Lorville Skyline 2.0 more beautiful. The developers have reworked the cities to increase the scalability to fit a bigger area. The distinct buildings, with varying heights and distinct designs, latest hangar areas to land ships, roads, highways, and trenches are some of the key highlights of the update. Here are some other features:

  • Updated Building Blocks Shop UI for Casaba and Dumpers Depot With Shop Specific Styles

  • Moved Location of Area18 ASOP Terminals Closer to the Hangar Elevators

  • Performance Polish Pass for Atmospheres and Clouds

  • Added Updated Volumetric Atmosphere and Clouds to ArcCorp and Hurston

Star Citizen 3.19 Lorville Skyline 2.0

Features of Lorville Skyline 2.0

In this section, we will be discussing the latest as well as some of the existing features of the Lorville Skyline 2.0, so that you can understand why this is one of the main cities in the Star Citizen game.

  • Much bigger Layout for the City - With the latest update, Lorville skyline 2.0 now has much more area to explore. The city has been expanded by including new buildings, small and big hangars to land more ships, transit system etc.

  • Latest and Improved Visuals - As we have mentioned previously, the city has been reworked upon. The developers have added more details to the building and city scenery. The verticality has also been worked upon to give the users a more realistic experience. The graphics and details are super fun to watch.

  • Transit system - Lorville Skyline 2.0 has a transit system, which will be the first choice for players when moving within a city. The transport system consists of various intra-city stations and metro trains running between them. The transit system is the best alternative for anyone looking to move within a city in an efficient manner. 

  • Latest Districts for Commercial purposes - In Star Citizen 3.19, just like new buildings and trenches, many more shops, hotels, business purpose areas have been added. With this commercial district, the game gets a more realistic look. The commercial area can be found under a big dome-shaped location.

  • Optimized Gameplay - Though the area has been upgraded to cover a lot more ground and players would be able to explore a bigger city, that has not compromised the smooth gameplay. We also should not forget about the updated graphic visuals in the Star Citizen 3.19 patch update. The gameplay has been smooth so far even for mid to high-end devices and systems. 

  • NPCs to give more missions - There are more NPCs added to the Star Citizen to provide you with more missions that can be completed within this area. 

  • Lowering of the No Flight zones - Earlier players might not have good experience while flying a ship in the Lorville Skyline, but now with the No Flight Zones being lowered, players won’t have to face such issues anymore. he no-flight zone has now been lowered, allowing you to fly even closer through the rows of buildings. In addition, new landing pads might bring new missions for you. And the city is huge. But best convince yourself of the beauty this new unique landscape has to offer.

As it happens with all the high-specs games, whenever they update a thing, one or more things has to be compromised. If things are not compromised, then it surely results in the increased complexity for the players. Star Citizen 3.19’s Lorville Skyline 2.0 is no exception to this trend. So, now let’s discuss what are various difficulties that the players can face with the latest update of the Star Citizen game.

Difficulties that can be Faced by the Players

Getting Lost while Exploring the expanded Lorville Skyline city 

Lorville Skyline 2.0 is much bigger than the original Lorville Skyline or Hurston City. The area is now bigger with a much more complex environment, new buildings, dense regions, transit systems, trenches etc. If you are new to the game, you can get lost easily while navigating through the city, but the same can be said about the experienced players as well, as this update is new to everyone. Players can also choose to use the transit system in-place to move within the city or use the city navigation map to keep track of places, but either way, it will take some time to understand and discover more about the big city.

Performance Issues related with low-end devices

Mid-to high-end devices might not show any signs of performance issues while you play the latest Star Citizen 3.19, but the same can’t be said about the low-end devices. Playing a game like Star Citizen with the latest updates of better graphics, is like asking too much from a low-end device. Even if you take into consideration the various optimizations of the game, then also, low-end devices are not simply built for such games. These high graphics and city size might cause the frame rates to lower down and stutter while playing the game. Not only that, the server load would be too much on low spec systems. But you can always choose the graphic quality to play this game on a low-spec device. Though it will play, but won’t offer you the best possible gaming experience.

Limited Access to Buildings

The current patch update gives you a glimpse of a more modern city, but that does not mean that you can go everywhere. Most of the latest buildings and transits throughout the city are still inaccessible to the players. But we might be able to access them in future when the next patch update rolls out. These areas being inaccessible only tells us that the developers are planning to introduce more locations and expand the city a bit more. But for the time being, there is a limit of how much you can explore in the Lorville Skyline 2.0.

Star Citizen 3.19 Lorville Skyline 2.0 Guide

Variety in Missions are still an area that can be explored

Though the game has many new features, the kind of missions are still the same. There is no denying that these missions seem intriguing to a beginner, but for an experienced player it’s all the same. There are some basic types of missions such as delivery and bounty hunting, and more NPCs are introduced to give missions in Lorville, but that’s just it. They will be delivering the same lawful and unlawful missions with nothing new to do. If there would have been more missions to compete for, players would have found more ways to spend time in the Lorville Skyline 2.0. But sadly that hasn't been the case this time, probably next time.


This was all the information that we have about the Lorville Skyline 2.0 in the Star Citizen 3.19. We will be updating the article with more information as new details unfold. Till then go through the game and explore the city of Lorville Skyline 2.0. There are many more features which are yet to be uncovered, and if you happen to come across them, do tell us in the comment section below. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Enjoy Star Citizen 3.19.

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