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Guild Wars 2’s Wintersday 2021 is coming

The holidays are right around the corner, and with that, Guild Wars 2 has launched its holiday schedule and plan. According to this official announcement, the ever-popular and snowy Wintersday festivities will commence in the human city of Divinity's Reach, starting December 14 and ending January 4.

Of course, Wintersday 2021 will likely include all the different in-game events and quests from previous years. Featuring classic Wintersday events such as the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, Trixx's Infinirarium, Bell Choir Ensemble, and more, the snowy festival is set to be the time to gather your Wintersday Gifts and enjoy the atmosphere of the holidays in-game.

This year ArenaNet has launched not one but two competitions for the community. The first is in-game, with the competition featuring screenshots of your characters and their unique fashion styles. This fashion-based competition comes on the heels of the new character customization options launched in anticipation of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion slated for February 2022.

Three prizes have been selected for the grand prize winners of the competition, with each winner to receive a Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition alongside a statue of Rytlock Brimstone and five further first prize winners of the first prize being gifted 800 gems. So don your best holiday gear and glam it up to win.

Christmas spirit in high definition

Additionally to the in-game fashion wars competition, Guild Wars 2 has partnered with BenQ to give away a new MOBIUZ EX2710S gaming monitor through external game features as explained on Guild Wars 2 website, such as follow Twitter accounts and more.

Have you updated your characters' looks with one of the new customization options? Do you have a special holiday style to celebrate Wintersday? Check back for more GW2 coverage of the annual Wintersday festival in December, and check our website to buy more GW2 gold while you wait for the holiday to start.

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