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July 12, 2021
Gaming News

Guild Wars 2 :The Twisted Marionette will return on July 13

Guild Wars 2 is giving players a chance to face off against the Twisted Marionette world boss for the first time since its introduction in 2014. The game's July 13 update will include the menacing puppet, along with the Legendary Armory that lets you catalog and stores all your high-end gear. This update will also mark the return of the Crazy Puppet, after seven years of absence.

The legendary armory is a new solution to unlock and use legendary equipment, the one for which you do not count the necessary hours of farming. This functionality is accessible from the "Equipment" tab of the "Heroes" window. With this addition, players will now be able to access their Legendary gear with all characters on their account, meaning they will no longer have to use shared inventory slots to transfer that gear from one character to another. This change will also ensure better integration of legendary equipment into the "Equipment Models" interface and remove its transmutation cost.

Come July 13, the Twisted Marionette will return with a few tweaks to get them up to modern standards. Shortly before declaring war on Lion's Arch, Scarlet had used Lornar Passage as a testing ground for his gigantic mechanical weapon, the Puppet Out of whack. An army of heroes had then organized a strategy of attack in several stages: destroy the forces of Scarlet, survive the attacks of the puppet and break the chains which connected it to the Percegarde. Since then, the debris of the Puppet has been strewn in the Valley of the Trompeur River.

Best of all, the update will be free to all players.

Despite its age, Guild Wars 2 has stayed busy over the past few years, with constant updates and in-game events to keep its community busy. The return of the Twisted Marionette, however, is bound to be a treat for veteran Guild Wars players. Many players have already started collecting GW2 gold in advance, ready to challenge the Twisted Marionette.

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