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Highest Rated Left Backs in FIFA 23

The highly anticipated game in the series, FIFA 23, immediately won over players. Most people were quite fascinated by the adjustments and upgrades to the players, even though the series' primary gameplay largely remains unaltered. Since football is indeed a dynamic game, a player who previously had a season-long hot streak may currently be having trouble finding consistency. Similar to this, players who hadn't yet reached their full potential this season are undoubtedly doing so! Because of this, FIFA 23 includes a number of positions with some very exceptional players who have evolved over time to emerge as the best in their respective position. This holds true for the Left Back spot as well, which in the present football scene is home to a multitude of skills. Listed below are some of the top Left Backs according to FIFA 23 ratings provided by EA thus far.

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Alex Sandro - 83

There existed a time when Alex Sandro was regarded by many as one of the finest LBs in the business. Sandro's ranking has declined over time, which is understandable given the decline in Juventus' performance and his advancing age. He remains a really vital and successful Left Back for any team, though, there is no denying that. It's a terrific strategy to put pressure on the opponent's defense to use this guy to cross balls into the penalty area.

FIFA 23 Alex Sandro

Marcos Acuna - 84

Many people believe that Marcos Acuna may be one of the most underappreciated LBs in the world. Even though his transfer to Sevilla has garnered greater attention for his playing style, his professional trajectory appears to be very average. He excels on and off the ball, contributing greatly to both attack and defense. The total performance will make those that manage to get this guy in FIFA 23 very delighted.

Lucas Digne - 84

Even though Everton may be in a tough spot right now, the team is loaded with incredible potential. Lucas Digne seems to be one such player who, despite the team's terrible performance, is well-regarded by everyone. Digne is a superb player who can get into the box for scoring opportunities in addition to his passing abilities. Lucas' addition to the lineup will be advantageous to attack teams where everybody rushes into the box.

Luke Shaw - 84

At this moment, everyone is aware of the player Luke Shaw. Shaw's perseverance in the face of adversity to become the preferred LB for Manchester United is unquestionably admirable, despite his injuries and disagreements with Mourinho. Even if he has a less significant part this season, his brilliance in FIFA 23 still seems to be obvious to all. His abilities are superb on all fronts, but players shouldn't try to put him in more forward positions where he can see the goal clearly.

Raphael Guerriro - 84

The Borussia Dortmund team has a reputation for developing young talent before profitably selling it off. The team thus has had numerous personnel alterations over time, however, their LB back position has remained constant for the previous few years. Since 2016, Raphael Guerreiro has contributed significantly to the squad and has shown why he is the team's first-choice LB. His outstanding dribbling and speed makeup two of his greatest strengths in FIFA 23 and can help any team's assault down the left-hand wing.

FIFA 23 Raphael Guerriro

Theo Hernandez - 84

The majority of fans adore having Theo Hernandez on their squad. Since speedy players often have a huge edge in FIFA games, Hernandez is unquestionably one of the quickest LBs available. Players can just pass the ball to this player but also watch as he streaks into the opposing third to launch a potent attack. He has served as a driving force for Milan, and it is simple to understand why professionals like him have assisted the team in returning to the top of Serie A.

Alphonso Davies - 84

Alphonso Davies must be mentioned when discussing athletes with tremendous speed. He is undoubtedly one of the game's fastest players and is capable of running right through any defender as he charges into the opposing half. FIFA 23 attempts to balance this out by having his defense as well as physical abilities fairly okay-ish in relation to how great his pace, as well as dribbling, are in the game. He is still a very strong choice for any player who needs a quick LB on their team, though.

Jordi Alba - 86

The fact that Jordi Alba is still regarded by many as one of the top LBs in the game is evidence of how resilient he truly is. He has matured like a good wine and still contributes significantly to any side in FIFA 23 thanks to his incredible 86 rating. He is a fantastic player in his own right thanks to his speed, dribbling, as well as passing abilities. It's incredible to watch how good of a player Alba is considering his age—33—in the game.

Christian Gunter - 86

Most people were surprised to learn that a player from SC Freiburg was the second-rated LB in the contest. This demonstrates even more how undervalued the Bundesliga and its teams are! Brilliant LB Christian Gunter is regarded by many as one of SC Freiburg's top players. His quickness and dribbling are excellent, as one would expect from an LB, but it really is his physical attributes that really set him out in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Christian Gunter

Andrew Robertson - 87

Although Liverpool is currently having some difficulties, there is no disputing that the players on this team are world-class. In every game he plays for Liverpool FC, their LB Andrew Robertson is one of those players that plays with his heart on his sleeve. He is one of the most accomplished LBs in FIFA 23 as evidenced by the fact that all of his skills—pace, dribbling, passing, and defending—are rated at 80 or above. Hopefully, over the duration of the season, both he and Liverpool will find their form again and wreak complete devastation in the league as they typically do.


Now you are aware of the Left Back Players from FIFA 23 with the highest ratings. This year, right-backs have a chance to make a difference in crucial matches because the game seems a little more unique than it did with FIFA 22. You needn't worry, though, as this list has previously covered the best Left Backs in the game!

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