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Highest Rated Players in FIFA 23 Serie A

The top division of Italian football is the league Serie A. Twenty clubs make up the league, and each has a particular goal that it hopes to achieve by the completion of the season. Although the league's competence has declined recently, enticing talents have continued to sign with the teams.  Listed below are the highest Serie A rankings from Juventus to Milan divisions in FIFA 23. FIFA 23 will follow the FIFA tradition of EA updating player ratings depending on their achievements in the prior season.

Serie A League

Under national affiliation with TIM, the Serie A is also known as Serie A TIM. It is a professional football league tournament for football clubs at the pinnacle of the Italian football league system, and the winner receives the Coppa Campioni d'Italia and the Scudetto. Serie A is frequently portrayed as the most tactically and defensively strong national league and is recognized as one of the top football leagues around the world. According to IFFHS, Serie A was the greatest national football league in the world in 2020. It is also placed fourth in Europe by UEFA's league ranking, above Ligue 1 and following the Bundesliga, La Liga, & the Premier League.

Mike Maignan (87)

Mike Peterson Maignan, a goalie for Serie A team AC Milan as well as the France national team, was born on July 3, 1995, in France. At Paris Saint-Germain, Maignan progressed through the youth levels; he frequently went unused as a replacement. He was paid €1 million to join Lille in 2015, and in 2017 they made him their first choice. In 2018–19, he received the Ligue 1 Goalkeeper of the Year award. In 2020–21, he captured the league championship. He later made a €15 million transfer to AC Milan, where he won Serie A. He has a FIFA 23 card rating of 87.

FIFA 23 Mike Maignan

Wojciech Szczesny (86)

Juventus has long made Wojciech Szczesny their first-choice goalie. He entered the team in 2017, and since then has established himself as one of Serie A's top goalkeepers. Sadly, Juventus and Szczesny are both going through a rough patch. The last two seasons have seen them finish outside the top three following dominating the league for straight nine years. Szczesny's score has only dropped by 1 point regardless of his inconsistent play, making his FIFA 23 card rating of 86.

Milan Skriniar (86)

Skriniar's next club was the subject of much conjecture over the offseason, with Paris Saint-Germain appearing to have the best chance of attracting the Slovakian into the French League. Skriniar is currently battling to retake the league's top rank because the move never happened. Skriniar is a highly reliable center defender, and if he continues to play at a competitive level, there will undoubtedly be one more bidding battle for his services. He has an 86 rating in FIFA 23. 

Paulo Dybala (86)

Paulo Dybala is a left-footed Argentine Striker (CF) who competes for Roma FC in the Italian league Serie A TIM having High/Low work rates. His card is rated at 86. He lacks a real face in the game and has a weak foot rated 3 stars along with 4-star skill techniques. He maintains a GPG (goals per game) of 0.643 in 2,076,181 games played. Three of Paulo Dybala's special cards have ratings ranging from 86 to 89. He responds best to the HUNTER chemistry style. He has his birthday on November 15, 1993, and is currently 29 years old.

Marcelo Brozovic (86)

On November 16, 1992, Marcelo Brozovic was born. He presently represents Inter in Italy as a Defensive Midfielder, and he is 30 years old. In FIFA 23, he has a potential of 86 along with an overall rating of 86. Brozovic has a skill rating of three stars. His right foot is his preferred shooting foot. Medium/Medium are his workrates. The estimated weight of Brozovic is 68 kg, and his height is 181 cm. Marcelo Brozovic presently uses the numbers 77 and 11 to play. 

Nicolo Barella (86) 

Nicolo Barella, an Inter Milan midfielder, is a phenomenally gifted player. Inter Milan first recruited him on a loan basis, but as a result of his achievements, they extended the transfer permanently. In FIFA 23, Barella has a rating card of 86 after contributing to 13 other goals last year. Barella would want to negotiate a transfer away to another club from Inter Milan because he is still just 25 years old and can soar to new heights with better coaching.

FIFA 23 Nicolo Barella

Romelu Lukaku (86)

Romelu Lukaku has his birthday on May 13, 1993. He presently represents Inter in Italy as a Striker and is 29 years old. In FIFA 23, he has a potential of 86 along with an overall rating of 86. Lukaku has a skill rating of three stars. His left foot is his preferred shooting foot. Medium/Low are his workrates. Lukaku weighs 94 kg and his height is 191 cm. Romelu Lukaku presently uses the numbers 9 and 90.

Serej Milinkovic Savic (86)

Savic is possibly among the finest players in Serie A right now. The midfielder has had a fantastic start to the fresh season, contributing to 6 goals in just 7 games. Savic has only gone completely silent in two games thus far, demonstrating his excellent level of consistency. Savic had a wonderful season last year, contributing to nearly 20 goal - a fantastic output for a midfielder. Numerous elite European teams have pursued him, yet none of them are able to get him from Lazio. Savic's rating has been raised by 1 point by EA, making it 86 currently. 

Theo Hernandez (86)

6th October 1997 saw the birth of Theo Hernández. He now plays in the Full Back position for the Associazione Calcio Milan or AC Milan in Italy, he is 25 years old. In FIFA 23, he has an overall rating of 85 and his Potential is rated at 90. Hernández has a skill rating of three stars. His left foot is his preferred shooting foot. High/Medium are his workrates. Hernández is 184 cm tall and weighs approximately 81 kg. Theo Hernández presently plays with the numbers 22 and 19.

Ciro Immobile (86)

The primary striker for Lazio is Ciro Immobile. Immobile has produced an impressive return since joining the team in 2016, scoring 187 goals in over 268 games. Immobile had three assists and scored 27 goals in the prior season.
Even more questions about EA's ranking methodology are raised by the fact that he was demoted to 86 from 87 despite having another outstanding season.

Lautaro Martinez (86)

Among the most looked footballers on the planet is Lautaro Martinez. It seems that Inter Milan would regret Lukaku's absence when he left, but Lautaro ramped up and led the league with 21 goals. The world's greatest striker can be made, and Lautaro Martinez possesses all the tools needed to do it. He could leave Inter Milan for a bigger club if he succeeds to produce another fantastic season. He has an 86 rating in FIFA 23. 

FIFA 23 Lautaro Martinez

Paul Pogba (85)

Paul Pogba has his birthday on March 15, 1993. He presently represents Adidas in the Rest of the World as a Central Midfielder, and he is 29 years old. In FIFA 23, he has a possible 85 overall rating. Pogba possesses a skill rating of five stars. His right foot is his preferred shooting foot. Medium/Low are his workrates. Pogba is 191 cm tall and 84 kg heavy, according to assessments. Paul Pogba is currently using the numbers 6 and 10.


Among the most recognizable games currently available in the gaming business is FIFA. A new FIFA game is released every year with modest changes to the participants, gameplay, and other aspects. There are certain players that top the ratings in various leagues. The rating is based on the performances and achievements of the respective players. The best Serie A players from the previous season undoubtedly saw significant rating increases in Ultimate Team. Don't forget, though, that some big talents and recent signings have arrived in Italy throughout the summer.

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