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Highest Rated Players Older than 35 in FIFA 23

Discussing potential future giants of the game and speculating on which players will succeed Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi is always a hot topic. Focusing on the veterans of the game - players versatile enough to have an impact on multiple distinct football eras is less prevalent, though. So, let's take a look at a few seasoned professionals who are still active in competition and outperforming young sportsmen. Especially in FIFA 23, as several of them are nearing retirement and this might be their final game. Please take note that FUT Heroes and Icons are not included in this list of active players for Ultimate Team. Each of the players listed below is still active and contributing significantly to the game after turning 35.

Lionel Messi (Age 35)

7 times winner of the Balon D'or, the best player older than 35 in FIFA 23 is Lionel Messi. The most gifted footballer to ever grace a field is the legendary Barcelona and Argentina star. He transformed Barcelona into the powerhouse team they are today and helped the Catalan superpower achieve unheard-of levels of success. His incredible career highlights include 39 trophies, 808 career goals, and 47 individual distinctions. With an absurd 91 goals in one year, he broke the previous record for most goals ever.

At 5'7" with 4-star skills as well as a 4-star weak foot, he is the greatest explosive tough winger in FIFA 23 and currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain in France. He is the ideal forward because of his finesse shot attribute, 94 shooting, 89 pace, 94 dribbling, 90 passing, 64 physical and 34 defending, with a Hunter chemistry style. Although Lionel Messi excels during games, his remarkable career is much beyond that.

FIFA 23 Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo (Age 37)

Cristiano Ronaldo, who many consider to be the best player of all time, continues to enjoy scoring goals in FIFA 23. The international Portuguese has smashed every record in the game, despite his recent problems at Manchester United. His service to football is not adequately represented by an all-time record of 700 career goals, 30 individual distinctions, and 32 trophies, including 5 Balon D'Ors.

The 6'2", 90-rated legend possesses a 4-star weak foot, 5-star skills, and the qualities outside foot shot, flare, and power-free kick. He achieves 97 shooting, 89 pace, 85 dribbling, 78 passing, 75 physical, and 34 guarding, with a Hunter chemistry style. He has consistently been a fantastic FIFA player, and this season is no exception.

Manuel Neuer (Age 36)

Over the course of his remarkable 18-year career, World Cup champion Manuel Neuer has frequently been praised as the world's finest goalkeeper. He clarified what a contemporary keeper is. He is a perfect keeper thanks to his playmaking skills, sweeper-keeping technique, and shot-stopping ability. He is considered a true goalkeeping great in Germany thanks to his more than 800 games, 31 trophies (including 10 Bundesliga triumphs for Bayern Munich), and 53 individual distinctions.

The 6-foot-4 German also possesses leadership qualities, gk long throw, rushes for crosses, dashes out of goal, and a 4-star weak foot. His scores for a fundamental chemistry style are 92 handling, 91 diving, 95 kicking, 59 speed, 92 reflexes, and 95 positioning, which is almost the maximum.

Luka Modric (Age 37)

It is hardly surprising that legendary Real Madrid player and former Ballon d'Or winner Luka Modric is included on this list. There are few midfielders that can compare to the Croatian star over the course of his 20-year career. Features of his remarkable career include over 900 career performances, 27 trophies, including five Champions League crowns, and an incredible 77 individual honors.

The central midfielder, who stands at 5'8", is a dynamic player possessing 4-star skills along with a 4-star weak foot. The 37-year-old possesses a basic chemistry style and rates 75 in pace, 78 in shooting, 92 in passing, 91 in dribbling, 75 in defending, and 68 in physicality. He has an unbelievable career and is an excellent playmaker having outstanding dribbling.

FIFA 23 Luka Modric

Keylor Navas (Age 35)

One of the greatest South American goalies of all time is Keylor Navas. The 35-year-old Costa Rican international has 24 individual awards and 26 trophies to his name. He was essential to Real Madrid's continual success in the Champions League. Navas left Real Madrid after achieving everything with them in search of a new challenge.

Despite Navas' outstanding achievements, the French club Paris Saint-Germain lost the league championship to Lille; however, EA recognised Navas' accomplishments by raising his rating. From 87 to 88, he gained one point, increasing his score. The Costa Rican may reach ratings of 89 diving, 79 kicking, 88 handling, 56 speed, 93 reflexes, and 91 positioning with a basic chemistry style.

Hugo Lloris (Age 35)

Hugo Lloris, a renowned Tottenham Hotspur player and World Cup champion, has long been regarded as among the best goalkeepers in the world. After spending so much time playing for Tottenham, it's logical that he would not be the goalie with the most awards of his generation. Despite this, throughout his more than 800 professional appearances, his brilliance and leadership have consistently been praised. The highest civil and military decoration in France, the Knight of the Legion of Honor, was even bestowed upon him.

The 6ft 2 Frenchman boasts 92 diving, 78 kicking,87 handling, 64 speed, 92 reflexes, and 88 positioning with a basic chemistry style. One of the greatest goalies, Lloris is rated 87 in FIFA 23 and performs admirably in-game.

Thiago Silva (Age 38)

The embodiment of a magnificent center-back is Thiago Silva. The 38-year-old Brazilian is among the most accomplished players of all time with 35 individual awards and 32 trophies under his belt. He first spent a considerable amount of time at Paris Saint-Germain before moving on to the Premier League. The seasoned defender took little time to adapt to Chelsea and is now regarded as being among the league's top center backs, despite his age of 38. He is rated 86 in FIFA 23 card and has amazing defensive numbers despite his slow pace.

FIFA 23 Thiago Silva

Sergio Ramos (Age 36)

After Real Madrid decided to refuse to renew his contract, Sergio Ramos abruptly quit the team. When Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) finally signed Ramos, it appeared that a new journey would soon begin. Ramos' experience at his new team has unfortunately been hindered by injuries; in fact, he just managed 12 matches in his rookie season. Ramos' rating was guaranteed to fall after a disappointing season; in the latest version of the game, he is just rated 84.

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The mentioned players are proof enough that old dogs can learn new tricks, and outshine the youngest of the talents. They showcase that, if you work hard enough your age would not matter enough to stop you from achieving the things that seem unattainable at first. These players have been contributing to this beautiful game for a long time and this is very commendable. With this the article comes to an end.

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