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Highest Rated Strikers in FIFA 23

New elite strikers are available in FIFA 23 for usage in game modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team, Career, as well as Co-Op Seasons. Whatever game mode you like, it's crucial to become familiar with these players because you never know when you'll need to employ them or defend against them. Certain strikers have a natural ability to score goals with ease. Others use their immeasurable might and lightning speed to defend the ball against defenders but also advance their team toward the goal. The finest strikers combine their strengths in shooting, dribbling, pace, and physicality, rendering them essential purchases in Ultimate Team and frequent shortlist inclusions in Career Mode.

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Iago Aspas - 85

Spanish striker Iago Aspas has played for Celta de Vigo in the past. Although he can score goals, his importance in FIFA 23 is limited to that. Depending on the setup, his passing statistics make it difficult for him to interact with either his opposing striker or the supporting wingers, but his shooting prowess sets him apart. Aspas is still a respected forward. Aspas received a respectable score in FIFA 23. He gets an 85 overall, which isn't great but also not terrible. His superb dribbling abilities and 90-rated finishing are his saving graces. To support a few of his lower-rated qualities, he also receives Outside the Foot & Finesse Shot player traits. Aspas is a reliable striker who can be effective under pressure.

Diogo Jota - 85

Diogo Jota, a striker for Liverpool FC and Portugal, is a dependable player. He has great dribbling speed and can out-jump many defenders to win headers. Although he primarily plays as a striker, he usually plays as a center-forward. He also possesses a powerful five-star weak foot that he can use to shoot from either side of the box. Diogo Jota has respectable stat lines across the board, scoring an 85 overall. Given his high defensive Work Rate, you can rely on him to make a significant contribution to the attack as well as to track back. Players should hope to dribble past Premier League defenders with 85 Pace and Dribbling.

FIFA 23 Diogo Jota

Romelu Lukaku - 86

Romelu Lukaku is a skillful finisher with a high Strength stat who makes himself felt within the box. He can humiliate underdog teams during regular play and is a threat on set pieces. The four-star weak foot belongs to the left-footed superstar from Belgium. In FIFA 23, Lukaku has a total score of 86. His shooting and physicality, both of which are rated at 85 and 82, respectively, are his two strongest playing traits. He is the game's strongest striker thanks to his 95 Strength. Few goalies are able to save anything he puts on the frame when you combine it with his 87 Shot Power.

Ciro Immobile - 86

For Lazio in Italy, Ciro Immobile is indeed a fox in the box. His statistics are even, with shooting being his strongest area. Immobile is not the finest dribbler, but when he is directly in front of the goal, he can do amazing things, like score a lot of goals. The striker rating for Immobile represents his recent on-field success. He has an overall rating of 86 and can also play center forward with an 83 rating. His finishing, which stands at an astounding 91, is his finest stat. Immobile performs best on a squad that can get the ball to him in risky spots close to the goal. He only needs a little bit of room and distance to have a chance to score.

Lautaro Martinez - 86

A dynamic striker, Lautaro Martinez has stats in the upper 90s and 90s in almost every area. He will make every effort to join the attack after being dispossessed due to his high and medium offensive and defensive Work Rates. Martinez has an 86 overall rating. After the competition, the 2022 World Cup champion observed an improvement in his stats and obtained a World Cup Phenom Ultimate Team card with a rating of 89. His 83 Pace as well as 85 Dribbling enable him to evade defenders, allowing his finishing stats to stand out.

Erling Haaland - 88

The name Erling Haaland has suddenly risen to the top of the soccer world. He must be included in any ranking of the top FIFA players, much alone a list of the finest athletes overall. Haaland is a strong, swift striker who can advance both on and off the ball. Haaland ranks third among all strikers in FIFA 23 with an 88 rating. For anyone faced with defending him, his otherworldly shooting stats & sky-high Physicality are terrifying. Haaland easily gets goals by bulldozing his way past center-backs.

FIFA 23 Erling Haaland

Harry Kane - 89

In FIFA 23, Harry Kane poses a threat from all angles. The Spurs and England international is a constant challenger for the starting striker position in every situation. He makes a strong asset to an English Premier League Ultimate Team and combines well with other England attackers and midfielders. Kane's excellent Positioning and Shooting ratings make him a threat wherever on the field, whether he is upfront by himself as either a target man or sharing the striker position with some other player in the formation. He now has a FIFA 23 overall rating of 89, one point off his high 90 from FIFA 22.

Cristiano Ronaldo - 90

Historically, one of the top strikers to add to your squad is Cristiano Ronaldo. He still ranks among the top five strikers despite a big rating reduction from previous FIFA games. He still has a magical weak foot and a skill rating of five stars. In FIFA 23, Ronaldo gets a rating of 90 overall. He is a fantastic striker both inside and outside of the box thanks to some of the strongest attacking numbers in the game, including a Finishing rating of 93 and a Long Shot rating of 90. Plus, anytime he scores a goal, you get to perform his trademark celebration. Siu!

Robert Lewandowski - 91

One of the greatest goal-scorers in sports history is Robert Lewandowski. He is the second-best striker in FIFA 23 due to his ability to drastically alter the course of a game in a couple of minutes. With 94 Finishing, Lewandowski is a goal-scoring machine. He's your go-to player if you're having trouble scoring goals. Lewandowski is not only dangerous on the ground, in addition to being skilled at putting the ball in the back of the net. He has a 91 overall rating, which makes him one of the top all-around strikers in FIFA 23, thanks to his high Finishing and 91 heading accuracy.

FIFA 23 Robert Lewandowski

Kylian Mbappe - 91

In FIFA 23, Kylian Mbappe has the highest striker rating. The French superstar is the face of soccer's future generation for good reason - he won the World Cup and is a deadly goal scorer. Mbappe is not only the best striker in the game, but he is also the fastest. All of Mbappe's statistics are extraordinary. He has a 91 overall rating, 97 in pace, 92 in dribbling, five-star skill movements, a four-star weak foot, and everything else a striker should have. Mbappe is certain to have an influence on your squad whether you choose to add him to your FIFA Ultimate Team or purchase out his contract in career mode.


Depending on the style and formation you're using, there is something to take into account while selecting your strikers in FIFA 23. If you intend to play at least 2 seasons in Career Mode, some players have stronger inherent growth potential than others, and this will have a significant effect on your team. This brings us to the conclusion of our ranking of FIFA 23's top strikers and we hope you’ll now be making the best choice when it comes to strikers.

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