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How to Create A Successful Franchise Mode in NBA 2K23

There are a lot of franchises in The NBA over the years and every one of them has seen the ups and downs in the game. But most importantly, each one of them consisted of strong support and management brains behind them. If that is the case, so why do some of them become successful and some of them not? Well, there is no specific answer to that question but it boils down to some of the decisions taken both on the field and off the field.

Each element or factor determines the outcome of your team. Also, there is some amount of luck involved. But luck is something you cannot control although rest everything you can and if you try to do everything right, think about everything you do, and follow them carefully you might have already defeated a lot of other players who are not doing it right now. Here in this special guide created through a lot of research and experience, we will help you do exactly the same so please stay till the end.

What is the franchise mode and why is it important?

If you are new and never heard of it or just starting out, this section is important for you. The franchise mode was always present in the game but it has been overhauled in this new edition which almost makes it feel like something new. The MyNBA Eras, which is a fitting name does what its name suggests. It lets to visit different eras and play like you were present in those eras. It almost feels like you have total control over the course of history as you can change or re-create it based on what you want it to be.

You are provided with a lot of features in this game and it can be difficult to keep track of them. So you can do all of the below in this mode: 

Dive into different eras in histories such as 1983, 1991, and 2002 or if you wanna live in the present, you can choose the current one. Of course, you can sign and trade players for your team here. You can even create your own branding, jerseys, and even courts which you think might be even cooler than it was before. Also, you can actually delve into the experience that er with the styles and music of that time. And don’t forget to unlock new content and rewards as well.

NBA 2K23 Franchise Mode

Now let us understand why this mode is so crucial in the game and learning and mastering this mode would really enhance your experience of this game. This mode gives you a more unique perspective and really broadens your mind as you get to understand how and why the game has changed and reached its current stage which would also help you predict and analyze its future of it. Also, who doesn’t want to relive and experience the iconic moments and memorable vents that have happened which we were not a part of at that time. To unlock some of these, you will have to spend Silver Coins. If you are falling short of these coins, get them for real money.

Buy Albion Online Silver Coins from MMOPixel to unlock full Franchise Mode in the game. Make in-game purchases using the coins to get an edge over other players.

Challenges in Franchise Mode

Remember you are the owner of your team here and it is your responsibility that everything is going well within your team. You need to focus on all the different aspects of this business by yourself. Ofcourse you need money to run your team. You will have to manage the inflow of your money through revenue and outflow of it through expenditure.

Your team will only perform if there is a healthy culture within your team. The self-esteem and morale of players are boosted If there is honesty and balance in your team which comes from its goals and identity. Every team has its own style which even differs based on era and location. You need to be a quick learner and adapt to situations as they may differ from time to time due to changes in rules and events.

Overcoming the challenges

Each challenge can be different you may have to think on your feet in real-time to counter them so there is no fixed method of overcoming them but it mostly depends on how you perceive those situations. Here are some tips on how to start solving when you encounter them:

  • Keep a cool mind and try to be relaxed and calm. The games can be quite stressful but maintaining your cool will result in having a better grasp of the situation.

  • Always look at the resources you have currently and try to work around them. There is a reason they are in your team and stick to their strengths. 

  • Always have a sight on your end goal. It is okay if things do not go as you planned. It happens with everyone but you should not change your goal because of it as your goal was decided beforehand based on your resources and there is no reason it should be changed midway.

  • The last thing is to look at what is at your opponent’s team and try to assess their strategies. You will also learn a lot of strategies and tactics when playing enough games so always keep those in mind and try to learn from them.

Mistakes you need to avoid

Here are a few things you should be careful about while managing your team:

  • Every player needs an incentive to play for your team. You should know the true worth of your players which would help you understand how much you need to spend on them. Overplaying or underpaying them will not only impact your budget but also create a rift in your team. 

  • A lot of time we make impulse decisions and then regret them later on. This happens mostly when we are doing trades or drafting players. Even if you think you are getting a great deal, you should still wait and analyze if the player really fits in your team or not. This will help you make better decisions.

  • Often we are confident about our knowledge and don’t bother to look at our surroundings. This mostly happens when playing in different eras. Every era has its own way of playing, different rules and regulations, and even the tactics teams use. A thorough understanding of the same will benefit you greatly in the long run.

NBA 2K23 Franchise Mode Guide

Benefits of a successful franchise

Creating a successful franchise is definitely not an easy task but there is a lot to gain from it. Here are things to look forward to: 

  • When you achieve something that is difficult for many people, you gain recognition from it. People will see you as an inspiration and try to learn from your franchise. Don’t forget about the internal satisfaction and confidence you will get from it.

  • Access to a lot of rewards along with achievements, trophies, etc. to show to your friends and other players. Also, new options will unlock for you in the mode giving you more control and customization in the game.

Things to do at the starting phase

There is something most people underestimate while playing the game that is doing the right things from the start. Most often people don’t pay attention to this but regret it later on. We don’t want you to make the mistake. So if you have just started your franchise, you must look into these things right from the start:

  • Advance planning - You should have a fair idea of where and how you need to move with your franchise. The more you brainstorm this, the more ideas you will generate. This will be the foundation of your team building.

  • In-game preferences - It is tempting to start the game and test yourself on the highest stage with the most difficult settings but you need to take it slow. You should always learn on the basic level and adjust your settings and options based on it.

  • Team evaluation - After you have created your team, it is not ideal to just jump into the game straightaway. You must first understand your team’s statistics. In simple terms, you need to know in which areas my team is strong and will have an advantage and vice versa. You also need to create strategies to counter your weaknesses. Going into the game without any plan will result in you coming out on the other side of the result more often than not.

NBA 2K23 Gameplay


To conclude, I think we all can agree that handling franchises can be tricky at times but having sufficient knowledge and understanding and following the things we have discussed above can overcome the challenges both of which we have discussed as well. Also following your game instincts with these points in hand will give you the best results. We hope this article was able to help you with this topic and we would bring you more articles like these in the future. Do read our beginner's guide to Albion Online for a better grasp at the game.

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