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How to do Strike Mission in Guild Wars 2

There is a specific type of mission that people are usually curious about, named Strike Missions. Every endgame build requires them and they are considered the core pillars of endgame in Guild Wars 2. So, here in this guide, we are going to discuss the Strike Missions and tell you How to do Strike Missions in Guild Wars 2. 

What are Strike Missions

Strike Missions are not the regular missions that you do solo. Rather, they are group-based missions that require around one to ten players for PvE Content. There is usually a battle where you fight the boss, and the difficulty of Strike Missions is somewhere between Raids and Open World.

Just like we mentioned, they are the End Game core pillar for Guild Wars 2, which is specifically made for players who reached Level 80. Furthermore; the Strike Missions are divided based on their difficulty level.

How to have them?

To be eligible for Strike Missions you need to have access to the Path of Fire expansion. To reach the destination, you will have to pass through the portal for a respective mission like the Eye of North Strike Portal or the Scrying Pool. 

For the Festive Strikes, you will have to pass through the festive portal and there is no need for expansion for that case

Guide to all Strike Missions in Guild Wars 2

This image shows some Strike Mission Bosses in Guild Wars 2

There are a total of around seven Strike Missions in Guild Wars 2. Here we will go through each one of them in detail while guiding you on how to do them.

Shiverpeaks Pass

This is the First Strike Mission that is available in the Shiverpeaks Pass. You will most probably encounter Legendary Icebrood Construct here and the rewards are;

  • Chilly Chaise Chest 

  • Hatched Chili Pepper Home Instance Node

  • Ebon Vanguard Shoulder

Walkthrough and Tips

To pass through the icy bounders, you have to simply use Dodge or Stability after running into the zone. There is a Jumping Puzzle right up front, which you have to simply navigate and take all the time you need for that. 

There are broken bridges, after a few rocks, on your right side. You can simply use the Glide Skill to pass through it and have the wall on your right again. Stick with the wall and you will have to take small steps to reach the broken pillars. After you run up from there, you can effortlessly light the beacon. 

Few people know it, but once a team member reaches that spot of beacon, the others can simply teleport. For the Boss, you need to keep healing and be careful around 50 percent health of the boss.

Claw and Voice of the Fallen

This is the second Strike Mission that is available in the Sanctum Arena and you have to get the Vigilance Essence Manipulation Mastery to Tier 2 to meet the chest reward requirement. 

The bosses you will face are the Voice and the Claw, the Voice of Fallen, and the Claw of Fallen. On the reward side, you can possibly get;

  • Sandals from Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial

  • Eitrite Ingot

  • Maw Box of Ice Golem

  • Totem of Boneskinner

 Walkthrough and Tips

The major issue here is the AoE attack, and you have to save yourself from the red zone to be safe. Getting the Pylon Buff is also a requirement, you have to be full and the best method is to bring both the Claw and the Voice together. 

Fraenir of Jormag

This is the third Strike Mission that you can also find in the Sanctum Arena. You will fight two bosses here named the Icebrood Construct and the Fraenir of Jormag. The Rewards you can possibly get are;

  • Totem of Boneskinner

  • Maw Box of Ice Golem

  • Eitrite Ingot

  • Sandals from Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial

Walkthrough and Tips

Ice shards and red circles are the only things you need to avoid. Red means an AoE attack, while there is an explosion with Ice Shards. At around 75 percent health, the boss will change the form and you can attach crystals to save yourself from spawns.


You can also find this fourth Strike Mission in Sanctum Arena. The only boss you need to be aware of here is Boneskinner himself. To open the chest for reward, you need to have the Resilience Essence Manipulation Mastery at Tier 2.

Furthermore, the rewards you can possibly gain from this mission are;

  • Totem of Boneskinner

  • Ritual Vial of Boneskinner

  • Raven’s Gilded Reliquary

  • Ancient Boreal Weapon Skin Container

  • Maw Box of Ice Golem

  • Eitrite Ingot

Walkthrough and Tips

When you enter this mission, make sure to pack up more healing items and also abilities. Quickly go to Pylon by skipping torches. To fight Boneskinner's boss, you need to have a party and notice the movement of this boss.

Some circles appear and the right of the boss also raises. Go left when this happens. It is a slow attack from the boss and you can heal within the timing. The ones you just have to dodge are circles that appear underneath each player.

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Whisper of Jormag

You will find this Strike Mission in the Whispering Depths, where you will have to fight the Whisper of Jormag. If you succeed in return you will get;

  • Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Garb

  • Rib of the Boneskinner

  • Maw Box of the Ice Golem

Walkthrough and Tips

For a buff, you will have to trigger Pylon. On the boss side, you need to take into consideration a few dangerous attacks. At the time all the teammates go into the air through the Whisper Uppercuts, you need to glide to save yourself from falling damage.

The red circles that indicate AoE attack are also dangerous and you only need to get away from the circle. When the boss reaches 75 percent health, this is the ability of the boss that makes clones of your teammates. Don’t use ability or skills on them.

Forging Steel

You can find this Strike Mission in the Eye of the North, where you will have to fight the Ancient Forgeman. In return, you will only get the Stone Summit Armor, which is incredible.

Walkthrough and Tips

This one is without a doubt the longest Strike Mission out of the Bunch. You have to grind your way and finish it. There are tasks here and the first one is hitting quests of different types. You need to help Warband with the quests.

There are dummies up front, which you will need to hit as fast as you can while reloading the gun. In the south, there will be NPCs and you need to kill them. In case you don’t want to, you can simply collect tonic ingredients at North while going West and helping Sniper.

After this, you will have various other quests or phases and the most effortless one is Escort. You can make it even more effortless by using buffs for speed and a healing tank. 

Use that tank to blow down the doors after reaching them and at the bridge, you will have to use the three runes and stand on them. In this way, you will open it and finally, fight the Giant Forgeman boss.

Always destroy portals and take runes for buffs, while using heal on tank regularly. Three times use that Tank to put Harpoon on the boss as the defense bar starts to fill up. This will in return allow you to lock him and they do as much damage as you can.

Cold War

You will find this Strike Mission in the Wolf’s Crossing area, where you will have to fight the Minister of Morale. In return, you will get an exceptional reward by the name of Bear Ceremonial Armor.

Walkthrough and Tips

Here you will have to work with the team. When you get the Pylon, the Boss activates and a Helicopter adds on above. You need to get a player that shoots down the Helicopter. 

There are waves here, at the first 10 minutes there are other enemies that come at you. You will have to wait for the boss and watch specifically the pulses or Shockwaves of the boss. Dodge them immediately. 

When the boss comes to attack you, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the AoE, Firewall, or the Charr Cars attack. Finally, at the time the boss says Assassins Strike Quickly, just use Dodge whatever you have left.

Final Verdict

Strike Missions are without a doubt one of the hardest missions in Guild Wars 2. To do them, you need proper guidance on when to dodge or when to take a buff. To help you figure these things out we made this guide specifically. 

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