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How to Get Fish Fillet, Fish Oil and Fish Guts in New World

MMORPGs heavily rely on resource accumulation from various places, and New World follows the same pattern. One of these important resources comes from fish. 

In this guide, we will show you how to attain said fish resources with ease, showing everything, including the basics. Grinding enough of these materials can be very profitable and help you grind New World coins, thus being a financial boon.


Amazon games have put in quite the effort in the crafting system in New World, and it shows. Unfortunately, for the new players, this can be very confusing and can make them drop the game immediately. We don't want to see anyone leave a game they might fall in love with; hence we will equip you with the best knowledge. What are these items, and why do I need to grind for them?

  • Fish Fillet: This is the base item for any fish-based food, thus making it quite important.

  • Fish Oil: This item helps you create cooking oil, which is used in many dishes provided in the game.

  • Fish Guts: This item is used while crafting equipment to give them attribute bonuses.

These items can also be sold for the player to earn some cash. This guide is meant for those new players. You first need to get fish to make fish fillets, oils, and guts. Some methods are:

Method #1 – Fishing

Who would have thought acquiring fish would have been through fishing? However, fishing is one of the basic activities in this game, and to perform this activity; you need to make sure you have a fishing pole.

New World Fishing

Don't have a fishing pole and have no idea how to get one? If you follow the main questline, you can do a few beginner quests, and after speaking to Master Fisher Michael Shields, he will provide you with a wooden fishing pole. Please note that this is the most basic one. 

If you somehow lost your fishing pole, no worries! You need one Fibre and 1 Green Wood. Fibers are harvested from hemp, a long plant with pinkish tips. As for green wood, it is one of the most common resources. They can be harvested from bushes and trees. Now approach a workshop and craft yourself a pole!

Now that you have a fishing pole, it's time to craft some bait. This is optional, but we recommend this step to boost your chances. The easiest bait at the early level is Nightcrawler/Glowworm Bait. They can be found when you collect flints. Nightcrawler is attainable during nighttime, while glowworm is procured during the day.

Now that you are all geared up, it's time to venture towards a water body. Once you find one, equip your bait and press F3 to start fishing. Keep fishing till you have enough variety of fish. The best spots for early game fishing are – West of Windward Hamlet and Primrose, and beginners are recommended to fish from these locations. Searching fish in the game will highlight popular fishing spots on the player's map if you are struggling to locate fishing spots.

There are broad, rare, and secret hotspots, each favoring a different type of fish rarity. Make sure to explore the map enough to find these hotspots to make your fishing sessions worth it!

Fish Fillets

Salvaging enough fish will give you basic fish fillets. They aren't that hard to come by. However, one must be careful and more diligent regarding their variations, tender and firm fish fillets. These varieties are harder to procure, and you might need better bait and/or fishing rods, as you need better quality fish like catfish, halibut, swordfish, etc. 

Tender and Firm fish fillets are better items as they provide better health recovery, so if you have better gear, it's better to go for them. The highest quality fish fillet is Delicate Fish Fillet, and you can get it by salvaging Electric Eels. You need high-quality bait and a high-tier fishing rod for Delicate Fish Fillet, so grind accordingly.

Fish Guts

Apart from Fish Fillets, fish guts are also procured while salvaging fish. Fish guts are important for crafting different sets/weapons; you can use them to get bonuses in Dexterity and Intelligence stat. Keep in mind that fish guts are a rare item and can only be salvaged through rare fish, so if you don't have high-level bait and/or a high-tier fishing rod, be sure to grind for it.

After salvaging the fish, you can find your fish guts in the Crafting Mods section in your inventory. However, be sure to use them smartly, you don't want to expend such resources carelessly now!

Fish Oil

Fish oil isn't the most popular item in the game, but that isn't to say it's useless. It's used to make cooking oil, which is used in many such recipes in the game. It follows the same process as Fish Guts and Fish Fillet, which is salvaging fish. It can usually be salvaged from common and uncommon fishes, so it is relatively beginner friendly. 

To make cooking oil, the recipe is 2 fish oil along with 1 nut. This cooking oil can be thus used in many recipes. An example is the culmination of all the materials we have discussed – The canned Fish Sample. It includes 1 cooking recipe, 3 fish fillets, and 3 fish oil.

New World Fishing Gameplay

Method #2 - Purchasing Items

If you are struggling to fish or getting tired of the grind, there is another way to grind for these fish items. Simply trading with in-game vendors can help you purchase it in exchange for New World coins. 

This is an MMORPG, which means that players help one another. Chances are there is a player out there with way too many fishes and wants to get rid of them. So they will set up a sales order on the trading post, which you can use and buy items from them. This is great if you don't have time to fish and just want some fish.

However, you do need New World coins to buy from them. It sure would be unpleasant if you wanted to buy fish and simply didn't have the money. Fortunately, an easy fix for this is acquiring New World coins in exchange for real money.

If you need them, you can click on our website MMOPixel to buy New World Coins. We provide the best service.

But why Fishing?

Fishing is one of the rewarding actions in this game and can be upgraded with enough time and dedication. Make sure you invest enough time and have enough materials for cooking whatever seafood you want. Apart from being greedy, there is a scope for learning, as you need to learn when to sell your items/when to salvage them. Gathering fish fillets, guts, and oil is essential for cooking, which helps boost your stats and helps you in pinch situations.

Hopefully, this guide was useful in showing you how to fish and easily get the best fishing materials. We hope to see you at the nearest water body with your fishing rod reeled in!

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