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How to Get Rich in Palworld Quickly - Early Passive Gold Farming Guide

Palworld might be an open-world game with Pals that you can collect and make an army of your own, but it still requires Gold Coins, the main in-game currency to purchase items and expand the base, leveling up in return. Here we have the Best Early Passive Gold Farming Guide, where we will share details on how to get Rich Quickly in Palworld.

How to Get Rich in Palworld Quickly - Early Passive Gold Farming Guide

Gold Coins are surprisingly hard to get if you are not using proper strategies and farming methods, because traveling, fighting, and opening chests only give you a small amount, which is not enough for purchasing at a merchant.

Fortunately, we have our hands on a new and best method to farm Gold Coins in Palworld, and it also works passively, meaning you can just be a part of the adventure, while all the Gold is being produced right in your base. Let’s get started.

Mau Passive Gold Farming

Mau Passive Gold Farming Method in Palworld

One of the best methods to get Rich Quickly in Palworld early on is by catching Mau - A dark cat-like creature, and creating a ranch to farm passive gold coins in the base. You can further pair it with a transporter inside the base, and all of this would be automated.

When the Mau’s dig gold in their ranch, the transporters will carry it to the container themselves. You don’t have to be available at the spot to pick it up. Here’s how to do the Mau Passive Gold Farming Method.

The process consists of the following things:

  1. Capturing Mau

  2. Creating Ranch

  3. Putting Transporters in the base

Now, let us get to the depth of all of these points below.

How to find and capture Mau in Palworld?

Mau is a unique little Pal that resembles a black cat and is referred to as a dark Pal, unlike others that are considered light Pals. You can find these little creatures in dungeons, but not all of them will help you capture these unique creatures.

So, one dungeon that always gives you Mau’s to capture is “Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance”. It is also quite close to the start of the game, so this makes it quite accessible for early-game players. The coordinates are "118, -423".

How to find and capture Mau in Palworld?

The average level of this creature is around Level 10, again making it quite effortless to capture in the early game. 

Note: The Mau Pals aren’t that bulky or tanky, therefore you need to beat them solo and capture them at the end. If you summon your Pals to fight, they can kill this creature.

Go through the whole dungeon to find around 4 to 5 Mau’s at a time. You can come back again to get more creatures. 

Creating Ranch

To create a Ranch in Palworld, you need to be Level 5 at least. Head over to the Technology Tree, and there you can access the blueprint for your Ranch. 

Open the Build Menu in Palworld, and find the Pal Section that occupies the Ranch. Around your base, find a suitable spot to build the Ranch. Put your captured Mau’s here, and after 15 to 20 minutes you can earn around 1k Gold Coins minimum.

Allocating Transporters in Base

We are talking about how to get Rich in Palworld Quickly in the early game, and therefore, you need to have some early game transporters like Tanzee that can pick up the Gold Coin Bags from the Mau’s Ranch and put them in the container while you are away.

Note: This is a passive Gold Coin Farming method in Palworld that you can start utilizing early on in the game, without needing much of anything except Level 5 for Ranch, and capturing Mau’s from a Level 10 Dungeon. 

As more and more Mau you find, you can make a Ranch and allocate these Mau’s in the Ranch to earn more Gold passively, becoming Rich overnight in Palworld. 

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Selling and Trading Items and Pals to Merchants

Selling and Trading Items and Pals to Merchants to get Rich in Palworld

While the Mau Ranch Gold Farming method is by far the best, another thing that you can do on the side is Selling and Trading your Items and Pals to Merchants. We know that there are three types of Merchants:

  1. Traveling/Wandering Merchant who buys and sells items/materials

  2. Pals Merchant who buys and sells Pals

  3. Black Merchant/Marketeer who buys and sells rare and illegal Pals

The first two can be found in the Small Settlement. You can head there and sell the Pals and Items that aren’t of any use. Then, if you are into stealing or capturing Pals illegally, you can head over to Black Merchant and sell them for a good amount of Gold Coins.

If you want to do it passively, there is another method as well. Head over to the South or Central part of the map, near the Desolate Church and you can find small creatures known as Vixy. You can also find some in the Sandy Clearing.

These are quite like Mau’s but not only provide Gold Coins, rather Arrows and Pal Spheres as well. You can take them and sell these resources for some Gold at the Merchant. 

Fighting and Capturing Humans

As your adventure goes on, you can find other human beings as well. Most of them are not harmful to you, but rather your allies, but others are in black suits, called the Syndicate Soldiers, that will attack you. 

You can fight these human beings to capture them and bring them to the Black Merchant for an extra amount of Gold. On the other side, you can defeat them and earn some Gold from their pockets.


While Palworld itself doesn’t give you much Gold Coins from activities or simply the Pal Capture, you can pair some steps together to make Passive Gold Farming early on in the game, making you rich overnight. One of the Best Gold Farming Methods early on is Mau’s Ranch Passive Gold Farming, in which you can capture Dark Mau, create a Ranch, and allocate him to the Ranch. It can earn you Gold Passively, and that is how to get Rich in Palworld as quickly as possible. But, there are other methods as well like trading/selling your items to Wandering Merchant, trading/selling your Legal Pals to Pals Merchant, and finally, trading/selling your illegal Pals, and capturing Humans to Black Marketeer/Black Merchant. Read the guide to get rich in Palworld early on in the game.

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