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How to Get Unique Armor in Star Citizen?

Star Citizen has some of the most beautiful and exquisite Cosmetics, as well as Armor in the game. But, the main issue is that they are equally difficult to get. Don’t worry, here is a complete Guide on How to Get Unique Armor in Star Citizen, just for you.

Getting aUEC for Star Citizen Items

With Star Citizen 3.18, there are a ton of new features and opportunities for players. The Star System is completely changed along with Standon and that all adds up to the Star Citizen Experience. When you complete Missions and Tasks in the game, you will get aUEC, as well as other rewards. 

You can further utilize it to Buy various items in the game including Shiny Armor, Vehicles, and Ships to explore The Verse. You can also Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC from MMOPixel.com if you are into an easy way around. 

Why Buy Unique Armor in Star Citizen?

It isn’t a secret that you are in Space exploring the Vast Universe. For that, you will require the Armor. The more expensive an Armor is, the more it will be Unique and players will be standing out in the Crowd. 

But that’s not all, with the Unique Armor, you will get various benefits like more Shield, Space-Time, Technology Access, and so on. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for Regular Players of Star Citizen to get Unique Armor in the game. 

But the question is How to Get Unique Armor in Star Citizen? You can Buy the typical Armor from the Vendors, but Unique Armor is kind of difficult to get. Here in this Guide, we will show you the best ways to get access to the Star Citizen 3.18 Unique Armor.

How to Get Unique Armor in Star Citizen 3.18

There are several ways to get the Unique Armor in Star Citizen 3.18, mostly depending on the location. Below, we will be breaking down all the Best Locations to Get Unique Armor in Star Citizen 3.18

Outposts and Bunkers

Just like we already mentioned that there are various methods to get Unique Armor in the Star Citizen Locations, but all of that depends on luck. There are some locations that will truly help you get the Unique Armor like Outposts and Bunkers. 

Here, you can effortlessly find exceptional locations for boxes that you can loot including Armor and Weapons. There is no pay for entering these locations and there are also no fees for finding loot here. That acts as a massive plus point. 

But, you can get the missions that can let you get here and interact with various points. These will be two things at the same time without wasting even a second of your time, petrol, assets, and so on. 

When you take the Delivery Missions in these locations, you can enter the Outposts that have around one or two Boxes to Loot. Amazingly, even in these Loot Boxes, you can find Unique Armor. There is a chance here, but not a surety. 

The Location and the area are also filled with AI enemies that you have to engage later on in the Missions. When you are lucky enough to find the Unique Armor, you will get a boost and fighting will be easier. 

If you don’t want to take Missions and get here, you can also indulge in Trading Stuff, and through that, you can Find Armor Boxes. 

You are looking for Unique Armor and that means you are either someone experienced or someone who plays Star Citizen regularly. Someone who is known to this game doesn’t want to get the typical missions.

If you are one of the experienced people, you can go for the Bunker Missions which will give you a much higher chance of finding Loot Boxes in the area. There will be around three to five Loot Boxes, having various sizes and they can give you a higher guarantee of Unique Armor, Weapons, and other Armor. 

There is a Large Red Container that will be spawned in the area that will be guaranteed to give you Armor and Weapons. If you somehow know these locations, you will be a master at searching for loot in bunkers. 

We can give you one Tip in our Guide on How to get Unique Armor in Star Citizen 3.18. Don’t try to overdo things here and don’t mess with the guards. If you shoot them, you may end up in the Star Citizen 3.18 Prison.

If you are looking for a Matching Unique Armor, then it will take a while but don’t be disheartened because the reward is surely worth every second of your precious time. Even if things don’t go in your way, you can always sell the Complete Unique Armor Set for a huge stack of money. 

Don’t throw off the Sets in the game if they aren’t completed. Just keep them with you all the time because no one knows when you might get all the bits completed. 

Loved the Guide? Well, you can also take a look at our Amazing Farming Guide to Star Citizen. 

From the Game Events

Yes, the good old way of getting Unique Armor in Star Citizen. The Game Events are things that you can go after and in return you will get Unique Armor, Experience, and a ton of other Rewards. 

The last known event was around 2022 Halloween which gave that beautiful Face Mask to players as a set of Unique Armor. Just like everything else, you could potentially lose it, but there is always a copy attached to your Account. 

After Star Citizen 3.18, you will find the Halloween Masks in your account if you were to participate in the Game Event.

Just like before, you will have to go back to the Outpost and loot the boxes with Red Color. There are farming locations on planets like Hurston that make it easy to take on various trips and get these Rare Items or Unique Armor.

If you missed all of this, you can still wait for the upcoming Game Events and participate in them to earn various Special Items, including Unique Armor. 


The good old method of Trading is also a way How to Get Unique Armor in Star Citizen. Even after the 3.18 update, you can get Unique Armor Sets by simply Trading in the game. 

There are always players who are looking for Unique Armor. You can either give them the Bits they need to complete there, or you can sell the unnecessary ones to get aUEC in return. 

Another thing could be that you give the Player what he or she needs and in return you get from them what you need. You can schedule a meeting with another player and in return trade Items through the Mo-Trader app for Find Transfer. 

There is also a danger of Scamming here that’s why we didn’t mention it before in our Guide on How to Get Unique Armor in Star Citizen 3.18. But, you will find communities that are friendly and known for their good Trading Skills. 

If you don’t want to get into the Trouble of Trading, you can go for the other methods for getting the Unique Armor. You can go for the Cargo Ship method which allows you to carry various Armor sets when it comes to Trading.

Star Citizen Pledge Store

Last but not least, the final method we are going to mention for Getting Unique Armor in Star Citizen is through the Pledge Store. You can spend your real-time money to get the Unique Armor that you always wanted. But with the Real Money, you will get Star Citizen aUEC and through those aUEC, you can get the stuff you wanted. The issue here is that aUEC is a lot more expensive and in fewer amounts through RSI

Don’t know how or where to get aUEC cheaper? Well, we got you covered because here at MMOPixel.com, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC in bulk without breaking the bank. You can also Buy Cheap Packages and Ships from here as well.

This is by far the best and easiest method that you can use to Get Unique Armor in the game. Bought things are attached to your RSI account and available in your Inventory.

Final Verdict

These are all the details and best methods on How to get Unique Armor in Star Citizen 3.18. Just make sure that when you don’t have any experience in Trading or don’t have enough aUEC for Pledge Store, go straight to the Bunker/Outpost Location, as well as the Game Events. Simple as that!

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