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How to Play Lockdown Defense in NBA 2K23

Across the world, millions of people participate in the sport of basketball. Playing lockdown defence is one of the game's most thrilling features. Playing lockdown defence in NBA 2K23, the newest instalment of the well-known video game franchise, can be a difficult yet rewarding experience. We will provide you some advice and ideas in this post to help you strengthen your lockdown defence and advance as a player.

Understanding the Basics of Defense

It is crucial to comprehend the fundamentals of defence before we get into the nuances of lockdown defence which is one of the game's most thrilling features among all defensive badges. Man-to-man defence and zone defence are the two main strategies for stopping your opponent from scoring on defence.

In man-to-man defence, one player from the opposing team is defended, whereas in zone defence, one portion of the court is defended. You will largely employ man-to-man defence in NBA 2K23. Your main objective when playing man-to-man defence is to stop your opponent from driving to the basket or obtaining an open shot. Keep your hands up to block shots and remain between your opponent and the basket.

NBA 2K23 Defense

Use the Right Controller Settings

Use of the proper controller settings is one of the most important components of playing lockdown defence in NBA 2K23. The Pro Stick controls are what the game by default employs, allowing you to execute defensive manoeuvres with the right analogue stick. Buttons are preferred by certain players when playing defence. We advise switching to the button controls in the options section if you are one of those gamers. You may then utilise the buttons to execute defensive actions like thefts and blocks.

Play tight defense:

Playing tight defence is essential for playing lockdown defence. This entails keeping close to your adversary, limiting their alternatives, and denying them room to manoeuvre. To hinder your opponent's ability to shoot, pass, or dribble, you must always keep your hands up and stay in their face.

A compact defence demands solid body placement and footwork. Hold down the left trigger on your controller to adopt a defensive stance and keep a close eye on your adversary. Your player will be able to move swiftly as a result and respond to your opponent's motions. To stay up with your opponent and make them commit errors, move laterally.

Master the Defensive Stance

In NBA 2K23, a solid defence starts with the defensive posture. Press and hold the left trigger on your controller to assume a defensive stance. Your player will crouch and assume a defensive stance as a result. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent when in the defensive posture. You will be able to move fast and respond to your opponent's actions as a result.

Anticipate Your Opponent's Moves

You must foresee your opponent's movements in order to perform lockdown defence. Try to predict where they will go next by observing their motions and body language. For instance, your adversary is more likely to attempt a drive to the left side of the court if they are dribbling the ball with their left hand. Put yourself between your opponent and the basket using this knowledge, and try to predict their next move.

Use the Right Defensive Moves

You may utilise a variety of defensive strategies in NBA 2K23 to stop your opponent. They consist of:

  • Steals: To take the ball from your opponent while they are dribbling it, hit the steal button (square on a PlayStation or X on an Xbox). Avoid using the steal button excessively as this might lead to a foul.


  • Blocks: When your opponent attempts a shot, press and hold the block button (triangle on a PlayStation or Y on an Xbox). With blocking, timing is essential, so be careful to hone it throughout the game.


  • Press the right analogue stick in the opponent's general direction to terrify them. Your player will try to frighten the shooter by raising their hands in response to this. Intimidation can cause your opponent to miss shots or make mistakes.

NBA 2K23 Defensive Tactics

Communicate with Your Teammates

In NBA 2K23, communication is key when playing defence. To coordinate your defensive approach with your teammates, use your headset or the in-game chat feature. You could ask your teammate to swap with you and protect the shooter while you guard their former assignment, for instance, if you are guarding a guy who is a powerful shooter. You could also urge your teammates to switch on the screen if you see that your opponent is establishing a lot of screens in order to keep them from finding an opening.

You can maintain situational awareness and prevent defensive failures by communicating. By offering extra assistance and switching to cover their player, you may assist a teammate who is out of position or having trouble protecting their assignment.

Switch and rotate:

To play lockdown defense, you must be able to switch and rotate your players quickly. This means moving players into different positions on the court to cover open areas and defend against the opposing team. Communication is essential here, as it will allow your team to switch quickly and effectively.

To switch players, press the left bumper on your controller. This will allow you to move quickly and cover open areas on the court. To rotate players, use the right stick to point to the player you want to switch to. This will move your player into position, allowing you to effectively defend against the opposing team.

Contest shots:

In NBA 2K23, contesting shots is crucial to playing lockdown defence. Always challenge shots to lessen the chance that your opponent will score. Hold up the right stick to put your hand in your opponent's face when contesting shots.

You need to be in the proper position and at the appropriate time to successfully contest shots. Analyse your opponent's movements and prepare for their shots. To move swiftly and get closer to your opponent, use your left stick. Hold up the right stick to block the shot after you are in the proper position.

Limit fouls:

In NBA 2K23, fouls may be expensive since they might lead to free throws for the other side. Limiting fouls and preventing the other side from receiving easy scores are essential components of a lockdown defence. Maintain a safe distance from your opponent and refrain from needless contact. Never attempt thefts or blocks if you are certain that you can complete them successfully.

It's crucial to maintain composure and refrain from overcommitting on defence if you want to prevent fouls. If you are not confident you can make a play, don't reach or lunge for the ball. Maintaining your position in front of your opponent will allow you to block their shots without fouling them. 

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Utilize Defensive Settings

In addition to individual defensive moves, NBA 2K23 also allows you to adjust your defensive settings to better suit your playstyle. You can access defensive settings by pressing the Options button on PlayStation or the Menu button on Xbox, then selecting Defensive Settings.

Some of the key defensive settings you can adjust include:

  • On-Ball Pressure: This setting controls how closely your player guards the ball handler. You can choose from tight, moderate, or loose pressure.


  • Off-Ball Pressure: This setting controls how closely your player guards their assignment when they do not have the ball. You can choose from deny, moderate, or off.


  • Help defense: While you are defending the ball handler, your teammates might be more or less aggressive in assisting you. You have the option of no help, light help, or heavy help.

You may devise a more effective defensive plan and make it harder for your opponent to score by modifying these variables to fit your playstyle.

NBA 2K23 Defensive Settings

Practice, Practice, Practice

Lastly, practise is the key to playing lockdown defence in NBA 2K23. You will get better at predicting your opponent's actions and putting your defensive plan into action as you play and practise your defensive moves more. To improve your defensive abilities, use the game's training modes and practise exercises. To choose your finest defensive strategy, practise against various opponents and try out various defensive settings. You may learn the defensive techniques of professional basketball players by watching films of them in addition to playing in the game. Take note of their placement, footwork, and motions, then try to imitate them in the game.


It might be difficult yet rewarding to play lockdown defence in NBA 2K23. You can become a formidable defender and contribute to your team winning more games by learning the fundamentals of defence, using the proper controller settings, anticipating your opponent's moves, employing the proper defensive moves, communicating with your teammates, utilising defensive settings, and practising. You are well on your way to improving as an NBA 2K23 player if you use these tricks and tactics.

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