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How to Trade Pals in Palworld - Trading Guide

An open-world survival game like Palworld takes the heart of every gamer with its sheer concept and versatility. Pocket Pair, the developers behind Palworld also added an in-game trading system that allows you to Trade Pals. Want to learn more? Here, we have a proper trading guide that discusses how to Trade Pals in Palworld.

How to Trade Pals in Palworld - Trading Guide

Pokemon with guns - A world filled with wonderful creatures that you can capture and utilize, either in fights, building, or casually rolling around with, as they fire their guns. This is what Palworld is occasionally imagined as when first heard of.

Palworld is much more than that, as you have a whole open world, in which you can explore, increase your level, build, breed, harvest, gather resources, and progress, as you take on bigger and stronger Pals. 

There are two major ways in which you can Trade Pals in Palworld. Both of them are quite easy to get used to and afterward, you can trade your Pals with friends inside the game. Here we got details on both of them.

Trading Pals By Dropping in Multiplayer

You are not forced to traverse the massive world of Palworld alone. Thus, you can take part in the multiplayer side of the game, either with your friends or other players, making the journey much more entertaining.

Through this multiplayer mode of the game, you can also Trade Pals with others by dropping them. Here’s how to start multiplayer, and Trade Pals through it.

Joining Multiplayer Games

Creating Multiplayer in Palworld You can head over to the Palworld Settings, and from there find the World Settings. Turn on the Multiplayer. Start a new game and create a new world to get started with the Multiplayer part of the game.

Then you can share the Invite Code to invite others into your multiplayer world. There are open online servers as well that you can join. But, there is a maximum limit of 32 players that can play at the same time. 

There are all types of open servers like official game servers, servers from online communities, and so on. 

Warning: The more players are on the same server, the more laggy it will become and the performance of the game will drop. The game also doesn’t have crossplay, so you can’t Trade Pals across different servers like Xbox, PS, and PC. It can only be done with PC to PC, or Xbox to Xbox, and so on.

How to Trade Pals in Palworld Multiplayer by Dropping

Trade Pals in Palworld Multiplayer by Dropping

  1. To Trade Pals online in Palworld Multiplayer, the two players need to be on the same server or multiplayer world

  2. Get close to each other

  3. Put the trading Pals in the current party

  4. Open the party menu using P on the keyboard or the Menu button on the controller, and navigate to the party

  5. Select the Pals you want to trade or exchange with each other

  6. Press the R key on the keyboard or Right stick on the controller to drop Pals from that party

  7. The player in the same guild can pick the sphere with that Pal inside

There is no limit, and you can trade as many Pals in Palworld as you like with your friends and other multiplayer members.

Note: Anyone in the same multiplayer world can pick the Pals you drop from your party inventory. So, you need to be far off from others, and specifically close to the player whom you want to Trade your Pals with.

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Trade Pals using Palbox in Guild

In Palworld, you can also utilize the Palbox - A built-in-game mechanic to trade, exchange, and transfer Pals between parties. This method is much more secure and recommended, as there is no third-party interference here. 

But, you need to be in the same Guild before proceeding with the Palbox method to Trade Pals in Palworld.

Joining Guild in Palworld

You have to join a Guild and through that commerce a trade. Here’s how to join a guild in Palworld, whom you want to trade with.

  1. Get started with the multiplayer world of the person you want to join the guild with

  2. Search for the name

  3. Walk to them

  4. Move the camera angle just above the head

  5. Accept the Join Guild option

  6. You will join their Guild in Palworld

How to Trade Pals in Palworld using Palbox

Trade Pals in Palworld using Palbox

  1. Both, you and the friend you want to trade with, should be in the same Guild, available in the same multiplayer world

  2. Equip the Pal by pressing the F key on your keyboard or X on the controller (Pal Management Menu)

  3. Select the Pal you want to trade and drag it into the Palbox’s base section using a left mouse click or A

  4. The other person can do the same steps, moving the Pal into their party, and trading the Pals in Palworld


Brand new game Palworld is taking the gaming community by storm. There are a ton of new mechanics related to Pals that are quite like 3D versions of Pokemon. You can even equip guns on your Pals to fight powerful enemies, and if you need help, there is always a way to trade Pals for gold or stronger Pals that are more usable in your scenario. To trade the captured Pals with others, you can either utilize the Pal dropping mechanism or use the Palbox. Both of them require the character to be in the same world, but the former one is quite unsafe, as other players in the same guild can steal your Pal. The latter one, where you have to use Palbox, is quite safe and recommended as well. We have steps to utilize both of them to Trade Pals in Palworld here in our guide. 

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