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Mage Runes and Locations in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2

Hey gamers, we are back with another guide on the "Season of Discovery".This time, we will be discussing the Mage runes and locations. Indeed, while there are a total of 19 mage runes, we will only be concentrating on the seven that are accessible in Wow Classic SoD Phase 2.

What makes Mage Runes unique in Wow SoD?

Let's first discuss "What are Runes" and "What makes Mage Runes unique to the other Runes available in the game, before delving deeply into the seven Mage Runes and locations of the WoW Classic SoD Phase 2.

To answer the first question, "What are runes?" they are a special kind of gameplay mechanic found in the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. Runes provide characters with extra powers and even spells to improve their play style. 

To be more specific, Blizzard has added 7 new Mage runes to Wow Classic SoD Phase 2. These are as follows:

  • Spellfrost Bolt

  • Hot Streak

  • Missile Barrage Rune

  • Brain Freeze

  • Spell Power

  • Chronostatic Preservation

  • Frostfire Bolt

Moreover, "What distinguishes Mage Runes from the other Runes in the game?" You can obtain the Comprehension Charm by using Mage Runes. Spell Research (Horde) and Spell Research (Alliance) quests work together to grant Comprehension Charms. Mages can also convert spells and scrolls into items that advance your progress and enable you to access the Rune engravings. 

Among the 7 mage runes, 4 Mage runes will be under Belt runes- Spellfrost Bolt Rune, Hotstreak Rune, Frostfire Rune, Missile Barrage Rune while the 3 are categorized under the Boots Runes- Brain Freeze Rune, Chronostatic Preservation Rune, Spell Power Run. Before jumping to the runes details, let us tell you that completing these runes will require you to spend gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD. So make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Mage Runes in Wow Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2: Abilities and Location

Let's uncover all the Mage runes of SoD phase 2 one by one.

Mage Runes in Wow Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2

Spellfrost Bolt Rune

  • Slot: Belt

  • Ability: This ability allows you to spellfrost the enemy and slow down its mobility by 40 %. It lasts for 9 sec. This bolt of spellfrost checks against the lower of the target's Frost and Arcane resist.  

  • Location: Zul'Gurub in Stranglethorn Vale

How to get the rune

  • Reach the location mentioned, and get the Skullsplitter Mystics.

  • Get the spell note named PELFRB STOLLOTS.

  • To further use these spell notes to earn the rune, purchase the Reagent Vendors costing 30 copper and 6 silver capital cities.

  • Then, decrypt the spell note with the help of the Comprehension charm.

Frostfire Bolt Rune

  • Slot: Belt

  • Ability: Damage caused using Frostfire. This rune allows you to launch a bolt of frostfire on the enemy and as an effect slows down their mobility by 40%. The effect lasts for 9 sec.   

  • Location: Zul'Gurub in Stranglethorn Vale

How to get the rune:

  • Find the TROFF IRESTBOL spell note, to find the mage rune.

  • The spell notes are usually found when dropped from the Skullsplitter Mystic but you can also be required to make more efforts like searching in the Skullsplitter mobs.

Hot Streak Rune

  • Slot: Belt

  • Ability: imparts the Hot streak causing instant incantations. This rune comes into play whenever 2 non-periodic spell criticals are scored in a row using that Fireball, Scroch, or even Living Bomb and cast Pyroblast.

  • Location: Alterac Mountains

How to get the rune:

  • Search for the Hot Streak spell note.

  • Search for the Syndicate Thief, defeat them, and earn the Singed Note. 

  • Travel to Blacksmith Forge in Strahnband, burn the bellows using spells, and summon the Ancient Fire elemental.

  • That elemental is the key to acquiring the Hot Streak rune and heading to a new level.

Missile Barrage Rune

  • Slot: Belt

  • Ability: Adds chances to decrease channeled duration for the Arcane Missile spell up to 50%. The cost of mana is deducted completely and at every 0.5 seconds missiles are fired.

  • Location: Deadwind Pass

How to get the rune:

  • Travel through the Deadwind pass.

  • Search for a spell note called, Missile Barrage.

  • Talk to the Dalaran agent, get Ariden's Sigil from the agent, and defeat those 7 Dark riders.

  • On defeating them you will acquire the Dalaran Relics.

  • On defeating 7 dark riders, 7 relics will be earned and these dark riders will be available in various locations such as Deadwind Pass, Duskwood, Swamp of Sorrows, Badlands, Desolace, Arathi Highlands, Badlands and earn those relics.

  • Once you submit the relics to the agent, you will be offered the reward and hence the Mage rune.

Spell Power Rune

  • Slot: Boots

  • Ability: Adds a boost to spells by 50%. Empowers the mages by granting the critical strike damage control. This Spell power Rune is quite useful making the accuracy and effectiveness reach the highest accuracy while welding the arcane power.

  • Location: Desolace and many more

How to get the rune

  • This rune can be acquired by reading books.

  • A total of 20 books are to be read thus naming this quest as Greater Friend of the Library.

Chronostatic Preservation Rune

  • Slot: Boots

  • Ability: Uses Fire, Frost, and Arcane magic to freeze chronomantic energy, storing it for up to 15 seconds before releasing it. Activates a friendly target to heal them for 665 to 998, while maintaining compatibility with other spells, skills, and effects.

  • Location: Thousand Needle Zones

How to get the rune

  • To get rune, find the spellnote- Partial spellnotes.

  • Defeat the three mobs using the Oce Lance and Frostbolt. 

  • The three mobs are namely: Singed Highperch Consort, Scorched Screeching Roguefeather, and Seared Needles Cougar.

  • Once you defeat the Galak and acquire the Cougar cage key, you get to combine the spell notes and hence the rune.

Brain Freeze Rune

  • Slot: Boots

  • Ability: offers frost power combined with chilling effect. Rewards to increase 15% chance for the next fireball, frost fire spell to come into play instantly.

  • Location: Desolace, Booty Bay

How to get the rune:

  • Begin with the Highway Robbery quest in Desolace.

  • Reach the 63,39, opt for the quest on the Lam, and convert Bibbly Futzbuckle.

  • Head to Booty Bay, where, to reach the next quest, you need to pick the cherry for your thoughts. Buy Cheery Grog and then you can move forward to the No Honor Among Thieves quest.

  • In the next location of Arathi Highlands, find the rowboat and talk to it. Then, find the Illari Duskfeathe and get the Illari's key. 

  • Once you earned the key, to find the rune, open the Illari's Loot Cache to obtain the Jewel Encrusted Box, where you will find the rune.


Well, gamers, with that, we have discussed all the 7 new Mage runes in the Wow Claasic SoD Phase 2. You will collect these new and unique mage runes in the game and unlock new quests to level up.

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