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NBA 2K23 Beginner's Guide for Getting Started

The most recent version of the NBA 2K franchise has been released, enabling gamers to fulfill their aspirations of becoming professional basketball players. NBA 2K23 is a basketball video game that looks the most realistic, and because of the changes the makers applied to various in-game mechanisms, it now also plays very realistically.


NBA 2K ultimately included all WNBA clubs and players in the game in 2020. This area, referred to as W, features a variety of game types that enable you to design your personal WNBA player, and manage a team over a season. Going through this guide, we'll analyze how to design your player and things you must know as a beginner to the game.

Creating your Player!

You must decide which team you'll play for before you can begin selecting a build for your player. In contrast to the NBA's MyCareer option, the player will begin the game immediately. This implies that while developing your player, you don't have to spend a lot of time looking up which teams especially require a center or a point guard. The Las Vegas Aces won the WNBA title, making them your top choice if your sole objective is overall team success.

NBA 2K23 Player Creation

Player Category

It's time to select the category of your player after deciding which squad you'll play for. Your WNBA player type may be chosen, albeit the player category depends on how you distribute your attribute points in MyCareer. There are 10 distinct player types available; as they are not limited by position, feel free to select the one that best suits your preferences. After choosing your player type, you may modify your player's height, weight, or wingspan. Your characteristics will be affected by changes to these three areas, either favorably or unfavorably.


  • Finishing and Shooting are the main emphases.

  • Defense/rebounding and playmaking are average.

  • Three Point, Mid-range, driving layup, Free Throw, Speed with Ball, Close Shot, and ball handle are noteworthy skills.

Offensive Threat

  • Shooting, finishing, as well as playmaking, are stressed.

  • Very poor rebounding and defense.

  • Noteworthy skills are the same as a Three-Level-Scorer with the addition of Pass Accuracy.


  • Focuses on shooting

  • Very average defense and rebounding, mediocre finishing, as well as playmaking.

  • Three Point, Mid-Range, Pass Accuracy, Free Throw, and ball handle are noteworthy attributes

Playmaking Shot Creator

  • Playmaking, shooting, as well as finishing are the main emphasis.

  • Very poor rebounding and defense.

  • Ball Handling, Pass Accuracy, Free Throw, speed with ball, Mid-Range, driving layup, and three-point shooting are noteworthy qualities.

Lockdown Defender

  • Defense/rebounding are the main points.

  • Below-average shooting, mediocre finishing along with playmaking.

  • Characteristics to note include Steal, Perimeter Defense, free throws, ball handling, and close shots.

Two-way Playmaker

  • Playmaking is the focus.

  • Average Shooting and Finishing, above average defense and rebounding.

  • Important skills include pass accuracy, ball handle, Steal, perimeter defense, Driving Layup, Free Throw, along with Close Shot.

Slashing Playmaker

  • Playmaking and finishing are stressed.

  • Defense/rebounding and shooting are average.

  • Important skills include passing accuracy, driving layups, Close Shot, Free Throw, and speed with ball.

Inside-Out Playmaker

  • Playmaking, finishing, & shooting are highlighted.

  • Rebounding and defense are below average.

  • Important skills include passing accuracy, ball handle, Three-Point, Driving Layup, Free Throw, Mid-Range, and Close Shot.

Two-Way Slasher

  • Focus on Finishing

  • Playmaking is above average, and shooting and defense/rebounding are average.

  • Important skills include ball handling, driving layups, Free Throws, perimeter defense, close shots, accurate passes, and steals.

Three and D Point

  • A focus on shooting

  • Playmaking, Finishing, and Shooting are all average.

  • Important skills include passing accuracy, ball handle, Three-Point, Free Throw, Mid-Range, Perimeter Defense, and Close Shot.

Progressing through the WNBA

You'll start getting messages from many other WNBA luminaries offering you chances to build connections with them. They'll provide you with pointers on how to hone your courtside technique as well as suggestions on how to boost your off-court popularity and that of the league. Even while it might seem glib, increasing your player's popularity can help them pay their bills, buy new clothes, and have more games nationally televised.

The five areas that measure your professional development are Overall Rating, Fans, WNBA Fans, Wealth, & Chemistry, and it's crucial to your overall success that you don't ignore any of them. Everything you do, including specific exercises and community service activities, has an influence on your athlete. You will get experience in these areas as well as points toward your season pass. If you wish to be a WNBA icon, you must plan out how you will use your free time in a balanced manner.

NBA 2K23 Guide

MyTeam Central

MyTeam may appear to be a copy of Madden Ultimate Team, but fans maintain that it's not even close to being as challenging or greedy. For novices who wish to dominate the court without taking out a new mortgage on their home, seasoned players offer a tonne of advice.

It's not as difficult as it seems to put up a dream squad that includes some of the greatest players ever. While it's true that certain cards might well be placed higher than others, some players don't discover a card's worth until they decide to sell it. Players will want to ensure they're receiving the most value for their money, whether they're setting a firm bottom or aiming for an unrealistically high sky.

Get the right build!

It's a lot to ask for the greatest build. Consider all the different ways players may score by themselves, including post moves, ankle breakers, three-pointers, mid-range drops, dunks, and slashes. Good luck with your attempt to select a few of these looks.

Fortunately, depending on the needs of the squad, there is a place for any build at every position.


Before playing a single game, speak to the NPCs in the city after creating the player and equipping them with the finest shots. They provide a few missions and prizes, the majority of which are completed by playing regularly. Without paying for it, earning money doesn't get much simpler than this.

Even individuals at the highest level shouldn't skip speaking with these NPCs before to games. You may purchase equipment and boosters with free money. Or, if you're in the mood, give a new player a tonne of cash for added stats to get them off to a good start!

As a beginner, you would want to purchase some players and make other in-game purchases as well. We advise purchasing some NBA MT Coins from MMOPixel at cheap prices.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchae NBA 2K23 MT. We offer the cheapest rate and unbetable service.

MyCareer Central

The NBA 2K franchise's MyCareer feature, one of the best career simulations in the field of sports gaming, is frequently praised by players. And it's understandable why MyCareer is so much fun with the appropriate guidance. Naturally, not every badge will be beneficial for every construction. Even if they routinely intercept passes on the perimeter, some big men may not even care. Slashers won't need to increase their three-point shooting proficiency.

But for each build, there are still a few badges to at least take into account. Make sure the MyPlayer is prepared to earn the most badges required for the role being performed by taking a look at this.


The controls have been updated and feature various adjustments by 2K Games. Some new features that you should know about are given below.

Authentic Shooting

When playing NBA 2K23, you'll have to select your shot from five meters and additional things to think about when choosing your shots as you work toward more realistic shooting. Your shot now depends on your release height, shot speed, timing impact, and defensive immunity (contest),.

Shading Mechanic

As of right now, defensive players' indicators will feature three bars, one for each zones available: shade left, shade right, as well as straight up. If one ball handler attempts to attack a red channel, they will be cut off, disrupt their dribble, and maybe drop the ball. The area the defender is protecting is marked red.

NBA 2K23

Additional Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • If you are a guard, become accustomed to your position before realizing that you must learn the dribbling technique and refine your offensive maneuvers with distinctive styles and the appropriate badges in order to realize the full capability of your build.

  • Most players that play online as guards tend to be highly ball-dominant and iso-heavy, which allows them to take advantage of any openings and respond to the defense's coverage.

  • Everything else should begin to fall into position once you have mastered the game's principles and determined your style of play. If a construct doesn't appeal to you, don't invest your valuable capital in it since once you increase your characteristics on that build, users won't be able to reclaim it.

  • There has always been a slight difference in speed and height between people who exercise and those who don't. That amounts to a number of fastbreak scores and rebounds over the duration of the entire game.


If you are a beginner to NBA 2K23, this guide must have given you an overview of what is to come in the latest installment of the NBA title. We have covered all the points you as a beginner must know before getting into the game!

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