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NBA 2K23 Best Builds Guide

Players in NBA 2K23 have a tonne of choices when it comes to designing their players in MyCareer mode, however, the selection might be confusing for those who are unsure of where to begin. We have some advice if you want to create the greatest MyPlayer possible. Here are a few of the top NBA 2K23 builds for every position.

What are Builds?

You may design a variety of players with various builds in NBA video games. In essence, you may design a basketball player who excels at a specific position on the floor. This greatly diversifies NBA 2K23's gameplay. You may even make many builds at once in the game. In order to determine the ideal build for your playstyle, you can experiment. However, our guide includes the best builds that you may use as help for making your own in-game builds.

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Point Guard: 3-Level Shot Creator

  • Height: 6' 8"

  • 230 lbs. in weight

  • 7-foot-4 wingspan

  • 182,203 VC Cost at 85

  • Rating of 79 at 100000 VC

NBA 2K23 Point Guard: 3-Level Shot Creator

Pro-Offensive Rebound

A 6-8 pointer with a 91 Offensive Rebound will be a major challenge for most players in online multiplayer, which is something you wouldn't anticipate of a point guard. Of all the attributes that reach the 90s, the offensive rebound seems to have the lowest overall cost to max out and increases the score by 4 OVR. Close Shot deserves honorable attention, particularly if you want to clean up offensive rebounds and would like to stick the putback.


Even if it costs a fortune to achieve the peak or raise by 10, the driving dunk, and ball handle, with Speed with Ball at least contribute to an important aspect of this point guard's game. The least efficient use of your resources is Perimeter Defense, which costs close to 20,000 VC and has a maximum level of 52.

Finishing Attributes

  • Close Shot: 57

  • Driving Layup: 82

  • Post Control: 25

  • Driving Dunk: 86

  • Standing Dunk: 35

Playmaking attributes

  • Ball Handle: 92

  • Pass Accuracy: 73

  • Speed With Ball: 87

Shooting attributes:

  • Free Throw: 77

  • Mid-Range Shot: 84

  • Three-Point Shot: 92

Defensive attributes

  • Interior Defense: 30

  • Perimeter Defense: 76

  • Steal: 75

  • Offensive Rebound: 25

  • Block: 35

  • Defensive Rebound: 51


  • Speed: 86

  • Acceleration: 81

  • Strength: 47

  • Vertical: 72

  • Stamina: 93


  • Primary Takeover: Limitless Range

  • Secondary Takeover: Pull-Up Precision

Shooting Guard: 2-Way 3-Level Scorer

  • Height: 6' 6"

  • 201 lbs. in weight

  • 6-foot-9 wingspan

  • 173,919 VC Cost at 85

  • Rating of 79 at 100000 VC

NBA 2K23 Shooting Guard: 2-Way 3-Level Scorer


Strange as it may sound, both acceleration and speed both work well for this build's advantages and can lessen the financial burden of the 40K VC charge needed to maximize the 80 Speed With Ball in the early stages of the player's career. You'll just be a greater off-the-ball threat and less of a dribble-drive slasher.


Pass Accuracy takes a lot of money to reach its maximum of 71 and doesn't solve any fundamental aspects of this pure scorer's game. Similar to Steal, VC-vacuum. If people want to make changes to this general build, steal is a solid min-max option if you don't try many thefts in-game and want to give other qualities more potential.


  • Driving Layup: 77

  • Driving Dunk: 0

  • Close Shot: 57

  • Standing Dunk: 0

Shooting Attributes

  • Mid-Range Shot: 77

  • Free Throw: 73

  • Three-Point Shot: 92

Defense Attributes

  • Interior Defense:34

  • Perimeter Defense: 92

  • Steal: 85

  • Block: 0

  • Offensive Rebound: 0

  • Defensive Rebound: 47


  • Speed: 85

  • Acceleration: 85

  • Strength: 74

  • Vertical: 55

  • Stamina: 94


  • Extreme Clamps

  • Limitless Range

Small Forward: 3-Level Scorer

  • Height: 6' 9"

  • 218 lbs. in weight

  • 7-foot-1 wingspan

  • 175,346 VC Cost at 85

  • Rating of 79 at 100000 VC

NBA 2K23 Small Forward: 3-Level Scorer


The highest potential characteristic overall with this build is Driving Dunk, and its price is still extremely fair, contributing 8 to the OVR for 27,533 VC. The Physicals package, wherein Vertical and Strength together give approximately as much to the OVR (7) for a little less VC overall, is the only greater value in this Small Forward's mix. Naturally, a high Driving Dunk brings up a tonne of helpful animations, increasing the virtual value for your dollars. Close Shot as well as Perimeter Defense both offer a respectable yield (up to +2 OVR) at little investment, although having lower ceilings.


Driving Layup's lower ceiling (81) and comparable cost (25,593 VC) to Driving Dunk above are difficult to accept, especially as both finishing qualities essentially serve the same function. However, at 74 (the highest under this height, weight, & wingspan), Speed With Ball will yield significant rewards, but in order to reach there, you must first have high ratings in both Ball Handle and Speed, so invest heavily in both of those areas before tackling the very costly Speed With Ball.

Finishing Attributes

  • Driving Layup: 83

  • Driving Dunk: 84

  • Close Shot: 70

  • Standing Dunk: 76

Shooting Attributes

  • Free Throw: 75

  • Three-Point Shot: 87

  • Mid-Range Shot: 87


  • Ball Handle: 80

  • Speed with Ball: 71

  • Pass Accuracy: 70

Defense Attributes

  • Interior Defense: 82

  • Perimeter Defense: 81

  • Steal: 46

  • Block: 80

  • Offensive Rebound: 66

  • Defensive Rebound: 85


  • Speed: 80

  • Acceleration: 77

  • Strength: 60

  • Vertical: 76

  • Stamina: 90

  • Limitless Range

  • Spot Up Precision

Power Forward: 2-Way Inside-Out Scorer

  • Height: 6' 9"

  • 243 lbs. in weight

  • 7-foot-7 wingspan

  • 201,145 VC Cost at 85

  • Rating of 77 at 100000 VC

NBA 2K23 Power Forward: 2-Way Inside-Out Scorer


Defensive rebound, which has a maximum of 99, naturally has a fantastic per-unit cost and when maxed, gives the most benefit to this Power Forward's OVR. You only need to boost it to 76 (at a value of 1,268 VC) to add +1 to the player's OVR. Even though it costs a bit more, the three-point shot powers up almost as rapidly and is extremely strongly associated with this player's offensive style. Block barely costs 2,355 VC before it begins influencing your OVR, and it has lots of room after that. In the early stages of this player's career, Block may cover for more costly, and less significant, traits like Vertical and Perimeter defense.


Regardless of the proviso of Mid-Range Shot being pricey for everyone while still providing significant increases to the player's OVR, Mid-Range Shot appears glaringly inefficient for this Power Forward setup. In terms of offering access to fantastic shooting animations, it has a cap of 69, it's superfluous for someone who is otherwise designed to finish at the rim and otherwise bomb in a drive-and-kick three, and it has a maximum of 69.


  • Close Shot: 42

  • Driving Layup: 55

  • Driving Dunk: 75

  • Standing Dunk: 75

  • Post Control: 30


  • Mid-Range Shot: 72

  • Three-Point Shot: 84

  • Free Throw: 73


  • Pass Accuracy: 74

  • Ball Handle: 40

  • Speed with Ball: 30


  • Interior Defense: 99

  • Perimeter Defense: 88

  • Steal: 53

  • Block: 94

  • Offensive Rebound: 99

  • Defensive Rebound: 99


  • Speed: 80

  • Acceleration: 71

  • Strength: 89

  • Vertical: 59

  • Stamina: 86

  • Primary Takeover: Finishing Moves

  • Secondary Takeover: See the Future

Center: Diming Inside-The-Arc Scorer

  • Height: 7' 1"

  • 265 lbs. in weight

  • 7-foot-10 wingspan

  • 205,553 VC Cost at 85

  • Rating of 77 at 100000 VC

NBA 2K23 Center: Diming Inside-The-Arc Scorer


While Offensive Rebound, when combined with the Finishing characteristics, will yield a lot more value for the money, despite it being more expensive, Defensive Rebound seems to have the maximum potential of this design. For the dunk movements it will unleash, Standing Dunk is a strong second-place pick.


Due to how little they contribute to the final product in the early stages of this development, players may essentially disregard six out of the 22 traits. This has the unfortunate effect of making the other talents even more essential, if not for what they can do on their own, then at least for how they may help you in other aspects of your game. Ball Handle costs a lot of VC without adding much to your pleasure or performance with this big guy, even if it offers players access to certain essential badges (especially those that protect you from being stolen on your approach to the rim). It's quite difficult to accept Speed's 20,000 VC cost-to-max for such a little return. You will still feel incredibly sluggish lumbering across the court on the break, even at 58 speed, one below this build's physical maximum. You have no choice but to slow down, even more, destroying what little resistance you are still able to muster from the top post.


  • Close Shot: 66

  • Driving Layup: 73

  • Driving Dunk: 93

  • Standing Dunk: 94

  • Post Control: 94


  • Mid-Range Shot: 45

  • Three-Point Shot: 30

  • Free Throw: 70


  • Pass Accuracy: 67

  • Ball Handle: 44

  • Speed with Ball: 25


  • Interior Defense: 88 

  • Perimeter Defense: 74 

  • Steal: 41 

  • Block: 93 

  • Offensive Rebound: 93 

  • Defensive Rebound: 94


  • Speed: 74

  • Acceleration: 69

  • Strength: 89

  • Vertical: 73

  • Stamina: 89


  • Primary Takeover: Limitless Range

  • Secondary Takeover: See the Future


This brings us to the end of our NBA 2K23 best builds guide. The best builds you can use in the game were described. Additionally, we included all of the data required for these builds. Even though these are some of NBA 2K23's top setups for each position, feel free to sometimes change the stat distribution so that it more closely matches your playing style. There is no failsafe method for playing the game, so test out the builds using the MyCareer character creator's preview tool before locking them in.

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