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NBA 2K23 Best Finishing Badges Guide

In recent years, the NBA has steadily strayed away from the paint and towards the three-point line. However, outside shots are far more challenging to make without a big presence within the paint because defenders are free to stick to one‘s guy. Being proficient in the paint remains essential to success in basketball, even though shots from underneath the hoop don't come as frequently as they once did.

It's never a bad thing to boost your post presence by completing badges since NBA 2K23 does a good job of replicating this adage. Along with defensive & rebounding, playmaking, as well as shooting badges, these badges constitute one of four classes. Each course examines a distinct element of the game. Dunks, layups, contact, and any additional in-paint activity are handled by finishing badges.

If you have an allergy to drives and are a good shooter, you could believe that you don't need any finishing badges in NBA 2K23. Without good finishing badge assistance, every drive to the basket will be fraught with frustration, unless you're very committed to the three-point line. As per usual, we'll make an effort to be flexible with our guide by providing a variety of solutions for various heights and locations. Let's start with this NBA 2K23 Best Finishing Badges Guide!

NBA 2K23 Finishing Badges

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Backdown Punisher

Although making rain from the outside can seem more exciting, establishing a strong post presence is crucial for an NBA offence. A steady presence in the post will ultimately make opponents crash a little harder toward the basket, which can free up teammates outside for a short pass. You'll have a better chance of effectively backing down your adversary in the painted and post area if you use Backdown Punisher. When you try to back down an aggressive defender, they could sometimes stop you in your tracks and keep you stationary, which could result in a three-second penalty if you're in the painted region. By wearing this badge, you should be able to lower the resistance and pound your ball inside.

Dream Shake

Normal post players use a straightforward technique to attempt to score inside the painted region: back up the defender to the greatest extent you can till you're a foot from the hoop, then lay it in. That's usually adequate enough to shoot up close, but occasionally you may require a little more flair. The Dream Shake badge increases the likelihood that a defender will bite on any post-up fake-out manoeuvres while also improving the offensive player's shooting skill. The greatest badge for one post-dominant offensive player, Dream Shake affects both the initiator and the defender.

Limitless Takeoff

Since we can remember, high-flying dunkers have always been a mainstay of the NBA. Liftoff and slam home is one of the most thrilling plays in sports, as you can attest to by the numerous historical teams and players or by playing as His Airness in the Jordan Challenges. With said Limitless Takeoff badge, you can now make free throws like Michael Jordan, if you've ever wanted to. When wearing this badge, your player will take off farther for a slam than usual, practically ensuring a converted bucket. Any positional player may use this badge because we can see point guard Ja Morant soon become one of the NBA's finest dunkers.

NBA 2K23 Limitless Takeoff

Pro Touch

In NBA 2K23, timing is important. You must be as accurate as you can in the game, whether using the shooting metre or understanding when to execute that one last pass. The same is true while trying a layup and driving to the basket. Untimely layup attempts are likely to be blocked or to go around the rim to miss. With any badge, we can't promise a flawless layup, but Pro Touch will bring you as near as it can. This badge gives you an added incentive for having accurate layup timing, which might be the difference between completing the attempt and outright missing it. This badge additionally puts you in a spot where the defender could foul you as well as send you towards the free-throw line, allowing you another chance to score points even if you don't make the layup.


NBA players are among of the world's most talented athletes. They can discharge a ball into a cylinder from up to 30 feet away, are very tall, and can leap great distances. Despite the fact that this seems like a crude depiction of Superman, referring to the players by such a term wouldn't be entirely incorrect. When pursuing tougher layups, controlling your body while driving to the basket is essential for scoring. Acrobat will improve your ability to make really challenging layups. These could be teardrops, up-and-under scoops, or reverse layups.


In the NBA, offensive players frequently attempt to swap defences. In an effort to stop the attack, opposing teams will try to match their personnel, but interceptions and continuous movement will almost always result in possessions with different players out of position. It's crucial to participate actively in the pick-and-roll game while employing a bigger player, like a forward or centre. You'll probably be shifted to a smaller defender if you set a screen for your teammate and roll to the hoop. Masher will help you finish around the rim more effectively, especially when smaller opponents are guarding you.

Giant Slayer

Point guards constantly search for different mismatches as they advance the ball across the court. Any form of mismatch will almost certainly favour the offence, whether it is shorter players defending larger ones or vice versa. Pick-and-roll plays often include taller defenders switching to smaller guards as well as smaller defenders switching to bigger centres and forwards. The Giant Slayer badge is necessary for smaller guards who charge the basket in order to increase their success rate while converting layups despite taller opponents. For backcourt builds that go after the rim, this is a crucial emblem to possess.


Knowing how to attack the rim is essential for having a well-rounded offence, regardless of your position. Maintaining constant pressure on the defence while driving aggressively toward the hoop should lead to several high-percentage shot attempts with opportunities to get to the free-throw line. Increase your capacity for reaching the rim by wearing the Bully badge. Imagine Giannis Antetokounmpo charging down the lane and toward the goal. With the Bully badge at your side, you'll be the one to smash defenders out of the way like bowling pins.


Driving inside the lane might be risky for a player to do. Many hands are attempting to poke the basketball out as bodies tumble around in the area. A good offence relies on possessing the ability to safely weave in the lane and score at the rim. The Slithery badge is ideal for improving a player's capacity to assault the basket unbothered by defenders. You run a significant risk of dropping the ball if you simply bury your face and sprint toward the goal. With Slithery, you may finish at the rim while gently navigating through opponents.

Fearless Finisher

Most layup attempts will encounter some sort of opposition, aside from defensive lapses and fastbreak chances. Understanding how to take that contact and yet still make the layup will help you open up the offence and perhaps even push the other team into foul trouble. The finest option you have for a Finishing-specific player build is to equip the Fearless Finisher badge. Your ability to make contact layups increases with this badge, which will make the defence work much harder. The ability to finish fearlessly may be the difference between making layups while also being fouled and getting a three-point shot. Whatever way you look at it, NBA 2K23's Fearless Finisher is the most crucial Finishing skill and is crucial for a player's development.

Other Badges to Consider

  • Aerial Wizard: Improves the player's capacity to put back a rebound off an offensive attempt or execute an alley-oop from a teammate.

  • Dropstepper: This player protects the ball better when completing post-drop steps & hop steps while also increasing their chances of success.

  • Fast Twitch: Increases the speed at which standing layups and dunks may be executed before the defender has a chance to react.

  • Posterizer: Improves your chances of dunking on your defender.

  • Post Spin Technician: Making an effort to do post-spins and drives leads to more powerful movements and a lower risk of being stripped.

  • Rise Up: While standing inside the painted area, your chances of dunking and posterizing your adversary increase.


This concludes our guide to NBA 2K23 Best Finishing Badges. Allow yourself to experiment and figure out what works well for your build since these suggestions are always slightly influenced by play style.

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