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NBA 2K23 Best Overall Teams List

Now that NBA 2K23 has been made available, basketball fans everywhere can enjoy the newest installment of this illustrious brand. While the virtual basketball game has a tonne of brand-new and old features, many players and spectators are curious about whose squad is the greatest and worst. The ratings given to every NBA franchise are a topic of discussion every year. These rankings will inevitably spark controversy because each fan base will feel that their club deserves to be rated higher than the others. We'll go through each club's OVR rating upon NBA 2K23's release in this guide so that fans can decide for themselves whether or not their team was overlooked or ranked appropriately. The top NBA 2K23 teams are listed below.

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Milwaukee Bucks - 96 OVR

There is a tie for being the leader of this list, however, we choose to give the advantage to the team with the superior record in the 2021-22 season. The Milwaukee Bucks seem to be the top-rated franchise in NBA 2K23 as a result. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the top-rated athlete on the squad, so it goes without saying that your team as a whole will be amongst the best in the league. Last season, Milwaukee Bucks had a good opportunity to get to the NBA Finals, but All-Star: Khris Middleton was injured during the 2nd round. They have mostly maintained their roster the same this year and added playmakers like Bobby Portis, Jrue Holiday, & Brook Lopez. For a while, the Bucks should not even budge from first place.

NBA 2K23 Milwaukee Bucks

Los Angeles Clippers - 96 OVR

As a result of missing out on much of the season on its whole superstar roster, the Clippers experienced a bad season in 2021. However, now that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have fully recovered from their injuries, they appear to be just as lethal as any NBA team. In the offseason, the Clippers reportedly made a big impact by signing in John Wall as a play point guard. Along with these talents, LA's starting lineup and bench both have a tonne of depth. Just a handful of the stars on this roster are Norman Powell, Robert Covington, Luke Kennard, and Nicolas Batum. The Clippers will contend for the western conference title if they can remain healthy.

Golden State Warriors - 95 OVR

Again, there was a tie for third place, however, Golden State Warriors, at least for all of this season, break all ties. The current Finals champions aim to win again in 2022, and for this they stand a very good chance of succeeding. Golden State added some excellent depth players along with welcoming back their complete starting lineup from their journey to the Finals. While Wiseman is recovering from an injury, Donte DiVincenzo will offer backcourt depth and might significantly improve the Warriors' frontcourt. Behind Draymond Green, Jonathan Kuminga is a player for Golden State to keep an eye on the power forward position. But for the majority of the players, Splash Bros, or the Triplets alongside Jordan Poole, dwarf the rest of the team. In 2K23, you're in danger if you face up against a player playing the Warriors and they can shoot.

NBA 2K23 Golden State Warriors

Memphis Grizzlies - 95 OVR

No one knowS what Memphis Grizzlies' potential in 2021 may have been if superstar Ja Morant's injury hadn't occurred. The Grizzlies are going to be title contenders in the west as long as Ja Morant remains with the team. In the summer, Memphis did not do much but did trade for accurate shooter Danny Green. Memphis Grizzlies' backcourt is unquestionably a strength, however, their frontcourt also has the potential to be very strong. Last season, Memphis' Steven Adams & Jaren Jackson Jr. duo dominated the paint, and they want to do the same this year. This year, Morant only has to remain healthy, and it won’t happen if players like Dillon Brooks improved as well. However, just solely on their talented players, the Grizzlies ought to be among the more exciting NBA 2K23 teams.

Los Angeles Lakers - 95 OVR

The LA Lakers were the only club to fully overhaul their roster throughout the summer. The Lakers do the thing they do best: sign guys after a season when they missed the playoffs because of an aged lineup. Of course, the team's leaders, LeBron James & Anthony Davis, must stay healthy if LA is to have any hope of success this year. Due to Russell Westbrook's comeback, the Lakers' backcourt mostly stays the same. However, Westbrook now teams alongside Patrick Beverley, which may either work out well or disastrously. Another undervalued acquisition by the Lakers to complete their backcourt was Lonnie Walker IV. However, the Lakers will be a fun squad to play in NBA 2K23 if LeBron is on the club.

Boston Celtics - 94 OVR

The Eastern Conference champions are ranked sixth in NBA 2K23's ranking of the top teams. The Celtics appear to be largely unchanged from how they fared a season ago. However, they had to give up several depth players in order to get Malcolm Brogdon. If players do not consider Marcus Smart to be the greatest point guard in the squad, Brogdon offers a reliable scoring option off the substitute or as a starter. Boston's arrival of Danilo Gallinari also improved their shooting performance in NBA 2K23. The "Jays" tandem with Jaylen Brown & Jayson Tatum would always have the Celtics in play even if they may not have the same skill as other NBA clubs.

Miami Heat - 93 OVR

The Miami Heat currently holds the seventh position in the NBA 2K23 ratings despite being just one victory away from the Finals. For the benefit of Miami supporters, the team suffered few off-season losses. Donovan Mitchell did not wind up in South Beach, and P.J. Tucker has joined the 76ers, but Miami continues to be a fantastic team overall. The squad is led by Jimmy Butler, who is supported in the backcourt & frontcourt by Tyler Herro & Bam Adebayo, respectively. Max Strus and Duncan Robinson both make excellent bench shooters. The x-factor for Miami is Victor Oladipo; if he is capable of getting back to his old self, the team would become a much more serious threat in the east. The team's 2K23 ranking, however, now reflects Oladipo's situation.

Philadelphia 76ers - 92 OVR

One of the NBA's best tandems belongs to the Philadelphia 76ers. The NBA's top two players, James Harden & Joel Embiid will be continuing to confuse opponents throughout the whole season. The 76ers have put together some strong pieces around them to finally make it to the Finals, which has evaded them for many years. P.J. Tucker has been a great veteran acquisition, Tobias Harris is a powerful forward, and Tyrese Maxey could advance this season. Recently, Philly also added veteran center Montrezl Harrell, who, based on how players choose to set up their rosters, may start alongside Embiid. Can this Sixers squad finally take advantage of their favorable circumstances?

Denver Nuggets - 92 OVR

For the Denver Nuggets, another season means another unsuccessful Finals run. The club was without its top guard Jamal Murray for the majority of the season, so Denver will benefit greatly from his return. Of course, Nikola Jokic, a consistent MVP contender and one of the finest stars in 2K23, is the team's captain. The Nuggets feature Aaron Gordon as well as DeAndre Jordan surrounding Jokic, so they should both contribute to the team's rebounding efforts. Denver also has Michael Porter Jr. & Caldwell-Pope to assist Murray in the backcourt. The Nuggets are not the strongest squad, at least not on paper. The roster might, however, function fairly effectively as a unit with sufficient synergy.

Cleveland Cavaliers - 91 OVR

The Cavaliers have not ranked this highly some time back, we can assure you of that. However, the NBA is always evolving, and the Cavaliers made a significant move by trading for star player Donovan Mitchell. Cleveland has genuine title ambitions thanks to their backcourt of Donovan Mitchell, Garland, with Caris LeVert. The Cavaliers appear to be difficult to stop on any side of the ball when you combine it alongside a frontcourt that includes Kevin Love, Evan Mobley, & Jarrett Allen. If anything, this club could be among the top teams in 2K23 when it comes to offense.


Now you know about the best teams in NBA 2K23, based on their rating. Although the success of your team also depends heavily on your skill, you may choose your favorite teams despite having a very high ranking. But certainly, a high rating definitely helps. With this, we come to the end of our list of NBA 2K23 Best Overall Teams List.

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