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NBA 2K23 Best Point Guard Builds

With the release of NBA 2K23, everyone is scrambling to create their own demigod. New badges, traits, and takeovers have been added to the MyPlayer feature in MyCareer. Unlike NBA 2K22, when the "Physical Profile" option was a distinct pie chart, it is now a component of the characteristic list. In NBA 2K23, body types have also decreased, making it harder to become Hall of Famers. Because they can fit into a variety of offensive schemes, point guards are a favorite among gamers and fans. Who doesn't enjoy a quick-drawing, agile guard who could really score but also make plays whenever they want?

The Point Guard

For the past few years, the point guard has undoubtedly been the league's best position. The list of elite point guards is long, despite the fact that European big men have taken home the previous four MVP honors. Last season, a staggering 10 of the 27 All-Stars and five of the 15 All-NBA players were point guards.

Of course, not every point guard is the same. Others could select scoring beasts like Steph Curry or Kyrie Irving, while some prefer classic playmakers including Magic Johnson or Chris Paul. Johnson and Curry, who play in completely opposing ways, are frequently regarded as two of the finest at this position. Whereas Steph is indeed a 6-foot-3 guard who really can shoot the lights out nearly every night, the latter is a 6-foot-9 point guard genius. In NBA 2K23, you may select the traits and create the perfect point guard you desire. Here are the best builds for a point guard in the brand-new game that we should look at.

NBA 2K23 The Point Guard

Two Way Playmaker

The shooting characteristics may be changed to turn this build together into a maker of 3-pointers while keeping the defense intact to attain the ideal construct. In NBA 2K23, the two-way playmaker should help your team score while maintaining your perimeter defense.

Physical Attributes

  • Height: 6'4"

  • Weight: 220 lbs.

  • Wingspan: 7'1"

  • Body Type as Compact

Your first three "Finishing" traits, Close Shot, Driving Layup, and Dunk, need to be close to 80 in order to use this setup. You don't need top marks on your standing dunk or post control. You may adjust the Mid-Range as well as Three-Point shots under "Shooting" to 80 & 85, respectively, while the Free Throw is set at 72. Increase the pass accuracy to 70 under "Playmaking" and maximize Ball Handle but also Speed with Ball for the other two qualities. Additionally, you may max on Perimeter Defense, Steal, and Block while Interior Defense might be in the 40s under "Defense/Rebounding."

Defensive Rebound is raised to 55 while the Offensive Rebound category is left alone. Finally, maximize all of the values under "Physicals" with the exception of Vertical, which may stay at 60. If you still have some characteristics, utilize them to improve your free throw and pass accuracy.


In this version of NBA 2K23, you will receive about 79 badge upgrades. 20 will be spent on defense/rebounding, 20 on shooting, 20 on finishing, and 22 will be spent on playmaking. You may select Playmaking and Defense Hall of Fame Badges like Quick First Step or Pick Dodger.


  • Clamps and Infinite range.

  • Jrue Holiday and Lonzo Ball come to mind when using this build.

Inside Out Shot Creator

This construction may be slightly modified to produce a Slashing Playmaker or a Playmaking Slasher. In NBA 2K23, you may use speed, athleticism, and cunning to score at all levels. This athlete serves as your team's go-to offensive weapon when a basket is needed.

NBA 2K23 Inside Out Shot Creator

Physical Attributes

  • Height: 6'3"

  • Weight: 208 lbs

  • Wingspan: 6'9"

  • Body Type as Compact

Your first three "Finishing" attributes—Close Shot, Driving Layup, and Dunk—need to be raised to 85, 88, and 93, respectively. You don't need top marks on your standing dunk or post control. You may adjust the Mid-Range & Three-Point shots under "Shooting" to 65 & 85, respectively, while the Free Throw can be set to 70.

Increase the pass accuracy to 80 under "Playmaking" and maximize Ball Handle & Speed with Ball for the other two qualities. Additionally, maintain Vertical and Strength at 82 apiece and max up Speed, Acceleration, and Stamina under "Physicals." Finally, you may set Interior Defense to be in the 40s and Perimeter Defense to be at 53 under "Defense/Rebounding." Defensive rebounding can be upped to 40 but the stats for block, steal, and offensive rebounding can remain the same. Raise Pass Accuracy, Free Throw, or Steal with any remaining characteristics.


In this version of NBA 2K23, you'll gain over 70 badge upgrades. There are 27 playmakers, 5 defenders/rebounders, 22 finishers, and 14 shooters among them. For playmaking and finishing, you can select Hall of Fame badges like Quick First Step & Fearless Finisher.


  • Ending Moves and Unrestricted Range.

  • Shades of Ja MorantDeAaron Fox, and Damian Lillard are present in this build

3PT Shot Creator

In NBA 2K23, the said build is the supreme shooting machine since it can make shots from any part of the court. To develop Shot Creator/3PT Playmaker, make the necessary adjustments. The build primarily consists of a "Shot Creator" construct with a shooting focus.

Physical Attributes

  • 6'2" height

  • 185 pounds weight

  • 6'3" wingspan

  • solid body type

Your first two "Finishing" traits, "Close Shot" and "Driving Layup," need to be raised to 72 & 85, respectively. The other three attributes—driving dunk, post control, and standing dunk—don't require very high scores. You may increase the Mid-Range shot to 85, the Three-Point shot to its maximum, and the Free Throw to 75 under "Shooting."

Increase the passing accuracy to 75 and thus the ball handle to its maximum value under "Playmaking." You may select the speed of Ball at 82. The sections for Interior Defense, Block, Offensive Rebound, and Defensive Rebound can be left alone under "Defense/Rebounding." Steal may be set at 70 and Perimeter Defense at 55.

Last but not least, retain Stamina at 90 and lower Acceleration and Speed to 80 apiece under "Physicals." Strength and Vertical are respectively 35 and 65. If you still have any qualities available, use them to improve your mid-range, free throw, or pass accuracy.


With this setup, you'll gain about 72 Badge Upgrades throughout NBA 2K23, including 22 Playmaking Badge Upgrades, 8 Defense/Rebounding Badge Upgrades, 12 Finishing Badge Upgrades, and 29 Shooting Badge Upgrades. In shooting and playmaking, you may select Hall of Fame badges such as Agent 3, Amped, Catch and Shoot, as well as Quick First Step.


  • Unlimited Range, Harmful Effect.

  • Steph Curry and Trae Young come to mind when forming this build.

Best Teams for Best Point

Are you trying to decide which NBA team for point guards should you choose? After completing the Point Guard build, you'll now have to decide which NBA team you want to be picked by in order to start MyCareer. Although you are free to choose your preferred franchise, the following suggestions are based on the rosters currently in place and how you might best add to them.

NBA 2K23 Best Teams for Best Point

LA Lakers

Although Russell Westbrook is a fantastic player, you should always be able to replace him in the lineup due to his relatively low rating. The Lakers are a great choice because you'll be playing in LA alongside Small Forward Lebron James & Center Anthony Davis.

Miami Heat

You should be able to replace the Heat's current point guard, Kyle Lowry, pretty quickly because he is 36 years old and aging. You'll be playing with Small Forward Jimmy Butler and Shooting Guard Tyler Herro, so you'll have lots of opportunities to contribute and push for the playoffs.

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans are a wonderful fit for just about any rookie Point Guard since they have generational potential in the Power Forward spot in Zion Williamson. Just toss the ball up and rack up the assists. It helps that the team's current point guards, such as Jose Alvarado, are very underrated and ought to be simple to replace. In the end, the squad you choose is entirely up to you, but in order to increase your progress and get your Badges as fast as possible, you need to take into account the talent around you. Before choosing your franchise, bear in mind that as a point guard, you'll want to score as well as assist as frequently as you can.

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The "heart of the game," the point guard, plays a variety of duties during each game. They must be adept at offensive, able to assess the demands of the game, and ready to switch to defense when called upon. Point guards are more difficult since you need to handle both defense and offense at the same time when many other positions just demand players to focus on one set of abilities. Now that our instruction is complete, you should know which build would really be best for you and the team you need to pick.

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