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NBA 2K23 Best Post Hook Guide

The biggest error that participants made in NBA 2K23 would be that they believe their character construct is complete when they develop it. Using the standard shots is a liability as well as being embarrassing in matches. Those that put in the time & effort to develop the finest shooting-guard conceivable cannot fail to have fully functional shot animations. While enjoying NBA 2k23, users will have the option to select different people from several teams, & employ various traits to enhance the skills they possess.

One of the skills that assist players in closing the basket close is the Post Hook, the qualities that you can find on distinct players of varying heights are highlighted in the article. You may have seen the difference in movements between gamers of various sizes, particularly since this year. It's better to understand which players to choose even though the NBA league enables players to utilize their skills effectively, regardless of height.

How to shoot a Post Hook?

Putting the ball up the court with your player in NBA 2K23 is the initial step to hitting a Post Hook, hold L2/LT to face your guy in the post to post up. Go to your selected location using your left stick, then flick up with your right stick to swap the basketball into the hand of your choice. Push up on your right stick when in the post and aim your shot perfectly to unleash a Post Hook. Aim the right stick marginally to the left or right, depending on which hand you intend to execute your Post Hook with. 

NBA 2K23 Post Hook

What NBA 2K23 badges are the best for Post Hooks?

In NBA 2K23, there are four crucial badges that we advise getting in order to master Post Hooks. Pro Touch, Backdown Punisher, Post Spin Technician, and Masher are the names of these badges. If you couple a backdown punisher with a masher, you can force your defender down into the corner for a closer shot with a better chance of connecting. When you time your Post Hooks slightly early or somewhat late, pro touch provides you a shot boost.

The extra finesse needed to get to your area and brush off opponents in the paint will be provided by the post spin technician, last but not least. You must understand that although your personal skills matter, you also need highly skilled players to grab the win in the game. You can buy them to unlock them. Buying them required NBA 2K23 MT Coins. If you are falling short of these, get them quickly for real money.

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Top Post Hook Performers Under 6'5"

Devin Booker

Along with being a talented basketball player, Devin Booker attracts lots of celebrity attention. This 6'5" monarch, who belongs to the Versatile Offensive Force Archetype, is number 53 for the NBA's top Post Hook rating on the Top 100 list. With 33 badges to unlock, this super player is a deadly Shooting Guard or Point Guard for the Phoenix Suns with an average rating of 91. He likewise ranked number 12 out of 868 Current NBA Players and boasts a Post Hook rating of 74.

Jae'Sean Tate

On the Top 100 list for the Highest Post Hook Attribute in 2K23, Jae'Sean Tate ranks 82nd. He has a total of 4 Badges and an average rating of 77. Tate is a solid choice for you because he can play power forward or small forward for the Houston Rockets and has a Post Hook rating of 69.

NBA 2K23 Jae'Sean Tate

The best Post Hook players between 6'5" and 7' tall

Robin Lopez

This 7-foot monarch is perhaps the biggest Post Hook player in NBA 2K23, topping the list of the Top 100 players with the top Post Hook rating while also sporting a Back-to-Basket Big Build & an Overall Rating of 75. He plays the tough Center Position for the Cleveland Cavaliers & possesses a magnificent 96 Post Hook Attribute.

Zion Williamson

For the New Orleans Pelicans, 6'6" cutting playmaker Zion Williamson can compete as a centre or power forward. He possesses 25 Badges to acquire and an overall evaluation of 87. Williamson is a wonderful choice for you because he also has a stellar Post Hool rating of 84.

Jimmy Butler

We're bringing this category to a close with none other than Jimmy Butler, who consistently outperforms. This 6'7" king places 12th in the Top 100 ranking for NBA 2K23's Highest Post Hook Attribute. He seems to have a 2-Way Slashing Playmaker Style, a 93 average rating, and 37 badges. Butler is a respectable choice with 82 post Hook rating.

NBA 2K23 Jimmy Butler

Above 7 feet, the best Post Hook players

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is a 7-foot 2-Way 3-Level Scorer having 28 Badges, and an Ultimate Ranking of 96. He performs admirably at center for the Philadelphia 76ers, & in NBA 2K23, he steals third place for having the highest Post Hook rating. Embiid is a fantastic option for you thanks to his impressive 94 Post Hook trait.

Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis is not only the top Free Throw shooter over 7 feet in NBA 2k23, but he also has excellent Post Hook skills. With such a Post Hook rating of 83, he is placed 11th out of 100 players for the best Post Hook rating in 2K23.

What qualities should you focus on for Post Hook In NBA 2K23


Players with more strength can compete with bigger players in the low position and push back against smaller defenders.

Post control

It enhances dribbling and mobility in the post whilst limiting the number of steals opponents may take on your player there.

Close shot

More Post Hooks will be made if your close shot is higher. The most crucial quality for completing Post Hooks is this.

Final Thoughts

One of the NBA 2K23's most overpowered techniques right now is the Post Hook. Any game format can be completely dominated by players who build their whole strategy on Post Hooks. We hope that this guide will enable you to improve your postgame and unleash your hidden potential and showcase your true strength.

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