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NBA 2K23 Best Power Forward Builds

If you've played any videogame from the popular NBA 2K franchise, you know that creating efficient builds aids your team's performance and increases the likelihood that they will prevail in various contests.  The greatest Power Forward builds from NBA 2K23 are described in this guide. We'll demonstrate how to assemble the ideal NBA 2K23 team for you. One of the most crucial positions on your squad is a Power Forward, who effectively fills the role of a Center. They play with their backs to the hoop and utilize offensive methods.

However, they take care to adopt a zone defense while positioned defensively behind the basket. They make good rebounders and can retain the ball inside the squad after they secure it if the builds are appropriately chosen. The in-game VC provided by 2K in the game NBA 2K23, can be used to make purchases like players, cards, and many other things as well. We recommend buying MT Coins from MMOPixel

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3-in-1 Scorer

Just as the name, this setup emphasizes your PF taking care of all three crucial tasks for you. The three main skills are shot control, and defense. You will develop strong ball-throwing skills and be capable of controllably moving the ball about the court and protecting it from opponents if these parameters are applied to your character.

NBA 2K23 3-in-1 Scorer

This build has a total rating of 99 and may be further enhanced with a variety of Badge Points.

Body Settings

  • Height of  6'10"

  • Weight at 210 pounds

  • Wingspan of 7'1"

  • Compact body shape

Finishing Attributes

  • Close Shot at 84

  • Driving Dunk at 85

  • Standing Dunk at 73

  • Driving Layup at 83

Shooting Attributes

  • Three-Point Shot at 89

  • Mid-Range At 87

  • Free Throw at 67

Playmaking Attributes

  • Ball Handle at 80

  • Speed with Ball at 71

  • Pass Accuracy at 76

Defense / Rebounding 

  • Steal at 74

  • Perimeter Defense at 75


  • Vertical at 75

  • Speed at 80

  • Strength at 34

  • Acceleration at 77

  • Stamina at 92

Finishing Badges

  • Limitless Takeoff at Silver

  • Fearless Finisher at Gold

  • Slithery at Silver

  • Fast Twitch at Silver

  • Acrobat at Silver

  • Posterizer at Silver (Core Badge)

Shooting Badges

  • Green Machineat Gold

  • Agent 3at Silver

  • Blinders at Gold (Core Badge)

  • Corner Specialist at Hall of Fame

  • Amped at Bronze

  • Middy Magician at Gold

  • Volume Shooter at Silver

  • Limitless Range at Silver

Playmaking Badges

  • Clamp Breaker at Silver

  • Killer Combos at Bronze

  • Quick First Step at Silver

  • Dimer at Silver

  • Floor General at Bronze

  • Handles for Days at Bronze

  • Hyperdrive at Silver

  • Unpluckable at Silver (Core Badge)

Defense / Rebounding Badges

  • Ankle Braces at Silver

  • Glove at Bronze

  • Interceptor at Bronze

  • Menace at Silver

  • Off-Ball Pest at Bronze

  • Work Horse at Silver

  • Boxout Beast at Silver

  • Challenger at Bronze

  • Chase Down Artist at Gold

  • Rebound Chaser at Bronze (Core Badge)

Primary Takeover

  • Limitless Range

Secondary Takeover

  • Spot-Up Precision

Paint Dominator PF build 

For the player that enjoys controlling the paint across both sides of the court, we've created a second PF build for NBA 2K23. These adjustments provide the athletes the ability to develop into fierce rebounders and defenders who are challenging to challenge.

While under the basket, you also contribute as an offensive player. You'll be doing everything possible with the parameters listed below to bring out the actual essence of what a Power Forward must be like. This construct has a total rating of 99 and may be further enhanced with a variety of Badge Points. Finishing Badges, Shooting Badges, Playmaking Badges, plus Rebounding Badges are only a few of them.

NBA 2K23 Paint Dominator PF build 

Body Settings

  • Height of  6'11"

  • Weight at 216 pounds

  • Wingspan of 7'9"

  • Built body shape

Finishing Attributes

  • Driving Dunk at 93

  • Post Control at 42

  • Driving Layup at 85

  • Close Shot At 74

  • Standing Dunk at 90

Shooting Attributes

  • Free Throw at 36

  • Mid-Range At 35

Playmaking Attributes

  • Ball Handle at 70

  • Speed with Ball at 68

  • Pass Accuracy at 70

Defense / Rebounding

  • Steal at 75

  • Perimeter Defense at 76


  • Vertical at 90

  • Speed at 79

  • Acceleration at 73

  • Stamina at 96

  • Strength at 74

Finishing Badges

  • Rise Up at Gold (Core Badge)

  • Slithery at Gold

  • Fast Twitch at Silver

  • Acrobat at Bronze

  • Giant Slayer at Hall of Fame

  • Posterizer at Gold

  • Limitless Takeoff at Gold

Playmaking Badges

  • Mismatch Expert at Bronze

  • Clamp Breaker at Bronze

  • Floor General at Silver

  • Special Delivery at Bronze

  • Break Starter at Silver

  • Vice Grip at Silver (Core Badge)

  • Handles for Days at Bronze

  • Bail Out at Bronze

Defense / Rebounding Badges

  • Anchor at Gold

  • Pogo Stick at Bronze

  • Chase Down Artist at Hall of Fame

  • Rebound Chaser at Gold (Core Badge)

  • Brick Wall at Bronze

  • Challenger at Bronze

  • Interceptor at Bronze

  • Boxout Beast at Hall of Fame 

2-Way 3-Level Power Forward Build 

On the court, this two-way, three-level power forward build must excel. It enables you to play both defense and offense quite well. This PF construct may easily reach a 99 rating across both current-gen and next-gen versions. You can perform some ferocious dribble pull-ups on the court with this build as well.

Our is the 2nd PF construct on this list that ranks highly in shooting metrics like free throw, mid-range, and 3-point shots, giving it a wide range of offensive options. Additionally, you'll enjoy some of NBA 2K23's finest takeovers with this setup.

NBA 2K23 2-Way 3-Level Power Forward Build 

Body Settings

  • Height of  6'9"

  • Weight at 210 pounds

  • Wingspan of 7'2"

  • Compact body shape


  • Standing Dunk at 90

  • Driving Dunk at 85

  • Post Control at 85

  • Driving Layup at 79

  • Close Shot At 59


  • Mid-Range At 76

  • Free Throw at 87


  • Speed with Ball at 74

  • Ball Handle at 87

  • Pass Accuracy at 90


  • Defensive Rebound at 25

  • Offensive Rebound at 33

  • Steal at 78

  • Interior Defense at 70

  • Block at 70

  • Perimeter Defense at 81


  • Vertical at 80

  • Strength at 82

  • Stamina at 93

  • Speed at 81

  • Acceleration at 77

Finishing Badges

  • Giant Slayer at Bronze

  • Limitless Takeoff at Silver

  • Posterizer at Silver (Core Badge)

  • Bully at Silver

  • Aerial Wizard at Gold

Shooting Badges

  • Guard Up at Gold

  • Agent 3 at Silver

  • Slippery Off Ball at Hall of Fame

  • Clutch Shooter at Hall of Fame

  • Space Creator at Hall of Fame

  • Limitless Range at Silver (Core Badge)

Playmaking Badges

  • Unpluckable at Gold (Core Badge)

  • Handles For Days at Silver

  • Hyperdrive at Bronze

  • Quick First Step at Gold

  • Ankle Breaker at Hall of Fame

  • Vice Grip at Silver

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Chase Down Artist at Gold (Core Badge)

  • Off-Ball Pest at Hall of Fame

  • Pick Dodger at Bronze

  • Challenger at Silver

  • Interceptor at Bronze

  • Ankle Braces at Gold

  • Clamps at Bronze

The Glass Cleaning Finisher

On the court, the Glass Cleaning Finisher Build is quite competitive. With a score of 95, the Glass Cleaner construct enables you to complete the objective and provides you with a clean finish similar to glass. As this is a finisher build, lateral agility and primary defense should be your key priorities. Additionally, you will get the capacity to recognize missed shots.

You may use this build's lateral agility and main defense to execute the strongest animation when it comes to post-fade. Then, you may post fade in any given direction.

NBA 2K23 The Glass Cleaning Finisher

Body Settings

  • Height of  6'7"

  • Weight at 250 pounds

  • Wingspan of 7'4"

  • Compact body shape


  • Driving Dunk at 83

  • Driving Layup at 68

  • Standing Dunk at 83

  • Close Shot At 84

  • Post Control at 66


  • Free Throw at 54

  • Mid-Range At 34

  • Post Fade at 30

  • Three Point At 34


  • Ball Handle at 40

  • Pass Accuracy at 67


  • Offensive Rebound at 93

  • Perimeter Defense at 76

  • Lateral/Quickness at 78

  • Steal at 78

  • Defensive Rebound at 93

  • Block at 93

  • Interior Defense at 85


  • Vertical at 87

  • Speed at 80

  • Acceleration at 78

  • Strength at 82

Finishing Badges

  • Putback Boss (Gold)

  • Contact Finisher (Gold)

  • Lob City Finisher (Gold)

  • System Finisher (Gold)

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Intimidator (HOF)

  • Pogo Stick (HOF)

  • Brick Wall (HOF)

  • Clamps (HOF)


  • Rin Takeover

The Athletic Finisher Build

A finisher that just never fails is provided by an athletic finisher build that emphasizes the player's power and endurance. You will receive an aggregate rating 92 with this construction.

NBA 2K23 The Athletic Finisher Build

Body Settings

  • A Height of  6'9"

  • Weight at 193 pounds

  • Wingspan of 7'6"

  • Built body shape


  • Driving Dunk at 94

  • Standing Dunk at 75

  • Close Shot At 85

  • Post Control at 84

  • Driving Layup at 80


  • Mid-Range At 69

  • Free Throw at 61

  • Three Point At 80


  • Ball Handle at 80

  • Pass Accuracy at 75

  • Speed With Tail at 76


  • Offensive Rebound at 67

  • Interior Defense at 76

  • Steal at 75

  • Perimeter Defense at 78

  • Defensive Rebound at 73

  • Lateral/Quickness at 77

  • Block at 75


  • Acceleration at 75

  • Speed at 81

  • Stamina at 90

  • Vertical at 82

  • Strength at 51

Finishing Badges

  • Giant Slayer (HOF)

  • Fearless Finisher (Gold)

  • Backdown Punisher (Gold)

  • Pro Touch (HOF)

  • Dream Shake (Gold)

  • Fast Twitch (Gold)

Shooting Badges

  • Corner Specialist (Gold)

  • Claymore (Gold)

  • Comeback Kid (HOF)

  • Cluck Shooter (HOF)

  • Volume Shooter (HOF)

Playmaking Badges

  • Post Playmaker (Gold)

  • Vice Grip (Gold)

  • Unpluckable (Gold)

  • Ankle Breaker (Gold)

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Menace (Gold)

  • Off Ball Post (HOF)

  • Work Horse (Gold)

  • Rebound Chaser (Gold)

Power Forward-Best Badges

In NBA 2K23's Power Forward, there are four distinct badges, with every Defense/Rebounding and Finishing badge having a Hall of Fame level.


  • Backdown Punisher (HoF)

  • Post Spin Technician (HoF)

  • Dream Shake (HoF)

  • Dropstepper (HoF)


  • Volume Shooter (Bronze)

  • Middy Magician (Bronze)


  • Unpluckable (Gold)

  • Vice Grip (Gold)

  • Post Playmaker (Gold)


  • Post Lockdown (HoF)

  • Brick Wall (HoF)


That’s it for the NBA 2K23 Best Power Forward Position Guide. Playing with this position will not be much of a problem for you now since you know the strongest possible builds!

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