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NBA 2K23 Best Ways to Get MT Coins

Your team's skill ceiling in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM is decided by its weakest teammate. Even though your initial card has got better, you would still need a large number of trustworthy players to surround them in order to succeed at every game you play. Due to this very reason, MT coins are important to your NBA 2K23 MyTEAM journey. Players that will enhance your squad and give you a competitive edge over other online gamers can be unlocked using MT money. It can be used to uncover strong players and create a team of elite athletes that is unmatched (including current and former NBA players).

What are MT Coins?

Throughout NBA 2K23, MT Coins are the primary form of payment. The best area to collect MT Coins is the auction house. Players can purchase cards by trading MT coins with players. You can farm MT money in the interim by selling cards and finishing a lot of tasks. The user bar in the upper right corner of the majority of panels in the mode displays your current total in MT coins.

Strengthen your squad and outperform rivals to guarantee that you have a significant advantage in the competitive online mode! Have fun harvesting millions of MT coins after reading our guide! The in-game currency known as MT Coins, which may be employed to buy stuff in the MyTeam Mode, is also included in NBA 2K23. It is utilised for a variety of transactions, including those involving players, cards, and many more. We advise anyone who might find it difficult to make money to purchase it from MMOPixel for incredibly inexpensive prices.

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The Auction House

The Auction House is the greatest source of MT currency. You can get a fantastic amount of money by selling unnecessary players. Instead, you might pay less for costly player cards and sell them for more money. Reduce contract expenses by taking part in lots of TTOs and gaining knowledge about auction house trading. Nevertheless, explore the auction house, identify things you may purchase at a discount, sell them for a profit, & then repeat. To identify the most recent products and see whether there are any deals, all you have to do is find your market area and browse to the 4-hour, 12-hour, or 24-hour tags. Mastering takes time, but it's worthwhile.

NBA 2K23 Auction House

Locker Codes

You should keep an eye on a list of Locker Codes, especially if you play MyTeam because it contains important information. If you're providing fresh Locker Codes every day, this is among the most generous card-collecting modes available. Packs, Tokens, and MT are frequently included in these time-limited promotions, and you can utilise all of them to strengthen your starting lineup. Also, you should keep track of just about any seasonal events, as the prizes are just as great and can significantly improve the caliber of your team.

Complete Challenges

Taking up challenges is one of the best methods to farm VC as well as MT. There are daily, weekly, & lifetime challenges. During grinding game modes, these tasks let you gain some additional benefits. You frequently double your gains after the game, but at the price of being forced to play specific individuals in varying ways. In the long term, that will be well worth it. The advantage you gain from completing your challenges every single day will help you create your legendary squad.

Find your ideal playstyle

In NBA 2K, there are more than 100 different player types, each having a unique set of badges. It's crucial to strike the ideal balance for your play style. Your squad dynamic will differ depending on whether you wish the point guard to be a magician at passing the ball or a lightning-fast shooter from a distance. Play a few games and focus the entire game on one player to identify your talents. Power Forward is a fantastic place to start given how much the position has changed over time. You should test each to discover your fit, whether you're a stretch four, paint beast, or a combination of the two. You can tailor your MyTEAM to outperform standard lineups after you know the categories you play best with.

Play Domination mode

You may gain a tonne of experience and farm a tonne of goodies, including MT money, by playing through Domination. In addition, you get to pick the level of difficulty for each game. Normally, the reward is larger the harder the task is. The objective is to gather stars that lead to more rewards. You will receive 375 MT, 3 team cards, one team logo, and one star toward the total awards for beating the first match on Rookie difficulty.

The rewards increase to 625 MT, 3 team cards, an Evolution player from the team which you can improve, and 3 stars if you accomplish it on All-Star. In all, if you achieve 99 stars, you can receive 36 tokens, tens of thousands of MT, and a 91 OVR Sam Jones SG/SF. Historic Domination as well as All-Time Domination can both be unlocked by earning 33 stars in the 20 Domination game. Among the three, you can amass a significant amount of MT as well as a large number of players, evolution cards, tokens, as well as game experience.

NBA 2K23 Domination mode


In NBA 2K23, obtaining MT requires players to complete tasks and win prizes in many game modes over an extended period of time (Domination, Triple Threat Online, and Triple Threat Offline). There are several levels of difficulty for these challenges. Every time you successfully complete the hardest difficulty, you will receive more goodies. Because it offers more bonuses than other modes, "Triple Threat Offline" is the mode that fans choose.

Play Triple Threat

Anybody looking for rapid games with consistent and immediate returns should try Triple Threat. Playable both online and offline, 3-on-3 basketball is played to the first player to 21 points, with awards available up to 1000 victories. The prizes range from tokens to different kinds of packs, from MT to particular players. For instance, you will receive an 88 OVR Darius Miles for 50 wins. This game option is fantastic since you are paired with adverseries dependent on how good your team is. You'll play against 80 OVRs if your lineup includes 80 OVRs. It's fantastic for dipping your toe in the water and receiving worthwhile prizes along your journey.

Play a lot of matches

You should concentrate on a single game mode and play often to earn more MT if you want to farm a lot of it quickly. If you utilize the venerable NBA 2K23, you would receive 50,000 MT, which can aid in the development of your perfect team. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you can spend these 500,000 MT later on in the winter. One more piece of advice is to get into the auction house right away to get the best deal on good players. The auction house is required since you will face the team online, & that team will have improved.

You can try out various modes in NBA 2K23, each having their own benefits and rewards. For more information you can check out our guide for different game modes in NBA 2K23!

Some tips to remember to save MT Coins!

Limit your Expenses

There are numerous ways to obtain MT this year, and you can only do so in MyTEAM. You can obtain it by carrying out nearly all of the patterns. Like VC, you should delay spending money until you have decided how to divide the rewards. Use your precious MT coins wisely. What amount of money will you spend on opening packages and how much will you waste on chasing famous faces in the auction area? Adding team members can be done through a package, open, and auction homes. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase huge boxes with MT (which is why using some VC in MyTEAM boxes is still a good idea). You have the option to purchase just one package, giving you access to the top cards from each set.

Don’t waste MT on Junk Cards

MyTeam points 2K23 should be saved rather than wasted because you need to earn a lot of MT first. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money. You may save MT for the future even though we understand that you desire good ballers like Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, and others. To obtain Dwyane Wade for free, perform the Dwyane Wade spotlight tasks. He can easily advance to Ruby level or higher after 15 matches.

Understand the META

The META in MyTeam varies a little bit every year. The most expensive types of cards this year are swingmen featuring length, shooting, as well as the capacity to finish at the basket. For Triple Threat Online & MyTeam Unlimited games, be sure to select those players. The finest players will be able to dominate alongside players like Tracy McGrady, Michael Jordan, and other greats. Giannis Antetokounmpo's flexibility makes any of the Pink Diamond or Diamond versions of him priceless.


We come to the end of our guide on how to earn MT Coins in NBA 2K23. We are sure the above methods will help you in achieving your goal a lot quicker!

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