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NBA 2K23 Contact Dunk Requirements

The most recent basketball game produced by Visual Concepts & 2K Games is NBA 2K23. Newer features and objectives are added with each new game. This game has improved upon older mechanics while introducing some newer ones. Contact Dunks is one technique that made a comeback in 2K23. A player literally overwhelming other players and letting their strength felt as they rush to the hoop for a dunk is among the most thrilling events that can take place in an NBA game.

Everyone gets impressed when a genuinely posterizing dunk occurs, even the most ardent basketball fans and those who hardly know which NBA teams exist. Fortunately, a very good Contact Dunk in NBA 2K23 will allow you to recreate similar exhilaration. A Contact Dunk enables you to force your might and slam the basketball through the hoop while putting your rival to the floor instead of making a simple basket or making a floater.

How to dunk in NBA 2K23 as opposed to a layup

Make sure you are employing the right stick to complete the moves in order to increase the likelihood that you will dunk the ball as opposed to playing a layup; doing so should prevent the computer from forcing your player to go for a layup. You'll observe that in NBA 2K23, the computer-controlled components tend to execute a layup, or a dunk based on numerous factors, including the player, the opponent, and the direction of attack on the paint. The objective of the game is for the attacking player to score the best shot under the circumstances.

What is the 2K23 dunk meter for?

The dunk counter is returning in NBA 2K23 for yet another season. It's similar to the shot meter in that you have to time the layup or slam in a person's green box. Timing is crucial for dunks in NBA 2K23 because the shot meter is necessary for all finishers, including dunks, layups, and alley-oops. There could be many sizes of the green box. The player's position and higher dunk rating will both boost the likelihood of the move being executed. The finish will almost probably be more difficult if your opponent is defending the paint.

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Performing Contact Dunks

In NBA 2K23, a contact dunk is executed by racing toward the hoop while pressing down RT or R2 and pointing the right stick upward. The paint must be guarded by a defender for your player to complete a contact slam over him.

NBA 2K23 Dunk

Pro Contact Dunks Off Two

  • Driving Dunk 84+

Even the most impressive finishing badges can only be as powerful as their animations. Many players who want a powerful finish rather than just a speedy one will find it satisfying to use the Pro Contact Dunks Off Two. The rate of success on this move will appeal to slashers with very high strength scores.

Pro Contact Dunks Off One

  • Driving Dunk 84+

The decision between the two is significant despite looking akin to Pro Contact Dunks Off Two and bearing the same prerequisites. The animations make it quite evident that this is mainly a build for a skilled and quick dunker who prefers to avoid touch over making direct contact.

Elite Contact Dunks Off Two

  • Driving Dunk 92+

Although more difficult dunk requirements don't necessarily result in better dunks, Elite Contact Dunks Off Two is unquestionably an improvement over its Pro counterpart. The best dunk sequences include behind-the-back protection and tomahawks, which render blocks impossible.

Elite Contact Dunks Off One

  • Driving Dunk 92+

The Elite Contact Dunks Off One is, as could be imagined, a quicker and much more elusive option than the Elite Contact Dunks Off Two. Optimal point guard setups will benefit from more speed than the previous option while still keeping more ball protection.

Small Contact Dunks Off Two

  • Driving Dunk 86+

  • Height under 6'5"

Guards frequently find themselves forced to shoot around the arc using a flawless custom jumper, while slashers continue to have it wonderful. Small Contact Dunks Off Two includes some distinctive baseline dunks for individuals who prefer to begin their runs from the corner rather than usually at the high of the key. For smaller players, any dunk off of two might seem out of place.

Small Contact Dunks Off One

  • Driving Dunk 86+

  • Height under 6'5"

The Small Contact Dunks Off One's verticality is its main selling point. Ball protection frequently entails taking things slowly and moving more slowly. However, maintaining the basketball out of reach offers protection that is just as effective and allows players to keep moving quickly.

Pro Bigman Contact Dunks

  • Standing Dunk 80+

  • Height at least 6'10"

Notably, in spite of the size increase, the requirement has changed from running dunks to standing dunks. The good thing regarding these action sequences is that players may decide whether they'd like to slash by or approach closely since they are also off of one and two. For the absolute heavyweights, there are also a few post dunks.

Elite Bigman Contact Dunks

The distinction between the previous standing dunk and the current one is ten points. Players can get some nasty posterizing shots because of the standing dunk's additional constraints and insane verticality. The majority of the time, anyone who tries to block this dunk would fall to the ground.

NBA 2K23 tips for a better dunk

Get to know your team

To determine whether a player can execute the pro and elite dunk sets, it is critical to learn about their dunk rating and height. This aids in determining if you can dunk while sprinting or standing for a particular guard, forward, or center.

NBA 2K23 Dunk Guide

Examine the paint

One particular ability, dunking, not only earns two points but also showy points from the crowd. However, users must be wise to know when to attempt a slam or settle for a jump shot if there is a competitor in front of them. Although dunks may seem impressive, scoring is more crucial.

Use the appropriate dunks for the circumstance

NBA 2K23 allows players greater freedom than ever to score whichever they feel is appropriate at the time. Avoid attempting a dunk while a shot-blocker is in the paint and avoid using an off-handed dunk if the opposite player is driving with their dominant hand covered.

Learn the moves

In NBA 2K23, learning the dunks on the practice court can be a quick way to keep one step ahead of the opposition. Gaining mastery of the maneuvers during practice is essential for long-term success as learning them during play may be challenging to execute consistently.

Take benefit of NBA 2K23's dunks

In NBA 2K23, there are several different dunks to pick from. While winning games, try something new and have fun. When you make a dazzling dunk in-game that offers you a psychological advantage over your rival, thereafter, explore and rejoice.

Hanging on the basket rim followed by a dunk.

After performing a dunk, push down-down on your right stick and adjust your momentum with the left stick on the controller to cling onto the rim. You can raise yourself to the rim by using the appropriate stick.


If you recall the standards from the previous year, you might have noticed that they haven't been altered for NBA 2K23. They perfectly match those in NBA 2K22. Therefore, think about these conditions and the kinds of dunks you want to do with your athlete before creating them. and after that design them suitably. That is all there is to know.

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