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NBA 2K23 Endorsements Guide

The MyCareer game type in NBA 2K23 may be both enjoyable and difficult for first-timers. Gaining virtual cash (VC) is essential for achieving success in MyCareer. You cannot enhance your player without VC, and your chances of competing are slim. You receive a predetermined salary and additional earnings for achieving milestones or just keeping a high player grade in every MyCareer game. These are probably going to be your main source of VC money. Everything you need to know about obtaining and utilising endorsements is included in this manual.

What do 2K23 sponsorship and endorsement contracts involve?

Deals involving sponsorships and endorsements are common in NBA 2K23 and allow you to promote to businesses. Your overall VC earnings in MyCareer might go up dramatically as a result. Along with agreed-upon performance incentives, you will receive payment for your presence at events. For instance, Mobile 1 offers 1,425 VC in exchange for attendance at an event. Before signing a contract, you can discuss the terms.

How to get NBA 2K23 endorsements

In NBA 2K23, getting sponsorships is a rather simple process. The number of individuals who are aware of you directly affects how effectively you can endorse a company. You may advance via MyCareer mode by participating in simulation games, and as you do so, you will start to amass a following depending on your performances. Keep in mind that playing professional basketball is entertainment, thus the more spectacular and exciting moves you engage in, the faster your fan base will expand. Go to Progression then Endorsements to quickly see how your athlete is doing in terms of obtaining endorsements.

More admirers in MyCareer translate into more sponsorship offers, which raises your potential for VC earnings. You will receive fresh offers as your athlete reaches the next tier of total fans. You may also renegotiate past partnerships and demand more money if your player's marketability rises as new fans are attracted to them. To increase your chance of collecting fans when playing games in MyCareer, do your best to perform a few of these plays. However, keep in mind that if you keep using the same actions, they will get bored. As your player's set of skills develops, switch things up more frequently to keep them on their toes.

NBA 2K23 Endorsements

In NBA 2K23, don't neglect to cash your checks

The money will start rolling in after you have sponsors lined up and have played a few games with your sponsorships still intact. But surprisingly, a lot of 2K players skip over or just fail to do the straightforward task of collecting their checks. They thus leave mountains of unspent VC in their bank, undisturbed. This error will eventually cause you to make much slower progress in the game mode. Therefore, to increase your revenue, you need always keep an eye out for signals from your agent. You may then pick up your money from the Purser at the Promenade on the Silver Deck when he makes contact.

In NBA 2K23, how many sponsorships are permitted?

For each category of business, you are allowed one endorsement. For instance, you can advocate a pair of Nike shoes, but once the contract is over, you can recommend a pair of New Balance shoes. As long as they are not rivals in the same industry, you are allowed to have many sponsorships at once. You run the threat of losing your endorsement and getting warned if you choose to wear merchandise from another company.

NBA 2K23 Sponsorships

In NBA 2K23, how can you make an appearance at an event?

You must pick the events calendar under the Community page to make an appearance at an event. Throughout NBA 2K23, there are occasions where you can play against opponents using sometimes occurring rule variants. Your endorsement agreement may compel you to make certain appearances.

What do 2K23 incentives imply?

The endorsement agreement you reach with an official partner includes incentives. You will be able to earn more virtual currency while playing the game by negotiating several incentives into your contract. The rewards you may select from Mobil One, your first sponsor when you unlock endorsements, are listed below.

  • Flashy Assists: 2 VCs

  • For Pick & Roll Scores, 2 VCs

  • Three VCs for Up-and-Down Shots

  • For Hopstep Layups, 3 VCs

  • For spin layups, three VCs

  • For Euro Step Layups, 3 VCs

  • 3 VCs for Floaters & Runners

  • 15 VCs for a Win

  • 3 PM Games for 15 VCs

  • For three Dunk Games, 15 VCs

Negotiations with each brand will determine the rewards and maximum sum that may be added to a contract. Consider selecting rewards depending on the player's position and set of skills. Giving your starting centre the Flashy Assist or a guy who plays below the hoop the three-game-winning dunks incentive is not a good idea. Choose them based on how likely you are to succeed in achieving them in each game.

There you have it, a detailed explanation of how to unlock endorsements in NBA 2K23. Make every effort to enliven the crowd and win over new followers. Gaining more followers will allow you to access additional sponsorships, which will dramatically improve the rate at which you receive VC.

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NBA 2K23 Incentives

How to get more NBA 2K23 fans to follow you MyCareer

Your skill is the only thing that counts when you're playing, and that's precisely what you need to do to get more fans. The greater your performance, the larger your audience will get.

Engage the audience with your talents

Dunks, alley-oops, and blocks are examples of manoeuvres you may employ to excite and recruit additional supporters for your team. For instance, having a dunk build will enable you to consistently slam on your opponents in front of the audience.

Winning in style

Scores are usually positive, but stylish scores are much better. Before scoring to put on a show, perform your dribbling manoeuvres like crossovers and spin moves.

Combine your techniques

Your supporters will soon become tired of you if you keep performing the same tricks. In every game, mix things up and employ techniques you might not often utilise.

Look at your new admirers

The camera will shift to the stands when you accomplish a highlight move, allowing you to see how many new admirers you have won over. If some of the benchers are empty, you can change tactics based on how well you are doing in the game.

Alter your attire

It is advised that you change your uniform/clothes before each game to attract attention from the media and become the subject of conversation. Consequently, draw more attention to yourself.

How do obtain recommendations?

To obtain and increase sponsorships, you must build your fan base. Therefore, you must always improve your gameplay if you want to secure lucrative endorsement deals. Your fan base will grow as you perform, and you'll receive stronger sponsorship and partnership offers. You may demand more excellent terms for yourself as you get better at what you do and as your fan following grows.

How do Endorsements in NBA 2K23 work?

Growing the player base is one of the key components of NBA 2K23. Gaining VC, getting Endorsements, and other things all depend on having more fans. You need to keep the court amusing and win as many games as you can to gain more followers. If your team plays poorly and you start losing games, you won't get supporters. Even if you lose the game, attempt to entertain the audience to win over some new admirers.

When it comes to endorsement negotiations, your popularity will also be a factor. The better bargains you get depend on how well-liked you are among your followers. You'll start receiving messages from well-known businesses asking you to work with them and promote your brands once the Endorsement option is activated. If you want to, you may review their contracts and renegotiate. But that depends on how well-liked you are and how big your fan following is. Every renegotiation needs a certain quantity of supporters. Only if you have that many admirers or more, can you renegotiate a contract.

After a few matches, you must accept one of the brand endorsement offers you start receiving to receive VC. Every Endorsement offers you alluring benefits. For instance, receiving an endorsement from Adidas will net you 1200 VC, an Adidas Billboard, 3,000 MVP points, and Adidas On Court Shoes; receiving an endorsement from Puma will net you 1440 VC, 3,000 MVP points, Puma On Court Shoes, and a Puma Billboard; receiving an endorsement from Kia will net you 2750 VC, 3,000 MVP points, and roughly 25000 fans; etc. Similar to this, every endorsement you make has its terms. Converse Endorsement demands 8 Free Spirit Levels, 6 Fashion Levels, and 350000 Fans, whereas Nike Endorsement requires 6 Corporate Levels, 10 Solo Players Levels, and 420000 Fans. A minimum of 7 Flashy Levels, 7 NBA Levels, and 250 000 Fans are needed for 2K Sports Endorsement.


You may acquire sponsorship opportunities right away in NBA 2K23 MyCareer by levelling up your fan metre. The easiest method to level up this feature is to execute highlight plays while playing a game and respond to fan-friendly questions at the press conference. To produce more highlight plays and gain more followers more quickly, you can also play on a lesser difficulty. You'll start to get recommendations from numerous brands over time.

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