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NBA 2K23 Guide to Earn Free VC

The basketball courts are bustling with activity now that NBA 2K23 is here. The game's MyCAREER option, wherein you create a MyPLAYER & establish your domination in the NBA and on the streets, is undoubtedly among the most popular choices. This year's MyCAREER placed an even greater emphasis on it because you had to strike a balance between playing ball inside the arena and outside on four different streetball courts. The streetball courts help you in your effort to "win over the City," taking it from your adversary Shep Owens who you are obviously superior to nonetheless.

Nevertheless, you must first create your MyPLAYER before you can even begin this basketball experience. If you want to make him triumph in NBA games or Park games against players from across the world once you do that, you must upgrade him. You will pay VC for this.

Get Free VC!

You can always purchase virtual currency (VC) using real money, but if that makes you uncomfortable, you can also earn it through gameplay. Well, you can still earn virtual currency by playing NBA 2K23, which is a blessing. We won't deny that it may be quite a grind, but it also feels quite satisfying because you got it by simply playing. Of course, this shouldn't prevent you from purchasing some if necessary. Yet, there are a few reliable ways to earn your coins and advance your MyPLAYER level. One method, in particular, will seem blatantly obvious, yet it is very definitely efficient. Therefore, let's go right to making money without further ado.

NBA 2K23 also features in-game money referred to as MT Coins, which can be used to purchase items in the MyTeam Mode. It is used for many other kinds of transactions, such as those involving players, cards, and numerous other things. We suggest anyone who might have trouble making money buy it from MMOPixel for unbelievably low pricing.

Visit our website MMOPixel to purchase NBA 2K23 MT Coins. Purchase from us comes with quickest delivery and 24x7 chat support.

Daily/Weekly Quests

You'll be completing a tonne of quests throughout your MyCAREER tale in order to conquer The City (new gen) or rule supremely on the G.O.A.T Boat (old gen). Nevertheless, the majority of these quests don't give you VC as a reward. If you don't want to wear the "iconic" brown shirt outfit forever, you'll get lots of clothing pieces, which is excellent because it saves you from having to spend VC on clothing. Still, it would be wonderful to receive VC in exchange for your efforts.

Daily and weekly missions can be used to accomplish this. These NBA 2K23 sidequests are independent of the main narrative. They might range from being really simple to being somewhat tedious. The simpler stuff includes performing skateboard tricks or snapping photographs with particular characters.

The more difficult tasks are typically the weekly challenges, which require a particular number of stats to be accumulated in Park games in order to be completed (150 points in Rec games for example). Yet you can pull them off if you're extremely competitive. In told, you can typically earn between 250 and 1,250 VC from each of these tasks. It might not appear to be much, but even a small amount counts, and if you put enough effort into it, you will notice development. Also, you can gather nonstop because these are available each and every day of the week.

NBA 2K23 Quests

Playing a lot of matches

Here is the obvious point that we already highlighted. You only need to keep things simple by playing games in order to receive free VC for your MyPLAYER in MyCAREER. If you play well and grind out games in the NBA, The City, or GOAT Boat, you'll accumulate VC. Making ensuring your teammates receive good grades is important. This is essential for obtaining VC and MyPOINTS, which enhance your maximum total rating. Also, you will be dismissed from Park or Rec games if your grade falls to an F.

You should surely play a significant number of NBA games, in my opinion. The greatest amount of VC will be obtained here. This is particularly the case if you increase the level of difficulty. So if you don't feel prepared for degrees of difficulty like Superstar or Hall of Fame, don't put pressure on yourself. You should play NBA 2K23 in your own style. By the end of the day, it's all about having fun.

Signing Endorsements

You must have some endorsement deals in order to live the life of an NBA superstar, am I right? And that's what you're able to accomplish in MyCAREER in NBA 2K23—acquire those contracts with footwear, beverage, and other businesses.

To unlock the endorsements, you must first fulfill some prerequisites. As soon as you sign with one, you'll have obligations to carry out on-court duties for the term of the agreement. Once that's finished, you'll get paid well for your work, typically earning between 1,000 & 6,000 VC.

We are aware that there won't be 100,000 VC, but if you finish the majority of the contracts, you could earn about 50,000 VC altogether. You'll have a good amount to work with and add to the development of your MyPLAYER in the game when you combine it with the money you've earned by playing games and finishing objectives. Learn more about the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K23 through our guide!

NBA 2K23 Endorsements

Additional Tips and Game Modes consider to earning VC

Play the game on high difficulties

This is considered to be among the most efficient and dependable ways to get VC and enhance your NBA game. To earn more VC as a reward, the MyCareer mode's difficulty should be increased. The moment you get used to it, earning VC is enjoyable.

Play the NBA 2KTV Trivia

Answer the questions in NBA 2K23 Trivia to test your knowledge of basketball and earn free VC. The questions pop up as you load up the game, and the episodes are only a short 15 minutes apiece. It's a straightforward method to pass the time, then. If you want to get the most out of 2KTV, you can easily come to terms with every episode with additional 1,000 to 2000 VC by researching the answers online in advance. Also, the trivia is presented in episodes so that players can play it again and again, trying their luck!

Locker Codes

Locker Codes, which may be redeemed for free VC, are frequently released by the creators. Use latest codes because these codes have an expiration date.

Ante Up

NBA 2K23's Ante Up betting is indeed a great way to earn virtual currency (VC). By using the elevator to the Gold Deck or using the City map, you can get to the Ante Up arena. It is somewhat a special court where players can bet their VC to increase their earnings. You are placing a wager on your ability and that of your squad to defeat opponents at the venue in pickup games. The only downside to this strategy is that you forfeit VC if you fail in a wager. But if you triumph, you get more VC. Only skilled players who have perfected their player construct should use this strategy.

NBA 2K23 Ante Up

NBA 2K23 Mobile

The mobile version of NBA 2K23 still offers VC. Since you don't have to open up the game and start playing, this is among the simplest ways to earn VC. When you sign in to the NBA 2K mobile app, you can win VC every day. Through the numerous minigames, you can also generate a lot of virtual currency, because this app is accessible on both iOS & Android.

Theater 4

For individuals looking to swiftly gain VC by playing 3v3 games, the Theater is a profitable add-on to the City. There exist 4 theatres, and each week the modes will be different. We strongly advise that you set up a shop in Theater 4. Since squads are not allowed in Theater 4, you will experience shorter wait times, a higher VC rate, with friendlier matchmaking.

The Cage

The fact that cage battles provide a lighthearted diversion from the frequently heated conflict found on a real basketball floor is one of their advantages. As a result, you can commit fouls as many times as you wish and bounce off trampolines to slam your opponent with the craziest dunks to win. Extra VC!


Although earning VC could be a tedious process, the above-mentioned steps are the best possible ways you can do it. We hope that you learned something of value through our guide on how to obtain FREE VC in the game NBA 2K23!

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