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NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Build Guide

The NBA 2K23 video game is one of the most popular basketball games of all time. It includes an incredible array of features, and one of the most iconic players in the history of the game, Michael Jordan. The Michael Jordan build is especially popular among players and fans alike, as it allows gamers to create a virtual version of the NBA legend. In this NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan build guide, we will go over the various attributes, cards, and other items that are essential to creating the perfect virtual version of MJ. We will also discuss the best strategies and tips that can help you maximize your build and become the best Michael Jordan in the game.


The first step in building the perfect Michael Jordan is to focus on his attributes. This includes his speed, agility, shooting, and defence. Players must choose the right combination of attributes that will make Jordan the best he can be.

NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan

What is the process for accessing the Michael Jordan hidden features in NBA 2K23?

In order to unlock the "His Airiness" secret build of Michael Jordan in NBA 2K23, gamers must input the following attributes: Shooting Guard position with a height of 6-foot-6, a weight of 195, a wingspan of 6-foot-11, and the jersey number of 23. Additionally, the game requires stats such as Close Shot (84), Driving Layup (90), Driving Dunk (92), Standing Dunk (68), Post Control (61), Mid Range Shot (68), Three-Point Shot (53), Free Throw (77), Pass Accuracy (71), Ball Handle (81), Speed With Ball (79), Interior Defence (54), Perimeter Defence (82), Steal (85), Block (60), Offensive Rebound (45), Defensive Rebound (44), Speed (85), Acceleration (86), Strength (53), Vertical (91), and Stamina (92).


If you are unsure of how to use takeovers in NBA 2K23, check out our guide which will explain the process. As the game progresses, Takeovers become increasingly available, starting from basic and advancing to more powerful abilities. You can choose any takeover to build your player, but Finishing Moves and Pull-Up Precision are the two that we recommend. Completing Moves enable you to absorb and finish off the dribble with layups, dunks and alley-oops, while Pull-Up Precision enhances the accuracy of jump shots taken without a dribble.

Speed: Speed is essential for any basketball player, and the same applies to Michael Jordan. The higher the speed rating, the faster he will be able to move around the court, which will allow him to take advantage of his agility and explosiveness.

Agility: Agility is a crucial attribute for any player, and especially important for Michael Jordan. His agility allows him to move quickly and smoothly around the court, allowing him to make plays and score points.

Shooting: Michael Jordan was one of the best shooters in the NBA, and his shooting attributes must be carefully chosen. Players must decide between the three-point shot and the mid-range shot, as both are essential for a successful Jordan build.

Defence: Defence is also an important attribute for Michael Jordan. His defensive rating will determine how well he can defend his opponents, allowing him to shut down the opposition and keep his team in the game.


Cards are an important part of the NBA 2K23 game, and they can be used to upgrade and improve the various attributes of Michael Jordan. Players must choose the right cards to maximize their build and give Jordan the best chance of success. There are two types of cards in the game: Signature and Elite. Signature cards are exclusive to certain players and give them an extra boost. Elite cards are more powerful and provide more of an advantage. Players can use Signature and Elite cards to upgrade the various attributes of Michael Jordan. They can also use them to add additional attributes, such as durability, stamina, and rebounding.

NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Card

Financial need in NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Build 

The NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Build is the latest addition to the popular basketball simulation game. This build is a tribute to the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. It features a custom-made player with all the attributes and skills needed to play like the "G.O.A.T." The build also includes access to the Jordan Brand store, which allows players to purchase exclusive in-game apparel and gear. However, the build comes with a hefty price tag. Players must have a good number of coins to purchase the build and its accompanying equipment. Coins are the in-game currency that can be earned through various activities, such as completing in-game challenges, playing online matches, and purchasing packs.

The price of the NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Build and its accompanying equipment can be prohibitive for some players. This is especially true for those who are new to the game and are unfamiliar with the in-game currency. Fortunately, there are several ways that players can earn the coins they need to purchase the build and its accompanying equipment. The first way is to play the game regularly. As players progress through the game, they will earn coins for completing various activities. The more time players spend playing the game, the more coins they will earn.

Another way to earn coins is to participate in online tournaments. These tournaments are hosted by the NBA 2K community and offer substantial prize pools. Players who win these tournaments will take home many coins. If you are falling short of the coins and need them instantly, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Strategies for Building Michael Jordan

Players should focus on creating a balanced build, with a good mix of offense and defence. Jordan should also have a good combination of speed, agility, and shooting. Players should also consider what type of plays he will run, and how he will move without the ball. Players should also consider how they will use the cards to maximize their build. They should focus on upgrading the attributes that are most important for the type of play they want Jordan to employ.

Best Badges crafted to honour Michael Jordan's achievements:

Given that Michael Jordan's 99 overall rating is shared by both next-gen and current-gen versions, we opted to choose only the best badge that encapsulate the legacy of the all-time great. It is worth noting, however, the badge system is effective differently in the new, improved next-gen edition; one must choose a specific quantity of lower-grade badges before they can begin to progressively pick higher-tier badges. Considering that your defence is bolstered by the height of 6’6” allocation, and in summation of all considerations put into the steal attribute, by optimizing your defensive capabilities in NBA 2K23, you can assemble the most devastating dunk build. As a result, you should adjust your badge selection accordingly when upgrading to the next-gen version.

Finishing Badges (Hall of Fame)

1. Fearless Finisher: Fearless Finisher will give you the confidence to take on any contact layups. Your character will be able to convert them with ease while also conserving their stamina.

2. Dream Shake: A well-executed Dream Shake will give you an edge over your opponents. You can use it to set up your teammates for a great scoring opportunity or to break down the defence and create an easy scoring chance for yourself.

3. Giant Slayer: Giant Slayer will give you an edge when taking on tall defenders. Your MJ will experience less difficulty getting past them and create scoring opportunities for himself or his teammates.

Shooting Badges (Hall of Fame)

1. Corner Expert: Earn this badge and your accuracy when taking shots off passes or rebounds from the corner will increase, allowing for a more maximum offensive potential.

2. Clutch Shooter: If you shoot at the end of the fourth quarter, your chances of success are increased.

3. Limitless Range: Gain Limitless Range and you will be able to extend your shooting range, regardless of the current or next-gen system.

4. Volume Shooter: Utilizing Volume Shooter can give you an edge in the match, allowing you to take several shots and increase your chances of getting the ideal shot. The more attempts you take, the higher the probability of success.

Playmaking Badges (Gold)

1. Handles For Days: Handles For Days drastically decreases your stamina drain when dribbling in NBA 2K23, making it a must-have badge for constructing a Michael Jordan build on modern and next-generation platforms. 

2. Quick First Step: Quick First Step gives you the ability to breeze past defenders blocking your way to the basket.

3. Ankle Breaker: The Ankle Breaker badge increases the chance of your opponent’s tripping or moving in the wrong direction when you perform backsteps.

4. Killer Combos: This badge grants you the ability to string together a variety of moves with minimal expenditure of energy, thereby providing you with an effective way of beating a defender.

Defence Badges (Gold)

Clamps: This badge allows you to make more effective defensive stops with quicker reactions and better positioning ability.


The NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan (MJ) build guide provides players with all the essential information they need to create a perfect virtual version of the NBA legend. Players must focus on creating the right combination of attributes and cards, as well as devising a good strategy. They must also consider how their team will play together and create chemistry between the players. By following these steps, players can create the perfect Michael Jordan and take their team to the top.

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