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NBA 2K23 MyCareer Player Retirement: When and How to Retire

NBA 2K23 is a virtual reality game in which you are required to create and develop the career of your basketball player in the game. You can decide everything about the player be it the appearance or the skills the player will have and all tournaments your player will play will be also decided by you only. 

As we know in real life also as we move ahead in our career fields we will come to a point where we have to retire same goes with NBA 2K23, your player has to retire at a point in time in the game, so you will have a question that how can you make your player retire and what will be the right time to do so.

Retirement is a very crucial step in anyone’s career, and the same can be seen in the NBA 2K23 also MyCareer Mode. When a player retires from the game he has many options open to him the player such as starting a new phase of his life or becoming a coach for the NBA, but now the main question which arises is what is the right time for a player to retire?

When to Retire in NBA 2K23 MyCareer Mode

Many factors determine when a player should retire in NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode, we will be discussing each in brief, factors are:


Age is a very important factor in deciding when you should make your player retire, generally in the game, the player joins the game in their early 20s when the player has most of his physical abilities and strength to use the skills to win the game. The players in-game approach their retirement period in the middle of their 30s because it is the period in which the players start losing their stamina and start facing bones or muscle-related issues. 

You will be able to notice in your player that it starts getting slower day by day and is less agile now and reduced stamina. If you start feeling that your player is now unable to play as well as it played in their initial years then you should consider retiring the player.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer Player Retirement

Skill Level

You can understand that it's time for your player to retire if the skill set of the player has stagnated and is not improving over time. A player in the NBA who has acquired the peak of his career will now not be able to compete with the young players or the more talented players than them. 

There are many ways to increase the skills of a player in the game such as doing gym regularly, going on training camps, and game practice. You will be able to observe when a player is not able to cope with the training and not improving his skills so it is time for his retirement. 


Injury is a normal part of any game, and there is no exception to the game of NBA 2K23. It is evident that if your player has faced some serious injury and could not continue to play further in the game then it is time for retirement from the competition. 

If a player continues to play with any type of serious injury then it could result in any type of major effect on the player’s physical health and it can also result in before time retirement. In the game of NBA 2K23, there is an option to play despite any injury but if you think that your player is not able to play with injury then you can choose to retire.


You can understand that it’s time for retirement if your player is not performing well in the game and is not enjoying or playing the game with full enthusiasm. Basketball is a game that requires full attention in the field and it is played with a lot of energy for better outputs, but if you are observing that your player is not having a good time while playing it then indeed it is time to move on in your career. 

The main reasons behind this behavior of players could be injuries caused during the game, fatigue while playing, and reduced skills level. So if you are observing the decline in the player’s performance then it is time for your player to retire in NBA 2K23 MyCareer mode.

Retirement Process in NBA 2K23 MyCareer Mode

Once you have decided that it is the right time for your player to retire the next question which comes up is how to retire, so there are a few steps that you are required to take for making the process of retirement a little smoother. Firstly we suggest you play your last few games with the full enthusiasm that the player played at the beginning of his career, trying to bring the same greatness and focus that the player had in his initial year of playing in the NBA. Playing the last games will bring a sense of respect and the player will be able to end his career with dignity.

The next thing you should not miss is celebrating, celebrating the legacy of your player, celebrating the achievements and the records broken by your player if any. The legacy of your player is very important in NBA 2K23 MyCareer Mode, so you have to take time to celebrate all the achievements of your player and the contribution he has made to the entire basketball community.

So after doing everything which is required to be done during the retirement process, you will now reach a point where you have to decide how you want to continue this game first thing you can do is play with the old player as a coach in the team, and the second option which is open for you is continuing the game by being a completely new player and starting his journey from scratch, you can choose any of which is comfortable and interesting for you. For both the options, you will have to purchase various suitable badges and other things in-game to support your player's progress. It would require you to spend MT Coins, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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NBA 2K23 Player Retirement

How to retire in NBA 2K23 MyCareer Mode

Making your player retire is a simple process but we will be providing you with a step by step guide on how you can do so by the game menu only:

Step 1: Head to the main menu of the game

Log in to the NBA MyCareer Mode and then open the main menu of the game where you will find many options related to the mode, select the “MyCareer” option.

Step 2: Go to the “options” menu

Once you have logged in and clicked the “MyCareer mode” option, you are now required to head towards the “options” menu there. You can reach it by clicking the start button which is present on your controller.

Step 3: Select the option “Retire” 

Once you have reached the options menu you will now see the option of “retire”.

Step 4: Confirm Retirement

Once you have made your decision to retire, and select the retire button a pop-up screen will appear asking for confirmation of your player’s retirement, You now have to select the “yes” option for confirming the decision.

Step 5: Selecting the retirement ceremony

Once you are done with retiring your player you will see the option of choosing how you want to celebrate the retirement of your player so here you are free to choose anyone which you like.

Step 6: Celebrating the player's legacy

Once you made your player completely retire from the game now it is the time to celebrate all the achievements of your player, the records he has broken in his career, and celebrate his legacy.

Step 7: Starting from scratch with a new player or being a coach

Once you are done with all the formalities of retiring your player you will come to a point where you will have the option of continuing playing the game as a coach or starting and developing a new player from scratch, If you choose the second option you will have another chance of making an extraordinary player and breaking more records with him and making him advance the skills and not repeating the mistakes which you did with your previous player.

But if you choose the first option of continuing the same player but with the role of coach you will have a new experience of how is the life of a coach, you will be able to teach new players the skills which you acquired in your career but you will now not be able to play the matches or even play in the field.


So this was all about when and how you can make your player retire from the game, we first discussed all factors you should be considering while deciding if you should make your player retire or not then we discussed the process of retirement after that taking a deep dive in the topic we discussed the step by step process with which we concluded that you have two options open at the end after your MyCareer player’s retirement which are continuing as a coach or becoming a new player.

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