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NBA 2K23 MyNBA Eras Explained

NBA 2K23 continues the NBA 2K franchise's tradition of churning out fresh material each year to keep players interested in and eager for new installments. The drive for improvement has resulted in improvements in the well-liked MyCareer option, which allows players to set out on their journey to become the fictitious Greatest of All Time. However, 2K Sports has given several less well-liked modes virtually little attention over the past few years, leading players to wonder why they are even still being introduced to the game. The franchise is attempting to remedy that in NBA 2K23, its newest game. The MyNBA mode has just undergone exciting enhancements for the fans.

MyNBA Eras

With MyNBA Eras, gamers may design a franchise that is based in either the present or one of three legendary basketball eras from the past. You can choose to join Michael Jordan on the court and experience his ascent to legendary status, or you can experience the pressure as Magic Johnson ruled the courts. MyNBA Eras, which dates back to the 1980s, is a type of homage to these individuals and their teams. This is a chance for the new generation to experience those classic years in NBA 2K23. Four different eras are included on MyNBA Eras so you can relive them and learn how they impacted the league.

As previously indicated, MyNBA features four eras:

  • The Magic vs. Bird Era

  • The Jordan Era

  • The Kobe Era

  • The Modern Era

For a more thorough description about what each era comprises, continue reading.

How can you obtain Eras in NBA 2K23?

Only next-generation systems support the newly updated NBA 2K23 Eras game mode. Many fans are frustrated that the NBA 2k23 MyNBA Eras game mode isn't offered on the PS4 and Xbox One. MyNBA Eras isn't included in the PC versions of the game either, which is a surprising decision given that many PCs have more powerful specs than current-generation consoles. Those that have access to game mode, however, can do so by going to the Main Menu of the game and choosing MyNBA Eras. Next, choose MyNBA from the first menu. Continue after creating a new Save file.

The Magic vs. Bird Era

When talking about basketball in the 1980s, the matchup between Magic Johnson's Showtime Lakers and Larry Bird's Boston Celtics is essential. Fans of NBA 2K may recall that NBA 2K12 paid honor to this illustrious duel by featuring Magic, Bird, and His Airness on the front and notably featuring them in the "NBA's Greatest" mode. The reason is obvious after just a quick check at the records. The 1980s saw 65% of the Finals teams consist of Celtics and Lakers, and the matches between Magic and Bird are iconic.

The Hornets, Timberwolves, Heat and Magic joining the NBA in 1988 and 1989 are the key events of this era. The league introduces more attacking play and hand-checking, while the in-game aesthetic is reminiscent of the 1980s with simplistic overlays. The San Diego Clippers and Kansas City Kings both relocated during this time, with the latter moving to Sacramento in 1985. Zone defense was also outlawed. You can find distinct 80s commentary, new uniforms, and flooring when gaming with this period enabled.

NBA 2K23 The Magic vs. Bird Era

MyNBA Eras makes it simple to use a draft class that you can create on your own or you can also use drafts that are created by the community if that's what you're into. Jordan wasn't selected by you in the 1984 Draft? You need not worry about it, you can buy the draft classes using the MT coins.

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The Jordan Era – MyNBA Era

The GOAT dominated the game in the 1990s during the Jordan Era. Begin in 1991 and follow Michael Jordan's ascent as he joins the league and is joined by Shaquille O'Neal. In this decade, the G League was founded in 2001, and the Grizzlies and Raptors both entered the league in 1995. Additionally, the in-game commentary will be appropriate for the time period.

The Jordan Era sets you at the beginnings of Michael's incredible 1991 season with the Chicago Bulls. The Jordan Era also contains a number of teams who represent a threat to Air Jordan's legacy, such as the Pistons of Stockton and Malone, the Rockets of Hakeem, and the Knicks of Ewing. Could MJ go above and beyond what he had already accomplished? There is only one way to find out the answer.

During this time, significant events included the ban on the Back to Basket in 1999, the legalization of hand-checking in 1996, and the legalization of zone defense in 2001. Many new uniforms and floors may be seen while playing games, and more intricate overlays are combined with the vintage 90s presentation.

NBA 2K23 The Jordan Era

The Kobe Era – MyNBA Era

The Kobe Era spans the 2000s, a time during which the NBA saw the careers of players like Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Kobe establish themselves. Some significant new laws were established during this time. In 2007, Social Media started to have an impact, and the league added six divisions. In 2004, the Charlotte Bobcats also made their NBA debut.

No discussion of basketball in the 2000s, however, would be complete without discussing one specific star: Kobe Bryant, called the Black Mamba. Although Kobe won two more championships with the Lakers and cemented his status as Michael Jordan's replacement following the original three-peat in the 2000s, Shaq's reputation as one of the league's most unstoppable players cannot be questioned.

While playing in this era, you can acquire a number of new floors and jerseys, a presentation from the 2000s with cutting-edge overlays and tailored commentary, as well as an updated commentary booth. The Sonics changed their name in 2008, seven games were added to the initial phase of the playoffs in 2003, and the video replay option was introduced in 2002.

NBA 2K23 The Kobe Era

The Modern Era

Talking about the modern era, NBA 2K23's MyNBA Eras mode includes the entire period. This time period begins in the late 2010s and ends in 2012, the year the Nets changed their name. In 2017, a more practical timeout system was implemented. In 2019, coaches were permitted to dispute calls, and NBA All-Star introduced set scoring endings. You'll witness the emergence of contemporary players, a modern commentary booth, new arenas, the newest featured uniforms, and the NBA's whole modern infrastructure throughout this time.

NBA 2K23 The Modern Era


Numerous modes in NBA 2K23 have seen a sizable chunk of adjustments. The MyNBA Eras feature in NBA 2K23, however, which enables you to go deeply into the seasons that molded the game over the past fifty years, is among the most significant changes. In NBA 2K23, MyNBA Eras enables you to take on the roles of a number of the most renowned basketball stars in their own eras. These athletes' feats of strength and accomplishments helped redefine the professional league.

Everything from the past has been represented in the game, from the ascent of Michael Jordan to the regulation modifications and new team branding seen in the 2000s. The teams, arenas and other visual components you encounter while playing will also change as a result of these modifications.

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