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NBA 2K23 MyTeam Spotlight Challenges: Tips for Completing the Latest Spotlight Challenges

In MyTEAM, NBA 2K23 has officially unveiled the latest Galactic Spotlight. In NBA, there is one for each and every franchise. Of course, each team presents you with 5 tasks that you must do. In this guide, we'll break down the obstacles to overcome, the prizes you may expect, and the most effective strategies. 

Galactic Conquerers Spotlight Challenge

You are capable of finishing a number of sets in the Galactic Spotlight Challenge to transform any of the Diamonds into a Pink Diamond. Once Kyrie Irving is unlocked for everyone, you then must obtain Andrew Wiggins for everyone. Once you have these players, Galaxy Opal Kevin Garnett is yours. He is great in MyTEAM, by all means. In any case, you have to acquire every player to get Kevin Garnett.

Top Galactic Conqueror Spotlight Cards for NBA 2K23

The scoring layup is around 95, with an 89 three-pointer, and everything regarding the card is fantastic. Kevin Garnett has a height of 6' 11", and they provided him an excellent release. Kyrie Irving is 6'3", has a 95 three-point shooting percentage, a 60 driving dunk percentage, a ball handling of 98, a primer defense of 89, and 97 and 94 speed. Without a doubt, Andrew Wiggins will be among the top players. He has a 6'7" frame, an 89 three-point shot, a driving dunk of 98, an 86 ball handling ability, a 92 perimeter defense, an interior defense of 88, and a 94 speed. They are all doing fantastic.

Galactic Conqueror Spotlight Challenges for NBA 2K23

You should visit the Spotlight challenges in 2k23 and see the additions to the game. The Nets, Celtics, 76ers, Knicks, Bulls, Raptors, Pistons, Cavaliers, Bucks, Pacers, Hornets, Hawks, Magic, Heat, Nuggets, Wizards, Thunder, Timberwolves, Jazz, Blazers, Clippers, Warriors, Suns, Lakers, Mavericks, Kings, Grizzlies, Pelicans, Rockets, and Spurs are the teams you have. You should definitely try to collect them all. Once it is done, remember that you have to choose one player from each division to serve as your Pink Diamond.

NBA 2K23 Spotlight Challenges

Rewards in NBA 2K23 Galactic Conqueror Spotlight

Eastern Captain Beaten - Kyrie Irving

  • 76ers Captain Beaten

  • Bulls Captain Beaten

  • Bucks Captain Beaten

  • Celtics Captain Beaten

  • Cavaliers Captain Beaten

  • Heat Captain Beaten

  • Hornets Captain Beaten

  • Hawks Captain Beaten

  • Magic Captain Beaten

  • Pacers Captain Beaten

  • Knicks Captain Beaten

  • Nets Captain Beaten

  • Raptors Captain Beaten

  • Pistons Captain Beaten

  • Wizards Captain Beaten

Western Captain Beaten - Andrew Wiggins

  • Jazz Captain Beaten

  • Grizzlies Captain Beaten

  • Clippers Captain Beaten

  • Lakers Captain Beaten

  • Kings Captain Beaten

  • Nuggets Captain Beaten

  • Mavericks Captain Beaten

  • Rockets Captain Beaten

  • Pelicans Captain Beaten

  • Suns Captain Beaten

  • Thunder Captain Beaten

  • Spurs Captain Beaten

  • Trail Blazers Captain Beaten

  • Timberwolves Captain Beaten

  • Warriors Captain Beaten

Atlantic Captain Option Pack in Atlantic Division Captains

  • OG Anunoby

  • Tobias Harris

  • Jason Kidd

  • Mitchell Robinson

  • Antoine Walker

Southeast Captain Option Pack in Southeast Division Captains

  • Udonis Haslem

  • Dell Curry

  • Wes Unseld

  • Marcin Gortat

  • De’Andre Hunter

Northwest Captain Option Pack in Northwest Division Captains

  • Jamal Murray

  • Rudy Gobert

  • Carlos Boozer

  • Dennis Johnson

  • LaMarcus Aldridge

Pacific Captain Option Pack in Pacific Division Captains

  • Dan Majerle

  • Chris Mullin

  • Cedric Ceballos

  • Michael Olowokandi

  • Tyreke Evans

Southwest Captain Option Pack in Southwest Division Captains

  • Dillon Brooks

  • Matt Bonner

  • Trevor Ariza

  • Dorian Finney

  • Kenny Smith


  • Andrew Wiggins

  • Kyrie Irving

Things to keep in mind while entering MyTeam

Practice Offline

Many players may initially be perplexed while entering My Team for the very first time. The game seems to have been the only available online option where players battle for reputation and points, at least from the viewpoint of a beginner. Although this is a feature of this mode, gamers do not even require to engage in online competition in order to have fun.

Every element of My Team, including the triple threat, freestyle, and clutch time, is accessible in offline versions. For novices, it is advised to engage in My Team in this manner. Even consider selecting My Career before beginning My Team. It's not fun for novice players to battle against experienced players online because they have a reputation for being brutal and might have spent a lot of money on the Pack marketplace. Before thinking about the multiplayer menu, go for the single-player option to perfect your skills to obtain a sense of the other players.

Recognize that not all of your players share the same qualities. Users need to be aware that every player is created equally. Some athletes are better on defense than they are on offense. Each of these perspectives has merits, and it is important to understand them. Therefore, it is advised to utilize NBA players who are explosive in exercises and shooting competitions while defensive players are adept at reacting in 1v1 matches and games.

NBA 2K23 Practice

Keep a check on your player's energy

It's crucial to handle your NBA star promptly. Keep your star's energy level above 50 at all times. Before entering a battle, be certain to utilize energy refills.

Sort and prepare your team as needed

Arrange your players by position, such as PG (Point Guard) or SG (Shooting Guard), for example. This will make it easier to keep a player prepared specifically for every role and use them as needed.

Keep your blocks and steals on cue 

When fighting 1v1, maneuver and execute your steals. Steals don't put you in a bad spot, and they work effectively if you catch the player as they try to dribble. Blocking should only be done when you notice that the player is about to score. You can even buy Packs in the market and unlock new and strong players for your team, but it can take a lot of time to collect the required coins. So, you can buy MT coins to save yourself time and use that time to practice.

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The best way to obtain all challenge rewards

When you select "Season 4 Galactic," you again receive backing for Wiggins and Kyrie from everyone. As you observe, there is a set for each and every division after that, you are certain to receive a Pink Diamond Option Pack with your choice of any of these stars Pink Diamonds, so you can choose whichever one you pick. There is additionally this one, where there are six divisions in all, meaning that you can earn six pink diamonds from it. 

Once you manage to get those, you then possess Pink Diamonds. When Kevin Garnett's Galaxy is unlocked, you must take in Galaxy Opals Kyrie and Andrew Wiggins so as to obtain the Galaxy Opals. Again, after successfully completing every team task, you will obtain Kyrie and Wiggins. Naturally, Wiggins will be present on the western side, while Kyrie will be present on the eastern side. These Galaxy Opals are also yours once you've acquired all of the items in the collections.

In addition to receiving the strong Diamond players and everything you require, you also earn a reward for completing each challenge. As an illustration, you receive a pack of badge awards, three tokens, a pair of Galactic Conqueror Diamond shoes, and 1250 MT, along with the Captain Beaten item you require. When all of these are combined, you will receive 30 in total badge packs (as the game has 30 teams), 90 tokens (3 tokens for each squad), Thirty Diamond shoes, and 30 teams' worth MT, for a total of 37500 MT.

Tips for the challenges in NBA 2K23

The first game will be what 2K wishes the gamers to play, a triple-threat 10-point game. Winning the game is all that is required to complete the task. After then, the number of points doesn't rise by 10, so the subsequent one will be 20; after that, it will be 30; and occasionally, there will be conditions. For instance, one might specify that if a player manages to play a game without being stopped a predetermined number of times, they will receive forty points the following time and fifty points the following time. 

So take that into consideration, the challenge does rise to Superstar from a relatively easy Semi-Pro. Then, once you've finished the last one for the team, you'll have obtained the item for the captain who was defeated, which is required for Wiggins and Galaxy Opal Kyrie. In addition, you'll have acquired the no-cost diamond, which you now must secure to use in the Pink Diamond captains.

You have until December 31 to complete this Spotlight challenge in 2k23, and 2K24 will have already been released by then. If you got banned, you won't miss out because it will be accessible for quite a while. The initial task continues to demand 10 points, so you just have to get out there to complete it before moving on to the subsequent wave. Every other challenge, however, has a distinct set of criteria. You do aim to capture everyone at some point.


Take your own time; there's no need to rush to finish everything in a day. Simply take a moment and focus on the players you would like to target. Remember that the AI or CPU in MyTEAM is usually cheesy when responding to these final challenges, so try not to become upset. Simply settle in and head out there knowing that cheese is guaranteed regardless of what.

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